Урок английского языка по теме "Моя спальня". 5-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 5

Цель урока: развитие навыка  монологической речи

Образовательные задачи:
1. повторить и закрепить  лексические единицы;
2. описание комнат с использованием предлогов места;

Воспитательные задачи: воспитать у обучающихся положительное  отношение к истинным ценностям: дом, семейный очаг.

Ход урока:

Hello children! How are you? I am glad to see you. Sit down please.

What is the date today? Who is absent today? What was your home task for today?

Thank you.
Look at the blackboard! What do you see? Right! What do these cards mean?  Can you guess the topic of our lesson?  Тему и цель урока обучающиеся определяют вместе с учителем. На доске картины спальной комнаты. You are right!
The topic of our lesson is “My bedroom”.  Today we shall remember words on the topic “At home”, practice “There is/are” construction, our listening skills, tries to create rooms using the description.

It’s time to open your books on page 48. Look at ex 1. What do you see? Mary read the task please! Look at the pictures, please. Let's read and translate the words. Write them down.
Now look at the blackboard. Your task is to cross the odd word out.
На доске выписаны слова:
1 bath – sink – washbasin – mirror
2 dining room – garden – kitchen – hall
3desk – coffee table – chair – table
4 bed – bathroom – wardrobe – carpet
5 computer – bookcase – digital camera – television

 Why did we do this exercise?  Well done!
Now look at ex 3 on page 48. Arina, read and translate the task please!  Thank you!
Let’s have a rest! Our eyes are tired so let’s help them. Look at me:

Up and Down
Right and Left
Close Your Eyes
Nod Your Head.

Выполняют задания у доски

 T.: Welcome to my house. It’s my bedroom. It’s my favourite place at home. I can relax here.
And what is your favourite place at home?
Ответы учеников.

Т: Bedroom is our favourite room, isn`t it?
And today we continue to speak about houses and flats, about rooms and furniture in them. Please, answer my questions

  • Have you got a room of your own?
  • Do you want to have a room of your own?
  • What have you got in your bedroom?
  • Is there a table in your bedroom?
  • Are there books in your bedroom?
  • Is there bed in your bedroom?

And now listen to the story about Ann`s bedroom and answer the questions.
And now open your books, please at p.50 and read the text.

- What has Ann got in her bedroom?
- Read the sentences which help us to describe the bedroom.

Look at my bedroom and try to describe it.

T.: What is your bedroom for you, I wonder?

P1:  My favourite place at home is my room. I like playing computer games. In the evening I watch TV with my family. I love my home.

P2:  My home is light, nice and comfortable. I have the room of my own. I’ve got a lot of toys and beautiful flowers. My home is the best.  I love my home very much.

P3:  My home is my toys, my nest, and my life. My home is light and cosy. My home is the best for me.

P4: My home is comfortable and big. I’m always waited at home. I love my home.
Now open your diaries, write down your home task

T.: Thank you for your good work. Your marks are…