Сценарий тематического вечера английского языка

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Вечер проводится в рамках недели английского языка, традиционно приурочен ко Дню Святого Валентина. Каждый класс представляют пары: юноша и девушка, которым в различных конкурсах помогают одноклассники. Между конкурсами каждый класс представляет свой музыкальный подарок.

S 1: Ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to greet you at our party!

S 2: Today we are going to speak about love!

S 1: Why love?

S 2: Love is the most brilliant feeling in the world. And we mean not only relations between men and women.

S 1: But between children and parents, teachers and students ...

S 2: Students and English language.

S 1: That`s why our party will be devoted to LOVE and ENGLISH.

S 2: Well, let`s start. At first we want to introduce our respectable jury. (представляют жюри)

S 1: Now let me introduce our participants. Meet A & B from 10 A grade, etc. (представляют участников)

S 2; Take your seats.

Our first level is "Visiting Card". To know the order of your participation come to me and choose one of the leaves of our flower. (участники тянут лепестки "Ромашки" с номером выступления и представляют свит визитные карточки.)

S 1: So, the first number is ...

S 2: The next participant is ... etc.

S 1: Your applause to our participants.

S 2: While our authorities are discussing results, enjoy the musical present from 10A grade.

The second level is "Interviewing"

S 1: Let`s ask you a few questions to meet you and learn about your preferences and interests. (Задают произвольные вопросы участникам, выясняя их предпочтения и интересы)

The third level is "Profile Portrait"

S 2: I want the boys come to me. Take these pieces of black paper and scissors. Your task is to cut out the profile of your girl - partner and then describe this portrait.

S 1: Enjoy ...

S 2: "Match the famous couples" is our fourth level.

Here are the questions on one card and answers on the other. Try to match them correctly.


1. Who was the wife of Napoleon?

2. Whom was Cleopatra in love?

3. Polina Viardo was the ideal for this Russian writer.

4. The great love of Sergey Esenin.

5. The first wife of Prince Charles


A) Ivan Turgevev

B) Zhozefina

C) Acidora Duncan

D)Lady Di

E) Mark Antonio

 S 1: We study at school. And what should all students do?

S 2: Home task?

S 1: Right! Our Participants have got their home task, too. It`s time to check it up.

S 2: The fifth level: "Home task"

S 1: Through centuries it has always been important to say words of love truly and sincerely.

S 2: The best way to do it is to serenade.

S 1: All our participants are looking forward to show us their idea of LOVE SERENADE.

(Учащиеся демонстрируют свои версии музыкального домашнего задания: инсценировка песни, миниатюра, сценка и т.д.)

While discussing the score get one more present from our туче dancing pair.

S 1: All our student are fantastic today, are they?

S 2: Certainly. And I`m sure our last level will not be very difficult for them.

S 1: We hope all of them will do the best to make up "Ode of Love to English Language"

S 2: To do your task easier we`ve prepared the first line: "I love you more than chocolate:". Please, develop the idea.

S 1: All good things end. Our party is going to over. We hope you have enjoyed our English party.

S 2: Jury will announce the results of the party.

S 1: We thank all participants and guests for pleasure of our communication .

S 2: Thank you and good luck. Let our song be little present to all of you. (все участники исполняют песню)