Открытый урок английского языка по теме: "Путешествия", с использованием методики критического мышления

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Тип урока: обобщающий.

Цели и задачи: 1. Практическая – создать условия для совершенствования монологической и диалогической речи, для формирования критического мышления у учащихся.

2. Воспитательная – формировать умения участвовать в кооперативной деятельности, культуру слушателя.

3. Общеобразовательная – формировать способы деятельности, умения применять знания в альтернативных ситуациях.

4. Развивающая – совершенствовать умения анализа и самоанализа, умения классифицировать и обобщать.

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Этапы урока

Установки учителя

Учебные материалы



1. Мотивационный этап.

a) угадывание темы

- In order to know our today`s theme you should do the next task: I will tell the words in Russian, you should translate them in English in your mind and write down only the first letters of all these words. Only then you will be able to read and know the theme:

1) тур (tour)
2) грубый (rough)
3) устраивать (arrange)
4) вояж (voyage)
5) двигатель (engine)
6) багаж (luggage)
7) свет (light)
8) впечатляющий (impressive)
9) номер (number)
10) гид (guide)

- So what is our theme? (travelling)





б) методика ассоциаций “Кластер - Let`s take the word “travelling” and working in groups create 5 associations to this word. Sheets of paper with the word denoting the theme T-Gr 5-7
в) обсуждение цитаты - Try to read the quotation and think it over in groups. Express your opinion concerning it:

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.
R.L. Stevenson

Cards with the quotation T-Gr 5
2. Реализационный этап.

а) аудирование

- Now I want you to listen to a story about one tourist from the North who came to the South. This story is unfinished.

- Listen and try to make up the ending of this story. Work in groups.

Text T-Cl 5
б) мозговая атака - Look at the questions you have on your cards. Let`s answer them.

- Here are two lists of things necessary for traveling – one for traveling in the South, and the other – for traveling in the North. Put the words in the order of their importance for a traveler. Give proof of your ideas. Work in groups.

In this story we can see a tourist and his guide, it means that the tourist bought a tour in Travel Agency.

Сards with the questions

Сards with two lists of things







в) отчет групп о проектах по теме “Реклама туристических агенств” - During the week you have been working in groups at the projects which were called “Travel Agency”. Every group or every Travel Agency has been creating advertisements of a tour to one country. Let`s listen to you, try to make all the listeners buy your tour and visit this very country. Everybody can ask any questions concerning this tour. Projects T-P1



г) видеозадание - You know that practically all countries have their own traditions and customs. What is possible to do in one country may be absolutely prohibited in the other countries. Can you give the examples of it?

- Let`s watch and listen to representatives of different countries who will tell us what we can do visiting their countries and what we cannot do at all. While listening try to

fill in blanks in this table as much as possible.

- Try to tell what we must and mustn`t do in their countries.



Video recorder
Video cassette




д) обсуждение текстов о путешественниках - экстремалах - Look at this picture. Do you know this traveler? (it is Fedor Konyukhov)

- Look through the text about his extreme travelings and working in groups try to answer the question: What can attract him in such kinds of traveling?

Texts about the extreme travellers   10
4. Рефлексив-

ный этап.


мини-эссе “РАФТ”

  • Make up the mini-essay. The themes are:

1) “ I am the rucksack on the extreme traveler`s back.”

2) “I am the trainers of the extreme traveler.”

3) “I am the compass of the extreme traveler.”

  T-P1 10

создание собственных цитат

- Take the sheet of paper and a marker and create a quotation of your own beginning with the following: “Travelling is …

If you are ready, hang your quotation on the blackboard.

  T-P1 5-7

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