Внеклассное мероприятие "День благодарения"

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P1.  Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our party, dedicated to the most important day in the American year. People call this holiday Thanksgiving Day.

P2. Добрый день! Мы приветствуем гостей, родителей, учителей и учеников. В нашей школе существует традиция отмечать замечательный американский праздник День благодарения.

P1. But first of all I'd like to remind you some facts from the history of this holiday.

P2. Итак, немного об истории возникновения Дня Благодарения в Соединенных Штатах.

P1. So, the beginning of the 20th century. A little American town on the banks of the river. A lesson of American history.

A teacher, Mrs. Banks: Children, who want to answer my questions? Joe Garper, please. Who discovered America?

Joe Garper: In 1492 Christopher Columbus wanted to find a new route to China but he discovered a new land; which he called a new world. But only the Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci, was the first to declare it a new continent. The New World was named America in his honour.

Mrs. Banks: Very well to Joe Garper. An excellent mark for him. Children, what do you know about Native Americans, the Indians. Emmy Lorense, please.

Emmy Lorense: The Indians lived in tribes. They were very peaceful, believed in many gods, which brought success in hunting, farming and fishing.

Mrs. Banks: It’s a great pleasure to listen to you, Emmy Lorense.And who were the first colonists in our country? Becky Thatcher, please.

Becky Thatcher: Colonists from Spain, France, Holland, England and other countries came to the New World for many different reasons: trade, freedom of religion, political freedom and economic reasons.

Mrs. Banks: You are right, Becky Thatcher. Now Tom Sawyer, do you know when did the first colonists come to new England?

Tom Sawyer: But where is New England, Mrs. Banks?

Mrs. Banks: Shame on you, silly boy. You don't even know that English people who had come from England in 1607 established the first colony. They called a new country, a new England. You are the worst pupil at school. You should stay after the lessons and learn the material, Tom Sawyer! If not I'll punish you.

Becky Thatcher: Tom, don’t be upset! I'll help you. I've got a very interesting, magic book about the history of America. If you open it, you'll find yourself in that time.

Tom Sawyer: Thank you Becky very much. Let's read the book together. One, two, three...

A song ''We shall overcome.''

We shall overcome
We shall overcome
We shall overcome someday
Oh deep in my heart
I do believe
We shall overcome some day
We shall live in peace
We shall live in peace
We shall live in peace some day
We shall all be free
We shall all be free
We shall all be free some day
We are not afraid
We are not afraid
We are not afraid today.

P1. Первая зима 1607 года была очень трудной для переселенцев из Англии, которые решили обосноваться на новом континенте, открытом Христофором Колумбом и названном в честь Америго Веспуччи, Америкой.

Коренные жители Америки, индейцы, были очень дружелюбны по отношению к поселенцам. Индейцы жили племенами, верили в разных богов, охотились, рыбачили и занимались земледелием. Они во многом очень помогали первым колонистам.

Р2. Выходцы не только из Англии, но и из Испании, Голландии, Франции и из других стран приехали на новый континент. Они прибыли по разным причинам. Кто-то хотел найти много золота и разбогатеть; кто-то скрывался от религиозных и политических преследований, но все они стали предками настоящих жителей Соединенных Штатов Америки.

Р1. Каждый год в каждый четвертый четверг ноября все люди Америки выражают благодарность за новую Родину, за щедрый осенний урожай, за еду на столе, за мир в семье.

A poem ''All things bright and beautiful'.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all.
Each little flower that opens,
Each little bird that sings,
God made their glowing colours,
And their tiny wings.
The purple-headed mountains,
The river running by,
The sunset and the morning
That brightens up the sky.
The cold wind in the winter,
The pleasant summer sun
The ripe fruits in the garden:
God made them every one.
God gave us eyes to see them
And lips that we might tell
How great is God Almighty,
Who has made all things well?

A song ''America, the beautiful''.

O, beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain.
America! America! God shed this grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea.

A poem ''It's Happy Thanksgiving''.

It's Happy Thanksgiving,
Thanksgiving! Hooray!
We're going to dinner
At grandma's today.
I love it at Grandma's
It's cosy and snag,
I love giving Grandma
A thanksgiving hug.
I help make the gravy,
I pour and stir,
It smell so delicious,
I love helping her.
We laugh and we talk,
Oh! She makes such a fuss
As she bustles about
Cooking dinner for us.
When we sit at the table
And Daddy says grace,
There's a beautiful smile
On my Grandmother's face.
Though the weather is windy
And chilly and grey,
Our family is happy
This Thanksgiving Day.

A poem ''Apple Pie''

Apple pie,
Pumpkin pie,
Turkey on the dish!
We can see
We can eat
Everything we wish.
Grandma's here,
Grandpa's here,
Cousins bright and gay
Aunt and uncle share with us
This good Thanksgiving Day.
Thank you, God,
Thank you, God,
For good things to eat
Thank you also for this day
When we with friendly hearts do meet.

A song ''If you are happy and you know it...''

If you are happy and you know it
Clap your hands.
If you are happy and you know it
Clap you hands.
If you are happy and you know it
And you really want to show it,
If you are happy and you know it
Clap your hands.
Stamp your feet.
Snap your fingers.
Click your tongue.
Nod your head.
Say OK.
Do all six.

Tom Sawyer: Now Becky I know that Thanksgiving is a special day for families to get together and give thanks for different things. They usually do it this way: ''I give thanks for being here with my family and for being well. I give thanks for a healthy year, a good study, and for meeting my new friends.''

Вождь: Я - вождь племени Спуанто, "Острый глаз". Моему племени нужны воины. Но стать воином моего племени не просто, для этого нужно пройти несколько испытаний. Кто готов испробовать свои силы?... Знаете ли вы буквы языка моей страны?... Проверим, ведом ли вам порядок алфавитный?...

A song "ABC".

A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P.
Q, R, S, T, U, V, W.(2)
Oh, well, you see
Now I know the ABC.

Вождь: Песни люблю слушать, а кто же мне перья посчитает?

A song "Ten little Indians".

1 little, 2 little, 3 little Indians.
4 little, 5 little, 6 little Indians.
7 little, 8 little, 9 little Indians.
10 little Indian boys.

Вождь: Буквы вы знаете, считать умеете, а сможете ли говорить на нашем языке?

Different dialogues. Например:

P1: Hi!
P2: Hi!
P1: How are you?
P2: I am fine. And how are you?
P1: Thanks. I am fine too.
P2: Bye.
P1: Bye.

P1: Hello. What is your name?
P2: Hello. My name is Mary. And what is your name?
P1: My name is Peter. Where are you from?
P2: I am from Russia. And where are you from?
P1: I am from Britain. Good- bye.
P2: See you.

Воины племени: О, Острый глаз, вождь рассудительный и мудрый, мы увидели и услышали твоих будущих воинов, они достойны твоего племени.

A song "I think you're wonderful".

I think you are wonderful
When somebody says that to me
I feel wonderful
As wonderful can be
It makes me wanna say
The same thing that somebody knew.
And by the way I've been meaning to say
I think you are wonderful too.
When you practice this phase
In the most honest way
Find something special in someone each day
We live up the world one heart at a time
It all starts by saying this simple line.
When each one of us feels important inside
Loving and giving and glad we are alive
Oh what a difference we are making each day
All because someone decided to say.

Вождь: Так исполним волю духов. Они были справедливы. Я, Острый глаз, вождь племени англоязычной школы сегодня, в день благодарения, обращаюсь к моему племени:

33 года всходило Солнце, 33 года Луна, 33 года сияли звезды над нашим вигвамом.
Вы так старались, чтобы стать воинами нашего племени. Я доволен. Стрелы наши справедливы, не потухнет трубка Мира. Зарастут травой густой тропы воин и раздоров, да исполнится воля духов! Вы готовы к клятве?


Вы будете честными и справедливыми?
Вы будете хранить наши традиции?
Вы обещаете хорошо учиться?
Вы будете гордиться нашей школой?

A song ''English''.

We want to be merry and clever
And go to school (number 12)
We'd like to learn beautiful English
At wonderful School (number 12).
English, English, English is easy to me, to me
English, English, oh, speak only English to me.

P1. We'd like to congratulate you with Thanksgiving Day, with the beginning of you studying of English language and we wish you success and good results.