Обобщающий урок английского языка в 10-м классе по теме: "Great Russia"

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Цели урока:

  • образовательная - развитие речевых умений, умения систематизировать учебный материал, практиковать умение составлять мини-высказывание по определенной тематике
    Сопутствующая задача - скрытый контроль уровня сформированности речевых умений.
  • развивающая – развитие творческих способностей учащихся; развитие самостоятельности, индивидуальности, умения высказываться логично и связно, с достаточной скоростью, выражая законченную мысль;
  • воспитательная - прививать учащимся любовь и нравственное отношение к родной стране, уважительное отношение к своему народу, воспитывать культуру общения.

Ход урока

1. Оргмомент

Teacher: Good morning, my friends. Glad to see you. Let’s begin our lesson. Today we’ll speak about Russia – its geographical peculiarities, the influence of geography on Russian people and their lifestyles, the Russians’ personality traits. I’d like to begin with the poem” Oh, Russia, I’m in love with you!” by L. Khusainova.

Remember, Russia, you are great
Not in the field of battles past
But in the green fields full of wheat
And forests, gardens, free of dust.
I love you deeply, dear land,
Your hills and rivers, sand on strand
Your songs and dances, lakes and seas
Your beasts and fish, birds in trees.
Your sunrise in a splendid sight
Which gives me always such delight!

2. Защита проектов

Teacher: Let’s begin our presentation “Great Russia” All of you have chosen the theme of the project and we are ready to start our work.

Teacher: There is much mysterious in Russian history, it the destiny of the Russian people and the Russian state. Russia was influenced by its huge spaces. These huge spaces are represented as the geographical factor of Russian history and Russian destiny. The first project will explain how the relations between the Russian people and the huge Russian state influence its people’s life. Приложение 1

Teacher: The best way to discover Russia is to visit Russia. If someone would like to learn more about its cities, it is useful to walk along the streets and look around to see historical places, buildings and monuments. The next project gives us information about famous Russian cities. Приложение 2

Teacher: Russian nature, spirit and genius come together in the greatest people of our land. Let’s pay tribute to a few of them.

P1, P2: We think there is no person in our country who has not heard these names: M. Lomonosov, one of the greatest people in the history of Russia, a man who made contribution to the development of our science and literature, Y.Gagarin, the first cosmonaut in the world, A.Pugacheva, a legend of modern music in Russia. Приложение 3

Teacher: The next project offers a clear explanation what political system Russia belongs to and shares your ideas about the peculiarities of the political system in our country. Приложение 4

Teacher: Thank you very much for your projects.

3. Обсуждение проектных работ

4. Подведение итогов