Урок 62 English VIII О.В.Афанасьева, И.В.Михеева (УМК). Education:The World of Learning. Активизация лексики

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цель урока: активизация новых лексических единиц на уровне словосочетания, предложения и межфразового единства.

Задачи урока:

  • Учебные  –  активизация новых лексических единиц по указанной теме, совершенствование речевой активности, обучение использованию новых лексических единиц на уровне словосочетания, предложения и межфразового единства.
  • Развивающие  –  развитие памяти и логического мышления, развитие языковой догадки, развитие творческого мышления.
  • Воспитательные  – воспитание лингвистической компетенции учащихся и их познавательной активности, формирование картины окружающего мира во всем его многообразии.


– Good morning/good afternoon, dear students! Nice to meet you! Today we are going to speak about  school and school life. We also will try to think of an ideal school or a school of your dream.

Приложение 1. Слайд 2.

1. To begin with I’d like to know if you have or had any favourite subjects at school.
2. And what are your least favourite subjects?
3. Why do  (don’t) you like these subjects?
4. What else do you study at school?
5. What exams do students usually take before they leave school?

Слайд 3.

Warming-up.  Make up school subjects.

1.         STORYHI
2.         GRAGEOPHY
3.         THAMS
4.         SICUM
5.         LISHNGE

Answers: 1. History, 2. Geography, 3. Maths, 4. Music, 5. English

Слайд 4.

Student Book,  ex.  56  p. 79

– Let’s check your hometask.

Match these phrases with their Russian equivalents.

1) e, 2) f, 3) g, 4) a, 5) h, 6) d, 7) b, 8) i, 9) c, 10) j.

Слайд 5.

– Now we are going to speak about dream school. You may work in pairs and discuss the items.
– What’s your idea of a Dream school? A newspaper asked school students to describe their ideal school. These were some of the things that the children wanted:

A flexible timetable
Time to understand things
A very big door so that everyone can go into school together
Tables in the playground
More flexibility to choose subjects
Nice, smiling teachers
Friendly children

Слайд 6.

– Let’s have a break.

Слайд 7.


My dream school.
Design your ideal school. Make some notes.

School building

Useful language:

Our ideal school is/has…
I think that…
I would like more/less…

Слайд 8.


Student Book. Ex.  58  p.  80
Express the same in English.

– Thank you for your attention! The lesson is over! You are free! Good-bye!