Входной контрольный тест по английскому языку в 6-м классе

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 6

Ключевые слова: английский язык

Entry test 6

1. Choose the correct item

1. The children … in the front of the TV.
a) are
b) isn't
c) aren't

2. Pass … the sugar, please.
a) she
b) me
c) her

3. Can you help … with the washing up, please?
a) I
b) me
c) my

4. Don't eat that slice of cake. It's … !
a) me
b) my
c) mine

5. He … a doctor at the hospital.
a) is
b) am
c) are

6. My mom has got a sister. Her name is Anna. She is my … .
a) sister
b) granny
c) aunt

7. Can I borrow … pen, please?
a) your
b) you
c) yours

8. My teacher … a tall woman with long hair.
a) she is
b) is
c) are

9. My aunt … two dogs and a parrot.
a) hasn't
b) have
c) has got

10. The other coat is … .
a) yours
b) our
c) you

11. That big grey house is … .
a) us
b) our
c) ours

12. I … got any free time during the week.
a) have
b) haven't
c) hasn't

13. I … never late for class.
a) am not
b) is
c) 'm

14. … dogs got big ears?
a) Do
b) Have
c) Are

15. They … my friends.
a) aren't
b) isn't
c) haven't

16. See you … 6 o'clock.
a) at
b) near
c) on

17. We go on holiday … August.
a) in
b) near
c) at

18. The cinema is … the left.
a) on
b) at
c) in

19. Tom is … Australia.
a) under
b) in
c) from

20. Jack is my father's dad. He is my … .
a) dad
b) grandfather
c) uncle