Анжела Борисовна Верютина

Место работы:
Международная школа завтрашнего дня, г.Москва
учитель английского языка

Темы Открытых уроков автора

Работы учеников

Под руководством автора его учениками на фестиваль исследовательских и творческих работ учащихся «Портфолио ученика» были представлены следующие работы:

  • Эссе "Is Education an Indivisible Part of the Prosperity of the Nation?"

    Jonh F. Kennedy once said, «Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education… The human mind is our fundamental resource». Prosperity of any nation is determined by the imput of educated people.

  • Are We the Prisoners of the Progress?

    Being controlled, deceived, and affected by our own inventions, we are unintentionally building our own prison. This prison is called Progress. Once we make a step forward, we feel addicted. How can we abstain from it if it’s too comfortable? But we may choose whether to stay active or vigilant prisoners. It’s our choice!

  • Should Heritage Be Preserved?

    Do you really keep your heritage? What is worth saving? What can’t we or shouldn’t we forget? Should heritage be preserved? Hearing these questions, we seldom respond them until they are addressed to us personally. There is no doubt for me that heritage must be preserved, but only if you know the value of it. Otherwise, you will not know what to take care of. Without preserving heritage, there would be a lot of waste for our precious culture, relations, and future generation.

  • Short Story "Teenage Rebellion"

    Alice attends a local public high school. All of her life she has never had a real friend. But Alice didn’t want just any friend. She wanted to become friends with people who were popular. But what she hadn’t realized until a long period of time is that she went to extremes just to have these "so-called" friends. This is a story of a straight "A" student who becomes someone that she’s not.

  • Does Tolerance Matter?

    Our world is complicated; it is full of both love and hatred. Scientists have proven that there’s a very thin line between these two because you can love someone now and hate him a few minutes later. It is not easy to find the edge when love becomes hatred. That’s why people always look for a balance trying to establish harmony, which will make life peaceful through “trinity of mind, body, and spirit”. Without tolerance it would be impossible to live in harmony.

  • Can People Prevent Self-Destruction Today?

    Dorothea Brande, an American writer and editor, once said, "There are seeds of self-destruction in all of us that will bear only unhappiness if allowed to grow". Self-destruction can be prevented if we do not allow its seeds to grow.

  • Bioethics of Cloning: Should the Research Go On?

    The consequences of the research might be terrible. We are human beings, not material for research. We cannot be cloned. Only God can create us and take our lives. We must stop the research of cloning. It may lead us to unpredictable.