Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "Большой английский концерт"

Разделы: Иностранные языки, Внеклассная работа

Цель мероприятия:

  • развитие творческой активности учащихся;
  • активизация всех форм внеклассной работы;
  • повышение интереса к языку.

Peppy: Hello everybody! How are you? I hope you are fine.

Mary Poppins: Glad to see you at our big English concert!

Peppy: Today you will listen to the English songs, rhymes and tales.

Mary: From my point of view you are very talented children. And you can proof it.

Peppy: Well, we begin. Come on let's go!

Mary: Peppy, do you have any pets?

Peppy: Yes, I do. I have got a cat. I like it very much. As far as I know the children from the 4th form can sing a very nice song about Bingo.

Mary: Who is this? I don, t know it.

Peppy: You don, t know! Listen to the song and you, ll understand.

(выступление учащихся 4 класса, дети исполняют песню "Bobby-Bingo")


Приложение №1

Mary: Thank you very much. It was great!

Peppy: Yes, it was really great. To have a dog is well. Dogs are good friends. But I know that pupils from the 6th form have lions, a parrot, a bee, an owl:

Mary: Really? Are they zoo-keepers? Let s see!

(выступление 6 класса. Инсценировка сказки о маленьком львёнке).


Приложение № 2

Peppy: Oh, my God! I was so worried about young lioness. All is well that ends well.

Mary: Don t worry! Be calm! Say me, please. Do you like to be late?

Peppy: Who? I? Never! To tell the truth the pupils from the 7th form like to be late.

Mary: Are you sure? I don t think so.

Peppy: Sure? Am I sure? Let s see!

(Выступление 7 класса "Late again"). Приложение №3.

Mary: Thank you very much, children. Better late than never.

Peppy: But better never late. Mary, do you know Michelle?

Mary: Michelle? No, I don t know. Who is she?

Peppy: Let s listen to the song! Meet the girls-band from the 8th form. I am sure that they know this mysterious Michelle.

(девушки из 8 класса исполняют песню группы "Биттлз" "Michelle").


Приложение №4

Mary: Thanks, girls. You are right. Love is great. But to love or not to love? What is the questions!

Peppy: What do you say? There is no doubt to love! And now meet the 10th form!

(выступление учащихся 10 класса "On the rocks"). Приложение №5

Mary: Thank very much. In my opinion the quarrel is a bad thing. Why do people quarrel with each other? I do not know. But as far as I know the pupils of the 7th form can answer this question.

(выступление учащихся 7 класса - "The Quarrel"). Приложение №6


Peppy: It was not bad. Thanks, children. :.Oh, my God! To tell the truth, I am very hungry! I d like to eat banana or ice-cream with pleasure. Let, go to the cafe!

Mary: OK! And you, my dear friends, meet the pupils of the 6th form.

(учащиеся 6 класса разыгрывают сценку "Приглашение в кафе"). Приложение №7

Mary: Good for you, thanks.

Peppy (поёт): "Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes:

Mary: Peppy, what are you singing?

Peppy: Oh, it is a very nice song, but I have forgotten the words.

Mary: Never mind! Children from the 4th form can help you.

(звучит песня "Head and shoulders" в исполнении учащихся 4 класса). Приложение №8 [4]

Peppy: Thanks, children! It was great! Mary, where do you live?

Mary: I live in the city.

Peppy: And I live in the country.

Mary and Peppy (together): Where would you rather live?

(ученица 5 класса читает стихотворение " A question").

Приложение №9 [3]

Peppy: Good for you! You are very clever!

Mary: And now, Peppy, listen to my favorite song!

(учащиеся 4 класса исполняют песню "Trot to Boston").

Приложение №10 [1]

Peppy: Very, very talented children! But our concert is over. It is time to say good-bye.

Mary: Thank you very much! We, ll meet next year. See you!

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