Урок английского языка в 5-м классе по теме "Внешность"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Уровень владения учащихся иностранным языком: Средний (pre-intermediate).

Тема: «Внешность».

Лексика по темам:

- внешность,
- описание людей,
- цвета.


I have (she has) got..,
Вопросительные формы.

Новая лексика: dark / blond / red / long / short/ curly / wavy / straight hair, eyebrows, beard, moustache, tall / short / slim / well-build / young / middle-aged/ old.



- активизация ранее изученной лексики по теме «Внешность»;
- введение и первичное закрепление новых лексических единиц по теме «Внешность»;
- говорение, диалогическая речь по теме «Внешность».


создать условия для развития:

- навыков аудирования, извлечения необходимой информации при восприятии предложений на слух;
- творческих мыслительных способностей;
- смысловой догадки;
- умения работать в парах, группах.


создать условия для:

- воспитания эстетического вкуса, чувства коллективизма, фантазии, воображения;
- повышения интереса к урокам иностранного языка;
- повышения интереса к участию в коммуникации на иностранном языке.

Материалы и оборудование:

- доска;
- картинки;
- учебники “Enterprise-1”;
- цветные мелки.



“Good morning. Nice to see you.”

“How are you?”

“Today we are going to learn how to describe the appearance of different people.”

“First of all, let’s remember how to say that I have got something.”

Language awareness

“Look. I have got a picture. I’ve got a book.”

“Do you know how to say in English “короткие волосы”, “красивая улыбка”?” (See application 1)


Activity 1

“Now look at the board.

She’s got dark / blond / red hair.

She’s got long / short hair.

She’s got curly / wavy / straight hair.

“Do you know how the words щека, усы и борода will be in English?”

“Брови – eyebrows, усы – moustache, борода – beard.”

He’s got a beard / moustache.” (See application 1)

“She / he is tall / short / slim / well-build / young / middle-aged/ old.” (See application 2)

Activity 2

“Now look at the pictures and say:

- Who’s got brown curly hair?
- Who’s got brown wavy hair?
- Who’s got short grey hair?
- Who’s got long straight fair hair?
- Who’s got dark hair?
- Who’s got a moustache?
- Who’s got a beard and a moustache?”

Activity 3

“Write all the new words in your vocabularies.”


Activity1. “Matching”

“Now look at the board. Match the pictures and the words.” (See application 3)

Activity 2. “Completion”

“Now I’d like you to look at the pictures on the blackboard (see application 1) and complete the following sentences”:

1. Helen has got _____ and _____ hair.
2. Susan has got _____ eyes and _____ lips.
3. _____ has got long red hair and straight nose.
4. Alice’s hair is _____
5. Kate has got green _____ and red _____
6. John’s _____ is grey.
7. Jack has got _____ hair and white _____
8. _____ and _____ have got short hair and blue eyes.

Activity 3. “Correction”

“I’ll describe two persons: Alice and John (see application 1). Your task is to listen and correct if something is wrong.”

1. Alice is 21 years old. She is a nice old woman. Alice has got short straight blond hair. She’s got blue eyes and pink lips.

2. John is 47 years old. He is young. He has got black beard and moustache. His nose is straight and his eyes are blue. He is a very friendly man.

Pre – listening

Activity 1

“Look at the pictures in your books at page 12 and say what this people can do / like to do?”

While – listening

Activity 2

“Now let’s listen to the text (see application 4) and match the sentences to the speakers.”

1. “I love playing computer games.”
2. “I like playing the guitar.”
3. “I like skiing.”
4. “Hope to hear from you soon”.


Post – listening

Activity 3

“Let’s check. Gosha, read the first sentence and say whom these words belong to.”

“Vika, continue.”

“Natasha, read the next sentence.”

“Vlad, read the last sentence.”

“That’s right. Very good.”

Pre – reading

Activity 1

“What do you think Pierre’s, Anna’s, Mario’s professions are?”

“Do you want to know what their professions are?”

“Let’s read the texts.” (See application 4)

While – reading

Activity 2

While reading you should underline the new words.

Post – reading

Activity 3. “Answer the questions”

“Now work in pairs. You have got cards with different questions to this text. Ask each other and answer.

For example: What can Pierre do? (Play tennis very well.)”

Card 1

1. How old is Mario?
2. Who has got brown eyes?
3. Who is tall and well-build?

Card 2

1. Is Mario’s hair curvy?
2. What can Anna do?
3. What is last sentence in each advertisement?


Activity 1. “Make up the photo”

All children should be divided into 2 or 3 groups. Each group is given the description of a person and fragments of photos (eyes, eyebrows, noses, lips, hair). According to the description each group should make up the photo.

Card 1

This person is a middle-aged woman. She has got short red hair. She has got thin lips. Неr smile is very nice. She has straight nose. She has brown eyebrows and green-grey eyes.

Card 2

This person is a well-build man. He has blue eyes and round eyebrows. He has straight nose. His moustache is grey. He has white teeth. (See application 5)


Activity 1. “Describe and guess”

Each person in the class should describe a classmate using the following plan:

1. Height
2. Build
3. Hair
4. Eyes
5. Eyebrows
6. Nose
7. Lips

It’s not necessary for you to tell the name. The rest of the class should guess this person. The pupil who guesses correctly chooses another person and the game continues.


“What new have we learned today?

So, today we have learned how to describe the appearance of different people. You have known some new words. So, your home task is to learn them by heart and to describe your mother or father (or your friend).”


“Gosha and Vika have got a five for listening; Seryozha has got a four for reading, Vera has got a three for reading. Please, try to read more in English. Yulya and Maxim have got a five for describing the pictures. Thank you for good work. Good bye.