Weather (7-th form)

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Цели урока:

  • активизация лексики по теме Weather;
  • совершенствование навыков аудирования и чтения;
  • развитие навыков диалогической речи по теме Weather.


1. Речевая разминка (примерная)

Учитель дает ученикам вопросы о погоде.

T: How’s the weather today?
P: It’s warm.
T: Is it windy?
P: No, it isn’t.
T: It’s a fine day today, isn’t it?
P: Yes, the day is fine.

2. Сообщение цели урока

Today we are going on talking about the weather. You’ll learn some sayings about weather. Then you will listen to people talking about good and bad weather. Near the end of the lesson perhaps we’ll do some translating.

3. Listening

Listen to the dialogues for good and bad weather (№4) (ex. 16 p.12).

4. Повторение лексики по теме Weather

Teacher: You need to remember the words on the topic Weather. Remember and put as many words as you can for fine and bad weather. All those on the left, you write the words for fine weather. Students on the right, you write the words for nasty weather.

Ученики делятся на две группы и записывают слова в две колонки:

  1. Fine weather
  2. Bad weather

Учитель проверяет, кто написал больше подходящих слов и допустил меньше ошибок.

5. Reading

Чтение текста The Weather Forecast (ex. 18 p. 13 – 14).

Read the text (ex. 18) and say what weathermen do.

6. Speaking

Look at the map of Russia (ex. 6 p. 85) and make up a radio forecast for certain places in the country.

Учащиеся составляют и рассказывают радио прогнозы для данных городов России.

7. Grammar

Ознакомление со структурой it’s ….. degrees above/below zero.

+20        means 20 degrees above zero
–2           means 2 degrees below zero

Примеры: –5; +23; –18; +10.

8. Writing

Express the same in English (ex. 26 p. 16).

9. Домашнее задание

Make up your own dialogues (ex. 17 p. 13).
Use the models of ex. 16 p. 12.
Use the following words and word combinations.