Мастерская творческого письма "Море"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цель: развитие навыков письменной речи на английском языке.


  • Образовательные:
    • обогащать и активизировать словарь;
    • продолжать знакомство с английской поэзией;
    • активизировать изученные грамматические структуры;
    • развивать навыки восприятия устной речи;
    • развивать навыки письменной коммуникации.
  • Воспитательные:
    • способствовать становлению представлений о  самоценности каждой личности;
    • развивать навыки коллективной работы;
    • учить грамотному ведению творческого диалога;
    • способствовать становлению благоприятного психологического климата в группе.
  • Развивающие:
    • расширять кругозор, обогатить представления;
    • развивать речь;
    • развивать память, внимание, мышление, воображение;
    • способствовать укреплению навыков рефлексии.

Алгоритм мастерской

I. Индуктор

So, today we’re going to write a text. But let’s begin with listening. Each of you has a sheet of paper. And now, while you` re listening to the music, represent, please, some wavy lines of any kind you want on your sheets. (music is played and participants represent some wavy lines on their sheets).

II. Самоконструкция

  • Now we’ve got lots of waves in our auditorium. And which part of the environment consists of water? So, that’s exactly the topic of our workshop: the sea.
  • And now I’d like you to continue the phrase: “The Sea is…” Try to invent as many continuations as possible (participants write individually).
  • And now I’d like each of you to read five most important of your words so that your colleagues are able to note down any words they like. You also have an opportunity to enrich your word bank with some words invented by your colleagues.
  • The next thing I’d like you to do is to write a text, including all the words you’ve written on your sheet.

III. Социализация

Now, please, let the other members of your group read your text- and they should let you read theirs. If you’ve got any questions, responses or comments- please, write them down on the back of the page.

IV. Работа с информацией

The next task is the following: there are some pictures of the sea (см. Приложение 2) on your desks and there are some passages of the poetry (см. Приложение 1) on the table. So I’d like you to put each poetry passage near the picture it’s the most suitable for. Put all the sheets with the passages near some pictures.

V. Самокоррекция

  • And now choose, please, the picture which reflects your own sea (or the closest to it) and take a sit at the desk with this picture.
  • Now I’d like you to study the back of your page: what questions, responses or comments are written there?
  • According to the notes on the back of your page, to your text itself or to the picture and poetry passages, if you need it, improve your text or create a completely new one.

VI. Социализация скорректированного продукта

  • Put your text on the wall, please. And now you might move around and read the other participants’ texts.
  • Now, please, think of questions which have appeared in your mind during the workshop. Write down one of them, which is so important for you, that you couldn’t leave the auditorium without the answer for it.
  • Let’s listen to each other’s questions and try to answer them (the leader reads the questions from the paper sheets and the participants try to answer).

VII. Рефлексия

I’d like each of you to answer one of the following questions:

  • What has surprised me?
  • What’s the most important word of the workshop?
  • What’s the warmest word of the workshop?
  • What season is my state like?

Примеры текстов, создаваемых участниками на мастерской, см. в Приложении 3.