Внеаудиторное занятие на английском языке по теме "Путешествие по Лондону. Английский язык и поэзия"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цель занятия: Повышение мотивации студентов к изучению иностранного языка.


  • Учебная: Формирование навыков иноязычной речевой деятельности: аудирование, говорение.
  • Воспитательная: Развитие творческих способностей студентов, формирование цивилизованной личности.
  • Развивающая: Активизация мыслительной деятельности в процессе выполнения творческих заданий.

Ход занятия

Greeting. (1 min)

Informing the class with the lesson objectives: listening, speaking and vocabulary development.

– Good afternoon students and our guests! We are glad to welcome you at our unusual lesson. Today we shall speak about English language, English speaking countries, English famous people and English poetry.

1. Recall countries, nationalities and languages (10 min)

  • Russia – Russian
  • China – Chinese
  • France – French
  • German – Germany
  • India – Hindi
  • The United Kingdom – English
  • Scotland –Scottish – English
  • Ireland – Irish English
  • The United States – English
  • Australia – English
  • Japan – Japanese
  • Poland – Polish
  • Spain – Spanish
  • Brazil – Brazilian
  • Argentina – Argentinean

Where’s the stress? Listen and underline the stressed syllable. Listen and repeat. CD 1.10

The world quiz

  1. Where are these cities?
    A Krakow
    B Moscow
    C Berlin
    D Glasgow
    E Tokyo
  2. What languages are these? CD 1.11
    A Russian
    B Italian
    C Spanish
    D Japanese
  3. Where’s this music from? CD 1.12
    A Irish folk music
    B Brazilian samba
    C French accordion music
    D Argentinean tango

2. “Backpack” (5 min)

By the way, do you know how many languages are there in the world?

Try to guess!

S – about 10.000
T – more than 10.000

Look at the board. Here you can see the most widespread languages in the world.

Guess how many people speak



Use the patterns

I think…..people speak……

T: As you can see English is on the second place after Chinese. But it is more popular.

T: Do you know the countries where people speak English?

S1 –

S2 –

T: But the motherland of this language is England.

3. Typically British

Tell me please what comes to your mind when you think about England?

S1 – London

S2 – Beatles

S3 –Queen…..

Let’s speak about London. (The capital of the UK)

What do you know about it?

Ss (the story about London)

4. Let’s make a tour around this beautiful and famous city.

(film about London (15 minutes)

“Jigsaw” with sentences about London to control the understanding of the material. (5min)

1. London is situated in the south-east of England on the river Thames.
2. In the centre of the City there is a Buckingham Palace.
3. The Ceremony of Changing the Guard takes place in front of the Buckingham Palace.
4. London has many sights for tourist to see.
5. Maritime Museum was built in 1762 as a hospital for sails men.
6. You can get to Greenwich By bus, by car or by boat.
7. The ancient Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror .
8. St. Paul’s Cathedral was built after the Great fire of London by Sir Christopher Wren.
9. It took him 45 years to build the Cathedral.
10. Many famous people were buried in the Cathedral.

“Noughts and crosses” with the names of places of interests. (5min) 

Hyde park Buckingham palace Houses of Parliament
Tower of London Trafalgar square British Museum
Big Ben St. Paul’s Cathedral The City

The East End British Museum The Thames
Tower of London Buckingham palace Government
Westminster Abbey St. Paul’s Cathedral The West end

5 .T: among numerous places of interests there is a place where many famous people are buried e.g. Newton, Darwin. In the poets corner some poets are lying buried: Burns. (10min)

T: What place is it? Ss: Westminster Abbey

T: The whole month you were working with your creative task making translations of some English poems and now let’s listen to the best poems you’ve translated at home.

(Ss read poems and translations)

6. At the and listen to the song in English

(Ss sings a song) (2 min)