Урок обучения аргументации при написании эссе (Нow important to gain some work experience)

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Презентация к уроку

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Основную трудность в аргументации составляет не только найти нужный, логичный аргумент, но и подтвердить его. Часто выпускник просто приводит аргумент, никак его не объясняя.

Примером сегодня служит тема будущей работы, она достаточно актуальна для выпускников.

Hello, boys and girls. Today we are going to discuss a very important thing.

Do you think about your future?

Is it important to find a job you are satisfied?

Now we are discussing how important to gain some work experience and of cause, to pass your exams successfully, as writing the essay is so difficult. You know how to begin and finish your writing. Now we practice the most difficult part of the essay: argumentation.

Let's start. First of all, remember the rules of argumentation.

Typical mistakes.

You need:

Раскрываем свое мнение и приводим аргументы.

1) четко раскрыть свою точку зрения& в начале ВТОРОГО абзаца;

2) обосновать свою точку зрения с помощью 2-3 аргументов.

3) Прописываем точку зрения оппонентов и подкрепляем ее 1-2 аргументами.

4) Доказываем несостоятельность точки зрения оппонентов = опровергаем их аргументы.

Доказываем несостоятельность точки зрения оппонентов = опровергаем их аргументы.

Look at the task:

1. Comment on following statement:

To gain work experience, students should start work before they finish their studies.

Do you agree with this statement?

A) read the essay and label the paragraphs with the correct headings.

B) underline the topic sentences.

C) find the useful language the writer uses to give reasons, examples, results.

Student's answers:

I believe it is very important for young people to gain work experience while they are studying to help them find permanent work after graduation.

Fist of all, school leavers with work experience have an advantages over those who do not.

For example, when there are many applicants for a job, an employer will choose someone who has work experience.

Secondly, time management and multitasking are essential skills that employers look for.

In particular, by working part-time, students can show that they can manage their time and their obligations to both school and work.

On the other hand, some people believe that students should not work.

They think their students will suffer because they spend less time studying.

As a result, they may gain work experience, but their grades will be lower and so the benefit is cancelled out by poor results.

I disagree that working and studying makes their grades suffer.

There is no need to work for many hours.

Many students are able to work for a few hours during their free time. This would have no effect on their studies.

2. Match the viewpoints with the examples/results/reasons.

Benefits of volunteering.



1.gain new experiences

a. volunteering takes commitment and dedication

2.meet a wide range of people

b. do a sponsored sky dive to raise money for a charity

3.develop transferable skills

c. improve social skills

4.impress employers

d. fundraising can help develop budgeting skills

Student's answers:

By volunteering you can gain new experiences. For example, you could do a sponsored sky dive to raise money for a charity.

Another benefit of volunteering is that you get to meet a wide range of peopleand, as a result, you can improve your social skills.

Also, volunteering can help you develop transferable skills. For example, learning about fundraising can help develop budgeting skills.

Finally, it will impress employers too as volunteering takes commitment and dedication.

3. Now, practice giving your arguments.

Use the prompts to complete the main body paragraphs.

1. Opinion: volunteering helps to gain valuable skills.

  1. Improve your communication skills
  2. Develop teamwork skills by working with others
  3. Make you more desirable to employers

Student's answers:

Volunteering helps you to gain valuable skills. For example, you can improve your communication skills and develop teamwork skills by working with others. As a result, you will make yourself more desirable to employers.

2. Opinion: working without pay is not real work.

  1. Regular employment rules do not apply
  2. No consequences for making mistakes as in paid employment
  3. You cannot get fired from a job you do for free

3. Opinion: charity work helps you stand out from crowd.

  1. Taking part in meaningful activities in spare time
  2. Employers see you are well-rounded with interesting experiences
  3. Makes you different from other candidates.

4. Comment on the following statement:

All work experience-even unpaid work experience - is valuable.

What is your opinion?

Listen two people discussing ways to combine studying and working successfully. Take notes under the headings.


Supporting points

Expected results

Good time management

Look for work in your area

Won't spend hours travelling to and from work - more time to study

Draw up study timetable

Work varying shifts - plan timetable every week

Stick to timetable - won't fall behind with studies

Include rest time

One day a week off work and study

Won't overwork yourself - be able to perform at your best

5. Write your essay.

All work experience-even unpaid work experience - is valuable.

Don't forget about the rules of argumentation.

Thank you for your work today.