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Контрольная работа по проверке пройденного материала к 1-му уроку учебника В. П. Кузовлева “Английский язык”.10-11 классы

Цель: Закрепить активную лексику, проверить усвоение грамматической структуры Cause and effect relations.

1. Read the text. In most lines of the text there is an extra word. Write the extra word, or put a plus if the line is correct.

England’s coastline has been helped to shape both the history of the
English nation and the psychology of the English character. The knowledge
that there was been a wide stretch of water between Englishmen and
“foreigners” encouraged a sense of security that could be easily slide into
one of superiority. And it was true that her physical isolation will made England
different. The long centuries during which the land was free from the invaders
will meant that there could be a continuity of tradition impossible on the
war-torn Continent. Englishmen have always been conscious of this the history
that will surrounds them, and, from traditional royal and parliamentary
ceremonies to Tudor-style villas in the suburbs, have been sought at every
level to revive and have remind themselves of that history.
Some English characteristics upon which both natives and visitors have been
tended to agree have to do with a national psychology: egoism, self-confidence,
intolerance of outsiders, ostentatious wealth, independence, a social mobility,
love of comfort and a strong belief in private of property. Others have to do with
the physical is appearance of English town and country, and are more easily
illustrated than described: an urge to wander over on the earth and bring
back its products to make England a microcosm of the world; a preoccupation
with ”home” that has been led to the evolution of both the English house –
informal, relaxed and domestic – and its landscape will be setting; a love of
games in which (until the rise of spectator sports) competition was less
important than enjoyment; and that special feeling for the sea that will
made Englishmen not only great sailors and explorers but also the inventors
of the this seaside holiday.
We come back to the clichй that the Britain is an island, a fact that has
been subtly decisive in so many aspects of her history: in the Reformation,
which determined the course of religion in England: in the pattern of trade,
which will led to the formation of the Empire; in the growth of a navy at the
expense of an army, with its repercussions on the political system; … even
in the well known “insularity” of English art and the English music. The cultural
moat has often been wider than the twenty-one miles of a water that separate
the Dover from a Calais.

Tudor-style – belonging to or connected with the period between 1485 and 1603 in


Reformation – A period of religious change in Europe in the 16th century, in

which the Protestant church was started.

Empire – a number of countries ruled by one government.

 2. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?

English character

Geographical position of England

Englishness of England

History of England

3. Match the words with their definitions

A) Security - a) always trying to impress people with how rich, important, skilful you are

B) Superiority - b) the ability to move from one place to another easily

C) Egoism - c) a feeling of confidence and safety

D) Self - confidence - d) the fact that one person or thing is better, more powerful than another

E) Intolerance - e) a feeling that you are more important than other people and need not care about them

F) Ostentatious - f) someone’s refusal to accept behavior, beliefs or opinions that are different from their own

G) Mobility - g) not interested in meeting anyone outside your own group or country

H) Insularity - h) a feeling that you can do things well and people respect you

4. Are the following causes true or false?

  • Englishmen don’t keep their customs
  • England’s coastline affected the English character
  • Englishman’s home is his castle
  • They started the fashion for seaside holidays
  • They considered traveling waste of time
  • Englishman is occupied with his own affairs
  • For Englishmen enjoyment was more important than competition

5. Используй подходящий союз и выражение

  • … there was a wide stretch of water between Englishmen and foreigners they felt confidence.
  • … England was free from invaders, there was a continuity of the tradition impossible on the war-torn continent.
  • Englishmen had a special feeling for the sea, … they invented seaside holiday.
  • Englishmen wandered over the earth and brought back its products they made England microcosm of the world.



  1. been
  2. +
  3. been
  4. be
  5. will
  6. the
  7. will
  8. this
  9. will
  10. been
  11. have
  12. been
  13. a
  14. a
  15. of
  16. is
  17. on
  18. +
  19. been
  20. will be
  21. +
  22. will
  23. +
  24. this
  25. the
  26. +
  27. +
  28. will
  29. +
  30. the
  31. a
  32. a

 2. Englishness of England

3. A – c

B – d

C – e

D – h

E – f

F – a

G – b

H – g


  • false
  • true
  • true
  • true
  • false
  • true
  • false


  • Because…
  • Thanks to the fact that…
  • … so that …
  • …so that