Урок по английскому языку в 10-м классе по теме "Exotic Festivals"

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Цель: Научить описывать праздники, используя специальную лексику, с целью обучения написанию энциклопедической статьи.


1) Ознакомить с лексикой, которая используется в энциклопедических статьях.

2) Отработать в речи НЛЕ через описание праздников.

3) Продолжить развивать умение аудировать с целью поиска нужной информации.

4) Продолжать развивать умение читать с целью поиска нужной информации.

5) Воспитывать интерес и уважение к своей и чужой культуре.

Материалы: учебник к УМК “New Millennium English”10 класс Грозы О.Л. (стр.49-51), видеорепортаж “Womad” (Headway video), ксерокопии из пособия Culture Corner “О Мурманске” (по числу детей), информация из Collins Cobuild English Dictionary (Exotic-something that is exotic is unusual and interesting because it comes from or is related to a distinct country .. Shrovetide (a pagan festival, a farewell to winter, the sun, pancakes)). Авторский медиопродукт: презентация в среде Power Point

Языковой материал: 1)для повторения: to date back, to be associated with, pagan, a symbol, survival.

2)новый: to be in existence, to be held, to take place, to develop, to attract, essential.

Ход урока

1. Приветствие. Определение цели урока.

T: I’d like to start our lesson with the videoextract which can illustrate the theme of the lesson.Try to guess it.

(Идет первый отрывок из видеорепортажа. Ученики называют тему урока.)

(1 слайд)

Т: It was the video extract from the videoreport about the festival,named “Womad”.

Womad, Notting Hill Carnival, Shrovetide, Cupala`s Night, Octoberfest, St. Patrick`s Day. These are the names of different festivals, exotic festivals. So, today we are speaking about such festivals. You are getting the information about them from the videoreport, from the encyclopedia entries. Also we are getting to know some special words and describing exotic festivals.

Firstly, let`s read the meaning of the word “exotic” from the dictionary and try to explain what are the differenses between such festivals as Halloween, Christmas and exotic festivals. (2 слайд) (Дети читают описание и выражают своё мнение).

2. Повторение лексики предыдущих уроков по теме.

T: Open your textbooks at page 49 ex.1. Look at the second picture. Do you recognize the festival? Why do you think so? (На картинке изображено празднование Масленицы. Дети отвечают на вопросы.)

T: Use the words of previous lesson and describe the festival.
(По опорным словам на доске дети описывают праздник. Примерное описание: This festival dates back to pagan times. People say a farewell to winter. It is associated with the sun, pancakes. The symbol of it is a circle.)
(3 слайд)

T: Is it an exotic festival for Russian people? (Ответы детей).

3. Чтение.

T: Each culture has its own traditions and festivals. Look at the picture A. Is it an exotic festival for us? Why do you think so? (Ответы детей). Let`s read th encyclopedia entry about this festival. The name of it is Notting Hill Carnival and be ready to answer the questions below the text. (На чтение две минуты. Ответы детей).

T: Find the English equivalents for the words:

(4 слайд)

Существует с It has been in existance since
Проводится It is held
Проходит It takes place
Развился в It has developed into
Он посещается It is attended by
Существенные элементы The essential elements are

T: Look at the blackboard and repeat the phrases after me.

Describe the festival using these phrases. (Дети описывают праздник, используя фразы на доске и информацию из текста.)

4. Говорение.

T: Now let`s describe the other exotic festival named St. Patrick`s Festival. Look through the exercise 4, page50, find the necessary information about it to complete the sentences on the blackboard. (Учащиеся выбирают нужную информацию и описывают праздник уже без опорных фраз.)

(5 слайд)

St. Patrick`s Festival.

since 1996
in Dublin
in March
a 5-day festival
a lot of people from Ireland
street theatre, fireworks, dances

5. Аудирование.

T: I`d like to give you the information about one more festival named Womad. We are watching the other extract about it. Try to understand the essential information and do the same task. (Учитель отмечает на доске те фразы, информацию о которых дети могут услышать. Дети снова описывают праздник без опорных фраз.)

6. Подведение итогов. Рефлексия.

T: As you have seen people of different countries celebrate different festivals. Why is it important to keep traditions? Would you like to see these festivals and why? (Дети отвечают, используя материал прошлых и этого уроков.)

T: Today you described different festivals using special vocabulary. Would you like to visit countries where the exotic festivals are held? Why? (Ответы детей).
Look at the picture. Do you recognize the festival?
(6 слайд)
Your hometask will be to write an encyclopedia entry about our local festival named The North Festival. I`ll give you the copies from the book Culture Corner “О Мурманске” about the festival. Use the words and phrases of the lesson and the information from the article.

Приложение. (из книги Culture Corner “О Мурманске”)


Annually, in March the traditional Northern Sports Festival takes place in Murmansk. In 2004 the 70th anniversary of it occurred here.
30 of March, 1934 is considered to be the beginning of the North Festival tradition. 86 skiers were the participants of the competitions on that day in 1934. there came guests from Leningrad, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Vologda, Gorky. Ski racing, mass comsomol crosses, military-like competitions, grenade throwing were included into the schedule of the first North Festival.
In hard years of the Great Patriotic War the North Festival reminded one of the competitions, still held in the country,. Sportsmen came to the start line right from the front. and then they returned back.
Nowadays the starting point of the North Festival is Dolina Uhyuta, one of the most beautiful places of Murmansk.
In1970 the North Festival was included into the international sports calendar, and biathlon was listed in the program. Sportsmen from Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Italy, the USA, and necessary from Norway, Finland, Sweden, has been competing in the north sport routs since then.

National kinds of sports, such as reindeer races, towing after a reindeer, arouse the most interest. The pick of the festival is the ski marathon in the Dolina Uhyuta. They prepare great various program, including mass folk fest, international parties, disco, concerts.