Урок по английскому языку "Здоровый образ жизни"

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Цель урока: учебная – развитие речевого умения.
воспитательная – формирование представления о понятии «Здоровый образ жизни» и личностного отношения к нему.

Задачи: - систематизация знаний по теме «Здоровый образ жизни», - совершенствование лексических навыков на уровне фразы и сверхфразового единства, - расширение словарного запаса по теме.

Оснащение урока: мультимедийный проектор, компьютер, тексты по теме, рисунок с моделью человека, созданный Леонардо да Винчи, карточки для индивидуальной работы, аудиозаписи, слоганы о здоровом образе жизни.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Оформление класса:

He lives long that lives well

He smells best that smells of notning

The remedy is worse than the disease

A gues come on horseback, but go away on foot

The first wealth is health

Ход урока.

Учитель: Good morning!
Please be seated!
How are you today?
Ученики: (здесь и далее приводятся предполагаемые ответы детей)
Fine. Well. All right. Not bad.
Учитель: I’ m glad you’re well today.
Agree that everyone first of all
Wants to be healthy and the
healthy life – style becomes very popular.
Am I right?
Ученики: Yes! You are absolutely right.

Look at the screen, please. What can you see here?

( Проецируется работа Леонардо да Винчи, изобразившего молодое мужское атлетическое тело, вписанное в круг и квадрат).

Ученики: An ideal human body
Учитель: Do you know who is the author of this picture?

Ученики: No, we don’t.

Учитель: Leonardo da Vinchi the greatest artist of the Age of the Renaissance drew this ideal human body in the 15tn century.
Dear children. I want to know your opinion if this body – dream is actual today?

Ученики: Yes, certainly. Today everybody wants to be fit, feel good, look slim and stay young.

Everyone who wants can participate in sports activities.
Many fitness clubs and public leisure centres have been built during the past years. These modern centres with their swimming pools, squash courts, gym and indoor courts for tennis are competing with cinemas and theatres as places for people to go to spend their leisure time. There one can find a leisure pool with a wave machine, water slides and tropical plants.
And now, my dears, listen to the disk. You’ll hear the story “The Luncheon” By S. Maugham.

 (звучит текст)

 После прослушивания.

Учитель: Will you answer the following questions?
Ученики: Yes, we’ll try.
Учитель: What did the young writer mean by saying he had had his revenge at last?

  • Were dishes which the lady chose good for her health?
  • What valuable lesson can be learned from this story?

  Ученики: She didn’t care about her health.
She had bad health habits.
One of them was obesity.
She ate a lot of high – fat products
So she put on a lot of weight
- If we want to be healthy, we have to use low – calorie foods and follow a diet.

 Учитель: Dear boys and girls, our health depends on many things and first of all the foods we eat. Do we know enough about what we eat? Do we choose healthy food?
 Listen and choose the best answer.

1. What kinds of food help your brain?

  1. coffee
  2. high sugar food
  3. vitamin B
  4. sweets

2. To have a balanced diet it is important to

  1. eat chocolate bars
  2. drink wine or beer
  3. drink a lot of water
  4. eat a lot

3. Doctor Michael White recommends

  1. eating zinc
  2. eating vitamin W
  3. snacks
  4. eating fish

4. Sugar

  1. has a positive effect on concentration.
  2. has a negative effect on concentration.
  3. Has no effect on concentration.
  4. Has a neutral effect on concentration.

  (звучит текст, дети выбирают правильные ответы).

 And now you’ll read the text and choose the best answer.

Here’s how to maintain your energy while you are studying.

  1. Drink lot of fluid, water and juice and only drink one or two cups of coffee or tea per day. Don’t drink too many fizzy drinks with caffeine.
  2. For snack eat fruit such as bananas and nuts or sandwiches with peanut butter.
  3. Take regular breaks and do some exercise.
  4. Have three meals a day.
  5. Five portions of fruit and vegetables are essential for vitamins.
  6. Eat only fried foods once a week. They are high in fat and additives.

An exam diet Breakfast
One glass of fresh orange juice
One plain yoghurt
An egg
An apple or pear
Mid morning snack
Dried fruit
Mixed salad with cold meat
Mid afternoon snack
Low fat cheese or an egg with an apple or some grapes
Fish, meat or poultry or fish with vegetables
Pasta with low fat sauce
A pudding
3-4 pints of water or weak tea
Only two cups of coffee

1. You should eat meat

  1. regularly
  2. every day
  3. rarely
  4. not at all

2. It’s important to drink

  1. water
  2. beer
  3. wine
  4. coffee

3. The writer says that… are very important.

  1. meat
  2. cereals
  3. eggs
  4. fruit and vegetable

4. You should eat

  1. both fresh and dried fruit
  2. only fresh fruit
  3. only dried fruit
  4. neither fresh nor dried fruit

Учитель: And now it’s time for a grammar test.
The task is to fill in the blanks using a suitable derivative of the words given in the box. It is grammar, but its content is about the influence of happiness on our health
(Дети выполняют тест, на экран проецируются фотографии больничного клоуна и детей).

Fill in the blanks using a suitable derivative of the words given in the box.

(1) laugh (3) treat (5) success (7) tense (9) likely
(2) tradition (4) entertain (6) reduce (8) possible (10) ill

Medical research has found that happiness has a strongly beneficial effect on health. The healing properties of_______(1) are such that hum our is now being used alongside more________(2) courses of_______(3) in some hospitals. In a London children's hospital, for example, two clowns are provided for the_____(4) of patients. Doctors say that these clowns are_______(5) in making the children feel better.
It seems that when we laugh, there can be a_______(6) in both blood pressure and the amount of_______(7) in our muscles. Although it is_______(8) to prove it at the moment, this may also mean that people who feel unhappy and who are, therefore, ________(9) to laugh so much, suffer more often from physical_________(10).

 And now check your tests!

Учитель: Dear children!
And now I’d like you to make the Path of Healthy way of Life.
In other words what the main components of the healthy way of life are.

Ученики: - A healthy way of life is to go in for sports

  1. To keep to a healthy diet
  2. An active life position
  3. Positive emotions and optimism

Учитель: -All of you are right. In order to stay healthy it is important to have a balanced diet – in of her words, food that contains something from each of the three groups of food protein, fat, carbohydrates and also vitamins and minerals.
- Do sports! Remember
Cycling is good for the legs, yoga - for breathing, jogging –for losing weight and also very good for breathing and heart, tennis for arms and legs and soon.
- Be active in life. Put aims and achieve them!
- Be optimists! Believe in future and hope for the best, see only positive sides of life. Try to take and give positive emotions!
It’s high time to give your homework. Make up your own computer presentation “A Healthy Way of Life.
Good luck!
Thank you for your work it was well done.
Good bye!



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