Лексико-грамматический тест по теме "My Dream" для подготовки учащихся к Международному детскому конкурсу на английском языке "Good Luck"

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I. Guess what the children are going to be. Write the names of professions in the right way. (Some letters are already here):

1) Ann loves animals very much. She wants to be a v_ _.

2) Kate would like to work in a hospital. She is going to be a d _ _ _ _ _.

3) Ted wants to fly planes in future. He will be a p _ _ _ _.

4) Alice performs at a school theatre. Her dream is to become an a _ _ _ _ _s.

5) Paul can play football very well. His wish is to be a professional football p _ _ _ _ _.

6) Mike dreams of travelling in unknown lands. He is going to be an e _ _ _ _ r _ _.

7) Alex wants to design beautiful buildings. He’d like to be an a _ ch _ _ _ _ _.

II. What animals and birds will live in your dream Zoo? Match A and B columns to make word combinations:

8) as playful as

9) as funny as

10) as wise as

11) as brave as

12) as busy as

13) as happy as

a) an owl

b) a kitten

c) a lion

d) a monkey

e) a lark

f) a bee

III. What dreams did the heroes of your favourite books have? Match the name of the character and his/her dream:

14) the Tin Woodman (“The Wizard of Oz”)

15) the Cowardly Lion (“The Wizard of Oz”)

16) Peter Pan

17) Cinderella

18) Malysh (A little boy) (“Carlsson-on-the Roof”)

His/her dream was:

a) to go to the ball.

b) to become brave.

c) to have the heart.

d) to be always little and play.

e) to have a dog.

IV. Write the following words in 4 columns:

My Dream School My Dream Park My Dream Flight to Space My Dream Planet

(19) a merry-go-round, (20) a spaceship, (21) green towns, (22) kindhearted people, (23) studying online, (24) presentations, (25) attractions, (26) good ecology, (27) the white board, (28) rollercoaster, (29) galaxy,

(30) peace, no wars, (31) a rocket, (32) aliens, (33) electronic books, (34) a big wheel, (35) interactive programs, (36) bumper cars, (37) a flying saucer, (38) clean air and water.

V. Make up questions to the underlined words:

39) They decorated the room yesterday.

40) Father usually buys flowers.

41) Granny has already made a cake.

42) Children are wearing funny hats.

43) You will go to the circus next Sunday.

VI. Choose the right variant:

44) Children _____ go to the theme park with _____ parents next Sunday.

a) will go; there b) will go; their c) went; there d) went; their

45) What _____ your brother do? – He is a programmer.

a) is b) does c) do d) are

46) Who _____ you Lego as a birthday present? – My father did.

a) gave b) did give c) give d) will give

47) _____ are you going to spend your holydays? – At the seaside.

a) When b) Where c) How d) Why

48) Your friend’s dream is to become a film star, _____?

a) aren’t you b) isn’t he c) aren’t they d) isn’t it

49) Look! He _____ a pony!

a) is riding b) rides c) rode d) ride

50) That day off with my parents was the _____ in my life.

a) happiest b) most happy c) happyest d) happier

51) I think people _____ to travel to other planets in the future.

a) be able b) could c) will be able d) can

52) His birthday is _____ April 8.

a) in b) - c) at d) on

53) Has his dream come true _____?

a) last month b) yet c) next month d) usually

VII. Complete the squares:

54) this these

a) some b) any c) those d) they

55) one first

a) second b) tenth c) once d) most

56) good bad

a) worst b) worth c) most d) least

57) play board games

a) a letter b) a bike c) a test d) a book

58) swimming pool swim
ice - rink

a) skate b) learn c) skip d) draw

59) draw drew

a) singing b) sang c) sung

VIII. Read the text and fill in the missing words:

story, air, green, come, ground, healthy, magic, South, last, tag

Have you read the (60) _________ “A Rainbow – Flower” by Valentin Katayev?

A rainbow – flower has seven petals: yellow, orange, red, (61) _________, blue, light – blue and violet. It’s a (62) _________ flower. It can make any wish (63) _________ true. You should tear off a petal, throw it up in the (64) _________ and say:

Fly, petal, oh –

East to West you go.

Then North to (65) _________

And turn about.

Touch the (66) _________, do,

Make my wish come true.

The rainbow – flower helped the girl named Zhenya to realize her wishes. With the help of the (67) _________ petal the boy, who couldn’t run at all, became (68) _________ and began playing (69) _________ .

IX. Arrange the words in the logical order to make up a dialogue between Cinderella and Fairy:

  • ( a ) I can help you, Cinderella. Now tell me, what’s you problem?
  • ( b ) No, you can’t. Close your eyes, Cinderella! One, two, three! Now open your eyes!
  • ( c ) The ball is starting. Who can help me?
  • ( d ) Oh, Fairy Godmother, I can’t go to the ball. I can’t wear these old clothes to the ball.
  • ( e ) But these clothes are beautiful!
  • ( f ) Oh, thank you, thank you, Fairy Godmother!
  • ( g ) And so are you, Cinderella. Now you can go to the ball and have a good time.

70 –

71 –

72 –

73 –

74 –

75 –

76 –

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