Конспект урока по английскому языку "Великобритания и Россия"

Разделы: Иностранные языки, Профессия — педагог

Класс: 6

Ключевые слова: английский язык

УМК: О.В.Афанасьева, И.В.Михеева «Английский язык – 6» (для школ с углубленным изучением английского языка).



  • провести практику монологической и диалогической речевой деятельности и аудирования;
  • познакомить с историей и традициями разных стран;
  • учить логически строить высказывания;
  • активизировать лексику по теме.


  • воспитывать уважение к истории и традициям других стран;
  • формировать интерес к изучению культуры и истории разных стран.

Развивающие: развивать мышление, творческую фантазию, речь и познавательный интерес.


  • расширение социокультурного пространства (сравнение России и Великобритании);
  • формирование культурной осведомленности обучающихся о культуре России и Великобритании, их традициях.

Оснащение: карта Великобритании, карта России, флаги России, Англии, Шотландии, Уэльса, Северной Ирландии, эмблемы России, Англии, Шотландии, Уэльса, Северной Ирландии, презентация «Великобритания и Северная Ирландия и Россия», раздаточный материал (тесты, тексты, песня).

Ход урока


I. Организационный момент

II. Введение в тему урока

Teacher: What date is it today?

Pupil: Today is the 18th of December.

Teacher: What day of the week is it today?

Pupil: It is Friday.

Teacher: Yes, it is a very important day for us. Today I invited guests to our country and our lesson. And now we are waiting for them.

(Стук в дверь)

Teacher: We are glad to see you, our dear friends. Please, introduce yourselves.

(Каждый гость должен представиться. На столе стоят флажки стран Англии, Шотландии, Уэльса и Северной Ирландии.)

Teacher: Now, tell us about your countries. Well, let’s begin with our country.

(Один из учеников рассказывает о России)

III. Контроль домашнего задания

Pupil 1: I live in Russia. Russia is the largest country in the world. The population of our country is about 147 million people. There are a lot of rivers, seas, mountains, lakes and forests in Russia. The territory of Russia is vast. The capital of Russia is Moscow. There are a lot of nice places of interest in it: Red Square, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre and many others. I love my country and I am proud of it.

Teacher: Thank you very much. And now let’s listen to our guest from England.

Pupil 2: I live in England. England is situated on the British Isles. It is the largest of the four parts. The population of England is more than 46 million people. There are no high mountains in England, no long rivers, and no very large woods. But there are a lot of towns. The English countryside between the towns is like a carpet of many colours. The capital of England is London. There are a lot of nice places of interest in it, too. They are: Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Global Theatre, the Tower of London and many others. I love my country.

Teacher: Thank you. Well, our guest from Scotland will tell us about his (her) country.

Pupil 3: I live in Scotland. It is a part of the UK. It is situated on the northern part of the island of Great Britain. The population of Scotland is over 5 million people. The people living in Scotland are called Scottish. Scotland is well known for its beautiful large lakes, with mountains round them. But there are not so many green hills, trees and flowers around them as in England. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. I am proud of my country.

Teacher: Thanks a lot. OK, we want to learn about Wales very much. Please, tell us.

Pupil 4: I live in Wales. Wales is the country of beautiful nature, rich and varied culture, proud and artistic people. It is a land of green hills, forests and farms. Wales is a small country. The population of Wales is more than 2, 9 million people. The capital of Wales is Cardiff. People who live in Wales are called the Welsh. I love my country.

Teacher: Thank you very much. And, we have also a guest from Northern Ireland. Let’s listen to him (her).

Pupil 5: I live in Northern Ireland. Our country is situated on the small island of Ireland. The capital of my country is Belfast. Ireland is the emerald isle. It is a beautiful land of mountains, rivers, lakes and green fields. The Irish are famous for their music, song and dance.

Teacher: Thank you very much for your presentations.

IV. Контроль аудирования 

Teacher: And now let’s play the game. I’ll ask you different questions and you will answer them.

  1. What is the official name of Britain?
  2. What countries does it consist of?
  3. What are the capitals of England? Scotland? Wales? Northern Ireland?
  4. What is the capital of the UK?
  5. What is the largest country in the world?
  6. What is the official language of the UK?
  7. What are the symbols of the countries and what are the flags of the countries? Look at the blackboard. Your task is to match the symbols and the flags with the countries?

(Два ученика работают у доски.)

Teacher: Look at the slide. Let’s check up. What is the flag of the UK called? Yes, you are right. The Union Jack consists of three flags: English, Scottish and Irish.

V. Музыкальная переменка

Teacher: Well, I think you are tired. Let’s sing a nice song “If you are happy” together. (Приложение № 1)

(Учащиеся поют песню)

VI. Чтение

Teacher: Good of you. Well, I’ve got some interesting task for you. You should make up the sentence. Put the words in the right order.

character, every, is, The, country, national, influenced, by, of, geography. (The national character of every country is influenced by geography.)

(Один ученик работает у доски.)

Teacher: Well done. Do you agree with this opinion? OK. What are the people of these countries? You have a text about the characters of Russian and British people. Let’s read and translate this text and after that we will do a small test “True or False”. That’s why be attentive. I’ll give you 7 minutes. (Приложение № 2)

(Читаем текст.)

Test “True or False”

  1. The British love stability.
  2. The British are said to be polite, conservative and careful about almost everything.
  3. The British like talking about themselves.
  4. Russians think and act small.
  5. Russians think of themselves as individuals.
  6. Because of very hot summers Russians often are inactive for long periods of time.
  7. The mild climate explains the Russians strength, their ability to overcome hardships.
  8. Climate has also made them cautious.

Teacher: Good of you. You were very attentive. Speaking about characters of people, we must mention traditional holidays of Russia and The UK. I have an interesting task for you. Look at the slides. Your task is to guess what holidays they are.

(Дети отгадывают праздник и отвечают на вопрос, когда этот праздник проводится.)

Teacher: Well, when is this holiday celebrated?

VII. Контроль пройденного материала на уроке 

Teacher: Today, we have worked very well. And now it’s time to have a quiz “Do you know Britain well?” You’ll get marks according the results of the quiz: 5, 6 answers – “3”, 7, 8 answers – “4”, 9, 10 answers – “5”. I’ll give you 5 minutes to do this test and then we’ll check up it. (Приложение № 3)

(Учащиеся делают тест, а затем проверяем его все вместе.)

VIII. Подведение итогов урока

Teacher: I’d like to say you thanks a lot for your working hard. I’ll put you good marks. And   I‘d like to finish our lesson with a poem “A country”.

In my country we are happy,
In my country we are happier,
In my country we are happiest of all.

In my country we are friendly,
In my country we are friendlier,
In my country we are friendliest of all.

My country, your country,
Travel East or West,
If the North is good,
The South is better;
What land is the best?!

Teacher: That’s all for today. Stand up, please. You may be free. Good-bye.