Урок-презентация по теме: "Объединенное королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Форма: урок-презентация.

Содержание: урок-обзор пройденного страноведческого материала.


  1. Обучение коммуникативному общению по теме;
  2. Развитие интереса у учащегося к проектной работе;
  3. Воспитание творческого и делового подхода в ходе работы.

Наглядность: нарисованная цветная карта Объединенного Королевства Великобритании и Северной Ирландии, 2 плаката, символизирующие исторические памятники Королевства и власть монархии, план презентации, 2 альбома (исторические места, монархия), картинки с видами, карточки с заданиями ( для гостей), отрывок из национального гимна Объединенного Королевства, видео-сюжет.

Ход урока:

1. Вступительное слово учителя.

Good morning! I am very glad to see you in a body! We have an unusual lesson today, it`s the presentation of two albums. The first album is about the most imposing historical sights of London, the second one is about monarchy. There are two creative groups here. The first one is called “The golden crown”, the second one is called “The Albion”. You can see some guests, sitting to the left-hand side and to the right-hand side from me. Let me introduce Mr. Alan Levy, the representative of Foreign and Commonwealth office, London. The aim of our measure is to generalize and to enrich our knowledge about Britain.

Звучат слова гимна или сам гимн:


The U.K. is an abbreviation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Southern Ireland is a completely independent state: the Republic of Ireland (also called Eire). It took centuries and a lot of armed struggle to form the United Kingdom.


2. Беседа учителя с учащимся о флаге.

  • Do you know anything about the Union Jack?
  • What does the upright red cross symbolize? (It`s the cross of St. George, the patron saint of England.)
  • What does the white diagonal cross symbolize?(It`s the cross of St. Andrew the patron saint of Scotland.)
  • What does the red diagonal cross symbolize?(It`s the cross of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.)
  • Why is Wales not represented in the Union Flag?(Because, when the 1 st version of the flag appeared, Wales was already united with England.)
  • And I must say that it dates from the 15 th century and is widely used throughout the Principality.


3. Ведущий:

Britain has more living symbols of its past than many other countries.

It still has a royal family and a small nobility. It`s capital, other cities and countryside have preserved many palaces, castles and cathedrals and grand mansions of the nobility. During the 20 th century the monarchy became still more popular than in the times of Queen Victoria in the 19 th century. Since 1952, when Elizabeth 2 nd became queen, the popularity of the monarchy has been steadly growing.

Nоw, let me start our presentation. The plan of it is the following:

  1. The presentation of 2 albums.
  2. Questions.
  3. The presentation of 2 posters.
  4. A conversation with the quests.
  5. Video.
  6. Resolution.

I pass a word to the group “The Albion”.

1 ученик: -Our Album  is about some of the most popular and imposing of London`s historical sights. Here you can find some information about St. Paul`s Cathedral.

img10.jpg (8826 bytes)

For 36 years builders were busy working on it. Sir Christopher Wren designed it. There is an interesting information about Tube from 1854. We have collected a short material about the locations of the largest stones. Here is a description of the Palace of Westminster, the Thames, the Hampton Court Palace, Buckingham Palace.

img8.jpg (12381 bytes)

There are some Puzzles: Shopping Puzzle and Parks Puzzle in our album.

2 ученик: - The Giant`s Causeway lies on the north coast of northern Ireland. It`s an impressive formation of some 40.000 basalt columns descending like a giant staircase into the sea. According to legend the columns are an attempt to cross the sea to the Scottish coast.

3 ученик: - Stonehenge, the most prehistoric monument in Britain, is on Solisbury Plain in the country of Wiltshire.

There are many mysterious surroundings about this site. It has been suggested that it once operated as a massive astronomical clock, and there are even suggestions that it was a landing site for UFOs (Unidentified Flyng Objects)!

Ведущий: - Thank you very much. And now I pass a world to the group “The golden crown”.

1 ученик: - Our album  is about monarchy.

It contents a very interesting information about the power of the Queen; here you can find an interesting information about Queen`s coronation in 1953 ,about Queen`s husband Prince Philip. There`s a Royal Line of Succession, here you can see the places with its link with the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth IInd is not just the Queen of Britain, she is the Head of the State of 18 countries and the Symbolic Head of the Commonwealth.

2 ученик: - The crown and the Government are the symbol of supreme executive power. The Queen summons, prorogues and dissolves Parliamant. She normally opens the new session of Parliament with a speech from the throne. In law the Queen as a private person can do no wrong, she can not be sued in courts of law. The Queen makes appointments to many important state officies. She has the power to conclude treaties, to declare war and to make peace, to recognize foreign states and to annex and cede territory.

3 ученик: -The Royal Prerogative mainly comprises executive government -powers controlled by constitutional conventions. In addition to being informed and consulted about all aspects of national life, the Queen is free to put forward her own views, in private, for the consideration of the Ministers.

Ведущий: -Thanks!

4. Ведущий: -Now, it`s time to exchenge with questions to prove our good knowledge.

Вопросы группы “The golden crown”:

  1. Who was the leader of the Norman Conquest?(William the Conqueror.)
  2. What was the 1 st most terrible prison in Great Britain?(The Tower.)
  3. What is Covent Garden? (A tourist shopping centre.)

Вопросы группы “The Albion”:

  1. What is the London home of the Queen?(Buckingham Palace.)
  2. How many birthdays does the Queen have?(Two. Her real birthday is April 21st, but it`s a tradition to celebrate the Queen`s Birthday on the 2nd Saturday in June.)
  3. She was called “the Virgin Queen”, she never washed herself. Who was she?(Elizabeth 1st.)

Ведущий: -Thank you!


5. Ведущий: -Each group has prepared posters. I wonder, what do they mean?

“The golden crown”: -The crown and the Government are the symbol of supreme executive power. That is why there`s a crown on our poster.

“The Albion”: - The ravens are an official part of the Tower community. Legend states that if the ravens were to leave the Tower the crown will fall, and Britain with it.

6. Ведущий:
-It was great! Let`s have a talk with our guests! Dear guests! Do you know anything about the sights in Britain?

- Yes, we do.

- Really? Well. There are some cards for you. It will be mysterious! (Ведущий раздает карточки.)


1.They keep all the oldest official documents of England there. (The Public Record Office.)

2.The oldest official document with detailed information about England.(The Domesday Book.)

3.Here you can see wax models of famous people.(Madame Tussaud`s.)

4.People debate and argue here, and there`s a clock tower with a famous bell in it.(The House of Parliament.)

5.This building was rebuilt by Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London in 1666.(St. Paul`s Cathedral.)

6.English kings and queens are usually married here.(Westminster Abbey.)

7.This place has a monument to admiral Nelson.(Trafalgar Square.)

8.There`s a statue of Eras in the middle of it.(Piccadilly Circus.)

9.It was a fortress, a royal palace and later a prison. It`s a museum now.(The Tower of London.)


7. Ведущий: -It was breath-taking! Let me introduce Mr. Levy.

Mr. Levy: -Dear Friends!

I am very thankful for your lesson. I am very suprised! You are really experts of Britain. I`ll report about it at my company and I hope that it will be the beginning of our co-work. I`ve a present too. It`s a video-interview from one of the co-organizers of the Prince`s Trust and the Royal Jubilee Trusts, Miss Kate Wood.

(Включают видео.)

8. Kate Wood:- Hello! My name`s Kate Wood. I`m a co-organizer of The Prince`s Trust and the Royal Jubilee Trusts. Our organisation, one of the largest trusts in Britain,is dedicated to encourage Britain`s young people, to develop themselves and to serve the community. Our Trusts provide financial grants to young individuals. The Trust`s primary goal is to give young people the opportunity to develop themselves in work, sport, the arts, above all, in self-confidence. The Prince`s Trust and the Royal Jubilee Trusts involve 4 specific sections designed to provide a balanced programme reflecting different aspects of a young person`s development: the service section, Expeditions section, the skills section, the Physical Recreation section. The organisation provides many cultural and confidence-building activities. Young people take part in dramatic and musical performances, in special projects and competitions, in educational exchanges overseas. Dear friends! We suggest our co-work in the sphere of “Making Projects”. Welcome to Britain! Thank you! Good bye!

9. Полилог после видео.

Учитель: -You have just seen a video-interview.

  • What organisation was it about?
  • Who is Kate Wood?
  • What is the primary goal of the Trust?
  • Are there many special sections? Why?
  • What activities does the Trust provide?
  • “Making projects” is one of the most useful activities designed to solve many youth`s problems such as confidence- building, isn`t it?

10.Заключительный этап.

Учитель: -It`s time to make some resolutions. The main one is to draw a conclusion aboat school-projects which are very actual. Your knowledge on Britain is really rich. There were some mistakes on phonetics and grammar, they all were unimportant today, but it wouldn`t be a bad thing to improve your phonetics and grammar during the next lesson. We have seen a good communication today, it was welldone!

Thank you! Your marks are exellent today. Good-bye!