Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Around Britain"

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- Hello. Все поздоровались.

H - What's new?

K – Pretty much the same.

G - Let's go somewhere in summer!

H – What a good idea! But where?

K – Look. It's a tour agency.

H - What's its name?

K – “Around Britain”.

G. – What is it  “Britain”?

K. - It's a famous country, but I know little about it.

H. – It isn't a problem. Let's come in and ask for some information about Great Britain.

G. – OK. Let's go.

Travel Agent: Good afternoon girls. Good afternoon our guests. Welcome to our agency “Around Britain”.  We organize different trips to the British Isles.

It's very interesting to travel to different countries. And in our agency there are some “wise words” about traveling, spoken by famous people. Let’s read them. (Приложение 1)

Our travel agents offer all kinds of holidays to all types of people. Meet them and choose the country you’d like to visit.

Great Britain. (Приложение 2.)

Travel Agent: Is a country of music and songs novels and poems. I'm sure everybody Knows the name of one of the most famous and greatest English poet George Gordon Byron. He wrote a lot of poems about life and love. Please listen to one of them “Twighlight”. (Приложение 3)

It's very interesting to travel to different countries. And in our agency there are some “wise words” about traveling, spoken by famous people. Read them.

England. (Приложение 2.)

Travel Agent: Thank you very much for your interesting story. I'd like to add that one of the most popular British music group is The Beatles. Made up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, the Beatles were just ordinary lads from Liverpool. Their songs are “I'll Be Back”, “Let it Be”, “Yellow Submarine” and others. But now Anastasiya Leskiv will sing their most famous and beautiful song “Yesterday”. (Приложение 4)

Scotland.   (Приложение 2.)

Travel Agent: Scotland is a romantic land. A lot of poets lived there and one of them is Robert Burnce He wrote a lot of poems about his native country. Now let’s listen to the poem “My heart’s in the highlands…” (Приложение 3)

Wales. (Приложение 2.)

Travel Agent: Thanks. In Wales during the Eisteddfod you can hear a lot of lovely songs about love. Please, to the song “My Bonnie”. (Приложение 4)

The national flag of the UK – is “the Union Jack”. It is red, white and blue and made up of three crosses, symbolizing England, Ireland and Wales.

Northern Ireland. (Приложение 2.)

Travel Agent: I think we can’t live without music. The Irish people like to listen to music, like to dance, like to sing songs. And our students  like to sing folk songs. Listen to the songs “Billy Boy”. (Приложение 4)

K – What an interesting  story! I've learnt a lot about England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

H – As for me, there are a lot of places of interest worth to visit such  as London, Snowdon, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh.

Travel Agent: Now let’s check up what you have learnt about Great Britain. Test (Приложение 5)

G – Certainly, we can visit a lot of countries, but to my mind “East or west, home is best”

K. – I agree with you, there is no place like home, isn’t it?  

H. – Yes, it is. Russia is our motherland. It is great and beautiful. There are a lot of cities, towns. Let’s travel somewhere next weekend.


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