Разработка урока в 9-м классе "World of profession"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 9

Ключевые слова: английский язык


  • Образовательная: активизировать употребление в речи учащихся лексику по теме "Выбор профессии" через разные виды речевой деятельности.
  • Развивающая: развивать у учащихся умение анализировать свои личностные качества применительно к профессии, способствовать развитию умения определить профессиональные качества личности.
  • Воспитательная: способствовать воспитанию понимания важности и необходимости реализации своих умений и способностей через выбранную профессию, содействовать профориентации учащихся.

Тип: систематизация знаний.

Вид: соревнование.

Greeting. (приложение).

Aims. Very soon you will graduate school and enter the institute and then your aim will be to find a job, to make a good career.

Task 1. Write down as many kinds of jobs as you know.

Task 2. Give a definition what "job", "profession", "career" is. And fill in the blanks.

A job is the work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.

A career is the series of jobs that a person does in his/her life.

A profession is a job that requires special training and brings a rather high social status.

  1. In their last three years at school teenagers receive ------------ advice.
  2. There are a lot of ----------- to choose from.
  3. A teacher helps teenagers to discover their interests and make the first steps to future ------------.
  4. A lot of teenagers have a part-time -----------.
  5. Annabel hopes to make painting her ---------- although she knows it will not be easy.
  6. A special booklet provides some tips for finding the right ---------.

Task 3. You will hear the requirings and you should name the profession. (приложение 1)


to be fond of children


to have green fingers

Film producer

to have reach imagination


to know the laws


to have a good ear

Police officer

to wear a uniform


to be able to imitate

Task 4. You will hear a phrases and you should tell who says it.

Example: Why haven't you done your homework?

Answer: A teacher.

1. That's 10 dollars, please. Thank you.
2. Open your mouth and say "AAH!"
3. There's a letter for you. Sign here, please.
4. I sing at theatres or concert halls. People like to listen to my songs.
5. I work at home. I look after the house, clean and wash up.

Game. You will work in one team. Show the profession and the place.

Task 5. You will get a resume, you should name the objective of a person. (приложение 2)

Task 6. You will watch a video about Dos and Donts in job interview. Answer the questions.

Watch the video and answer the following questions. (приложение 3)

  1. What key areas are interviews designed to assess?
  2. How should you be dressed?
  3. What is not advised to wear for women?
  4. How to answer the question "Tell me about yourself"
  5. How to tell about your greatest weakness?
  6. What are some important things to remember?



  1. Professionalism, interest in the job being offered, first for the job including applicable skills and personality
  2. It is always better to wear a suit
  3. Large jewelry, loud colours, too much make up
  4. Do not to tell your life story, but give a summary of your career abilities and goals
  5. Avoid personality or character flaws. Focus on errors that could be improved upon over time
  6. Greet your interviewer. Do not wear too much perfume. Bring a copy of your CV. Ask for your interviewer's business card. Turn off your cell phone.