КВН на английском языке «Boors are our friends»

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  1. Плакаты со словами: Books are our friends, Choose an author as you choose a friend. Названия известных книг, авторов, героев книг.
  2. Портреты писателей.
  3. Выставка работ учащихся - иллюстрации к любимым книгам.

I. КВН открывается показом сцены по книге М. Твена “Приключения Тома Сойера” (исполнители учащиеся).

“Tom Becomes Acquainted with Becky”

(Cцена может быть из другой книги).

II. Команды представляют своих капитанов, названия команд (участники имеют эмблемы). После этого ведущий начинает КВН.

III. Разминка. Here is a list of authors and there is a list of novels. Match the following works and their authors. (по очереди команды называют произведения и их авторов).

works authors
“The Hearts of Third” Jonathan Swift
“Qulliver’s Travels” Beecher Stowe
“Alice in Wonderland” Jack London
“Uncle Tom’s Cabin” Lewis Carroll
“Hamlet” Charles Dickens
“Treasure Island” William Shakespeare
“Oliver Twist” Robert Stevenson
“Robinson Crusoe” Daniel Defoe
“Tom Sawyer” Rudyard Kipling
“Mowgly” Mark Twain
  • Here is a list of literary heroes. Say from what works they are taken. Then name the authors of the books.
literary heroes works
Huckleberry Finn “The Silver Skates”
Gepetto “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”
Becky Thatcher “The Prince and the Pouper”
Hans and Gretel “Robinson Crusse”
Tom Canty “The Adventures of  Pioccikio”
Friday “Tom Sawyer”

IV. Guess the picture puzzles. If you solve the rebuses, you’ll know the names of the authors of the books. (команды разгадывают по два ребуса).

V. You are given English proverbs. Your task is to give Russian equivalents (команды получают по четыре пословицы).

Bisiness before pleasure Сделал дело, гуляй смело.
First think then spear Семь раз отмерь, один раз отрежь
A friend in need is a friend indeed. Друзья познаются в беде.
All is well, that ends well. Все хорошо, что хорошо кончается.
Honesty is the best policy. Честность - лучшая политика.
Two heads are better that one. Одна голова хорошо, а две лучше.
Live and Learn. Век живи, век учись.
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Никогда не откладывай на завтра то, что можно сделать сегодня.

VI. And now we’ll see who guesses riddles better (по очереди команды разгадывают загадки).

My answer in a big room is set.
It is a place where books you get
And where good friends often meet
Haven’t you guessed my answer yet? (A Library)

I have many leaves
But I am not a tree
I am a nice thing
Come and read me. (A Book)

I know everything
I teach everybody
But to make friends with me
You must first learn letters. (A Book)

I am neither a rhyme nor a song
I can be short or very long
I can be funny or quite sad
But to read me you’ll be very glad. (A Story)

VII. Read what is written on the cards. Here are extracts from books.

Say: who the hero is;

what the title of the books is;

who the author is.

(Команды получают по два отрывка из книг)

  • I am a sailor from York City. I have lived twenty-eight years on the isolated island near America not far from the mouth of Orinoko river, where I was thrown by shipwreck. During the shipwreck the whole crew perished, except me. I was saved by pirates.

(“Robinson Crusoe”) Robinson, D.Defoe

  • I live in London in an old brick house in a very dirty street. My father and mother have a bed, but my grandmother, my two sisters: Bet and Nan, and I sleep on the floor. My father and grandmother are very bad people. They often get drunk and beat us. They make us beg. We often go to bed hungry.

(Tom Canty “The Prince and the Pauper” M. Twain)

  • I live in a little town in America. I am fond of playing games and I have a lot of friends. But my best friend is a boy, whose name is Tom. His mother died and he lives with his aunt.

(Becky Thatcher “Tom Sawyer” M. Twain)

  • Once I saw a piece of wood. I took my axe and began to hit the piece of wood with axe. I wanted to make a new leg for my table. Suddenly I heard a very small voice:”Do not hit me so hard”. I looked about the room. There was nobody. I took the axe again, and began to work with it. “Oh, oh! Don’t hit me any more!” Cried the same voice.

(Vaster Antonyo “The Adventures of Pinoccio” D. Rodarri)

VIII. Команды отгадывают, из каких книг им представлены отрывки, а в это время дается задание болельщикам.

Now let’s remember your childhood and books which your mother and father read to you. I’ll show you the literary hero and you’ll answer who she (he) is (картинки с изображением любимых героев книг).

Now let’s play “the memory game” ant on the topic “Books and Library”. I shall call on a boy or a girl, who must name any word on the topic (for example: “Book”). The next pupil must repeat the word and add another (for example: book, librarian...). The third pupil repeats these two words and adds another (for example, book, librarian, cover...).

Учащиеся обеих команд поочередно называют слова по теме. Обязательное условие игры: слова должны повторяться в той последовательности, в какой они назывались. Сделавший ошибку выбывает из игры. Побеждает ученик, который назовет правильно больше слов по теме.

IX. Домашнее задание. Инсценировать и показать команде-сопернице сказку, та должна отгадать название сказки.

Team I.

Mother: “Don’t run, or you may fall down with your basket. But don’t go too slowly or you will be too late. Just go quickly and carefully. And don’t talk to any strangers you may meet!”

Girl: “I will do just as you tell me, Mother” (said the girl and she put on her red hat and left the house).

“Red Riding Hood”

Team II.

Reader: Soon the wolf came up to the house. He Knocked the door and said:

Wolf: Little pig, little pig! Let me come in.

Pig: No, no by the hair of my chinny chin chin!

Wolf: Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in.

Reader: So he huffed and puffed, but he could not blow the house down, because it was made of bricks (“Three Little Pigs”)

X. Конкурс капитанов.

Ask each other questions about your favourite books and authors (больше баллов получает тот капитан, который задал больше вопросов, учитывается правильность постановки вопроса и ответов на вопросы).

XI. And now tell us about your favourite books.
You may use the following:
My favourite book is ...
The author of the book is ...
The main hero is ...
I like this book because ...
It teaches me to be ...

(По три участника от команд могут использовать свои иллюстрации к книгам).

XII. Подведение итогов. Каждый конкурс оценивается жюри по 5 балльной системе. Члены жюри заранее обговаривают критерии оценки каждого конкурса. При таком подходе можно объективно оценить каждый конкурс. Команде-победительнице вручается красочный диплом. Лучшие участники обеих команд получают специальные призы - книги на английском языке. Участникам команд КВН можно поставить оценки по теме в журнал.