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Цели урока:

  • Обучающие:
    • активизировать в речи ЛЕ по теме «Shopping»
    • учить правильному произношению
    • практиковать учащихся в диалогической речи
    • задавать вопросы о чём-либо и отвечать на вопросы учителя
    • умение подбирать определения к слову
  • Развивающие:
    • развивать умение поддерживать беседу,
    • развивать память в письме с использованием неправильных глаголов в Past Simple,
    • расширять кругозор и тезаурус.
  • Воспитательные: воспитывать дружеские отношения к собеседнику во время диалогической речи.

Учебные пособия: DVD, предметы для диалогов,poster.

План урока

1. Warming-up
2. Phonetic drills
3. Definition
4. Grammar
5. Intellectual task
6. Relaxing exercises
7. Dialogues
8. The results of the lesson
9. Homework


1. Организационный момент

– What’s the date today?
– What day of the week is it today?
–What’s the weather like today?
– What season is it now?
– What season is after winter?
– Do you like spring?
Remember about your task for the lesson: Work hard! Be attentive! Speak English!
The theme of the lesson is «Shopping». Today we are going to listen to the phonics, do phonetic exercises, read, write, ask and answer the questions, make dialogues, do the intellectual task.

2. Look at the blackboard! Listen and repeat after me! (in chorus)

expensive [ik´spensiv]      huge[hju:dз]
mall [mo:l]                           carry[´kәeri]
weekend[wi:k´end]            shopping[´∫opiŋ]

Now open your P.B p.88 You can see Phonics

Two letters o and a gives us [ou].
Look and listen! Then you’ll read it.
За каждый вид деятельности учащиеся получают плюсик, если ответ правильный, пол плюсика, если учащиеся допускают ошибки.

3. I’ll give you a definition in English. Listen to these words and guess them.

1. Moving stairs (escalator)
2. Huge shop (mall)
3. Not expensive (cheap)
4. Saturday, Sunday (weekend)
5. Opposite of cheap (expensive)

4. Read and match

put            fell                  heard                    take                    found
find      lost                 took             put              hear             fall                lose

5. It’s time for Intellectual task

Did you remember the text Aunt Jemima’s earrings (УМК English World 3 P.B p. 82–83) Let’s improve our memory and attention.
Раздаю листочки с заданием.
Read the task. I’ll give you 3 min.

Intellectual task                            Surname_________________________

Memory / reading

  • Read the sentences.
  • Complete the sentences with the verbs from the box.
  • Write them.

fell      took      lost      put      found      heard





At the mall Anna’s aunt … an earring,



Anna … a metal ring on the floor.



She … the ring in her pocket.



Anna … a sob.



The little boy was sad. A big tear … on the floor.



Anna … the ring out of her pocket.


Check up yourself!
Your result _____

 Intellectual task                                              Key



At the mall Anna’s aunt   lost  an earring,


Anna  found  a metal ring on the floor.


She  put   the ring in her pocket.


Anna  heard  a sob.


The little boy was sad. A big tear fell  on the floor.


Anna  took  the ring out of her pocket.

Count your “+”.
Find  your result:











If you are ready, hands up. Now check up yourselves. What is your result? What did we train? (Мemory and attention).

6. Now let’s relax

Stand up. Sing and repeat movements after me. Look at me and do like me.
The weekend, the weekend, we love the weekend! (УМК English World 3 P.B Ex 4 p.35)

В начале урока на отдельных столиках приготовлены предметы для диалогов.   Учащиеся выходят парами,  используют эти предметы если они находятся  в книжном, музыкальном, обувном или спортивном  магазинах.

7.  Imagine you are in the mall. Can you act out a dialogue?

Who wants to be the first? Come up to the blackboard.

At the Shop

P1: These are nice, mum.
P2: Yes, they are pretty.
P1: Can we buy them?
P2: No, we can’t. They are pink. We must wear black or brown at school.
P1: Oh…

At Music shop

P1: Wow! This shop is fantastic. I like the guitar.
P2: Look at those drums.
P1: Have we got CD’s here.
P2: Yes, over there on the right.
P1: Great!

At the Book shop

P1: Basketball, tennis, swimming… Can you see a book about football?
P2: No, I can’t. But look at this? It’s beautiful.
P2: Yes. I love reading poems.

At the Sports shop

P1: You need new football shorts and shirt too.
P2: Look at these boots! They are fantastic.
P1: How much do they cost?
P2: Well.
P1: Oh, let me see. They are very expensive.
P2: Can we buy them?
P1: No, sorry not today.

Итак 4 пары учащихся воспроизводят диалоги, используя определённые предметы для своего магазина.

8. Итог урока

Подсчёт плюсиков, анализ работы и выставление оценок.

9. Домашнее задание

W.B.p81 Ex.4,5.