Сценарий театральной постановки на английском языке "The Boy and the dancing fairy"

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Scene 1

Old man: "Hello, where are you from, and where are you going?"

Boy: "I have come a long way, and I am very tired and lonesome and far from home, and I don't know where I am going. I am looking for a pleasant land."

Old man:"You look like a good boy,"you say you have come a long way, but I have come much farther than you, and from a very pleasant place. When I began my journey I was young like you. I have never stopped, and now you see that I am very old and bent and wrinkled, while there is not a line in your face. I have travelled a very long road, the road of Long Life."

Boy: "I want to go to the place you came from, since it is pleasant."

Old man: "You can never reach it; it is the Land of Youth; the Childhood Land, and those who leave it never go back. It is a land of wonderful sights and sounds and dreams. It can be reached only from the road on the other side; you have passed that road and it is too late for you now to go back to it."

Then they were silent for a long time, and the boy looked at the old man and wondered.

Boy: Oh, your shoes worn out from long journey and your feet are sore and weary. Take my extra pair of moccasins.

He gave the boy a little box he had in his pocket and he said,

Old man: "Thank you very much, my boy. Take this box; you will find it will help you in times of need, and it will be useful to you in your travels. I am near the end of my journey, and I shall need it no more. You have a long journey before you. Good-buy!”

He went out.

When the boy was opened the box and light entered the box, the little fairy began dancing.


Fairy: "What do you want?"

The boy knew then that the old man had given him a little fairy to help him in his need.

Boy: "I wish to be carried far away to a beautiful land where I can get a lovely girl for a comrade, for I am very lonely."


Scene 2

It was a land of trees and flowers and wonderful streams, where many birds were singing. It was village.

Monday: Hi! I’m Monday. I like to climb trees.

Boy: Thank you.

Tuesday: Hello! I’m Tuesday. I like to fish. I’m a good fisher. Look! My big basket is very heavy! So, we have wonderful dinner today! Can you fish?

Boy: Yes, of course. Who are you?

Wednesday: My name is Wednesday. I start and keep the fire.

Boy: Oh, it’s very difficult. I can help you.

Thursday: I’m Thursday. I bring water from the river. The river is full of crocodiles and snakes.

Boy: Can you bring the water from the lake?

Thursday: The lake is far from here. Go there and bring some milk for us.

Friday: Hi! I’m Friday. I milk the goat. Today it gave a lot of milk. So, we can make a lot of cheese and butter. I knew from a dream that you were coming. You have come to seek a very lovely girl as your wife and comrade. She lives in our village. Her father is very rich. He is a great Chief. He asks that each man who seeks to win his daughter must do very hard and dangerous and impossible tasks. If they fail they are put to death.

Boy: "I can do any task he sets for me. He cannot kill me." 

Scene 3

Chif’s daughter comes in.

Boy: Hi! I’m Wampanoag boy.

Daughter: Hello! I’m Otter. I’m Chief’s daughter.

Boy: You are very beautiful. Come with me and be my wife.

Daughter: I can’t do it. You must do difficult tasks for my father. He is Chief. If you fail to do it , you shall be put to death .

Boy: I can do any task he sets for me. He cannot kill me.

The Chief comes in.

Chief: I heard about you. You can get my lovely daughter for a comrade. The mountain before my house keeps me from seeing the sun in the mornings. You must take it away before you can win my daughter. If you fail you shall be put to death." 

Boy : Ok, I’m ready.

He opened the box.

The little fairy was dancing as hard as he could, but when he saw the light he stopped and said,

Fairy: "What do you want?"

Boy : "I want you to take away this mountain before morning."

Fairy: "It shall be done," said the little girl.

Dance and take out the mountain.

Boy: I had done the deed.

Chief came out from the house and say.

Chief: You are good boy. You must do another task for me. Not far away there is a village where my enemies live. They have caused me great trouble. You must destroy the village and drive all the people away before you can win my daughter. If you fail to do it to-night, you shall be put to death to-morrow."

 Then the boy took out his box and opened it. The fairy stopped dancing and said.

Fairy: "What do you want?"

Boy: "I want you to destroy this village to-night and drive all the people away".

Fairy: "It shall be done".

Then the boy closed the box and went to sleep under a tree. In the morning when he awoke, there was no village in sight. 

Boy: I had done the deed.

Chief: OK, you are very brave. You may take my lovely daughter.