План-конспект урока "The world water"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Grammar: Conditional 3.

Level of English: Intermediate- Higher Intermediate.

Language Skills:

  • Reading.
  • Listening Comprehension.
  • Speaking.

Other Skills:

  • Team work.
  • Creativity.


  • Get to know new facts about water.
  • To discuss problems connected with water.
  • To revise Conditional 3.
  • To make a project “Birthday card”.
  • To improve language skills.

Materials and equipment:

  • Video cassette “Cambridge 4” / VCR.
  • Tape cassette “Cambridge 4” / tape recorder.
  • Birthday hats.
  • Plastic cups.
  • Coloured pencils, glue, scissors, big paper sheets.
  • Apple, toothpicks.
  • Visual aids and cards.

Procedure of the lesson





Warming up




  • Practicing the dialogue (inner and outer circules).

– Hi, I haven’t seen you for ages.

– Hello, I’m so happy to see you.


3 min.

  • Asking questions.

Do you like visiting parties?

Do you like presents?

Do you put on smth special?


2 min.

  • Asking the same questions choosing one of possible answers.

Possible answers:

  • Yes, I do. It’s always lots of fun, games and music…
  • Yes, no doubt. Everybody likes it.

Yes, I do. You should look nice and marvelous.

Answers are written on the blackboard or learned at the previous lessons or students give their own spontaneously.


Grammar 3rd conditional

Structure is presented and discussed.


15 min.

  • Revising
  • T: Did you go to the party with me last year.
  • Cl: no we didn’t


T: What would have happened, if you had gone? Let’s see. Some grammar, words and imagination would help you.

  • Teacher explains and writes on the blackboard.

There is a collage “Party” made either of real pictures or magazine clips on the blackboard.



It’s unreal ( you didn’t go with me).
It’s past (last year).
It’s Conditional.

  • Identifying the type of the conditional.

T to Cl:

  1. Step your feet if it’s Conditional 1.
  2. Show your tongues if it’s Conditional 2.
  3. Stand up if it’s Conditional 3.

Teacher reads sentences of different types.


  • Model structure.

3 pupils put the words on cards in the right order to make 3rd conditional.

Three students are chosen by the teacher beforehand and labels are stuck on the back of their chairs.


  • Translation R – E.

Pupils translate orally some sentences using a model on the blackboard.

  1. Если бы я пошла на вечеринку, я бы надела свое лучшее платье.
  2. Если бы я пошла на вечеринку с вами, то я показала бы волшебные фокусы.

Complete the sentence and translate them

  • Если бы я пошла на вечеринку, …


  • If I had gone to the party with you, I would have put on my best dress.
  • If I had gone to the party with you, I would have shown magic tricks.


Birthday party (vocabulary and speech practice activities).



  • Idioms.

Teacher invites everybody to the party together with her. But it’s necessary to identify a birthday person.

Cl completes the idioms and give their translation (they were learnt beforehand).

  • Tread water –плыть стоя (not to make a progress)
  • Like a fish out of water- как рыба на берегу (to feel uncomfortable)
  • Muddy the waters- взбаламутить воду (to make situation more complex or less clear)
  • Keep your head above water – держаться наплаву (to survive financially)

10 min.

  • Video.

Cl watches video and complete Video Analysis Worksheet.

Cambridge 4.
Topic “Water”.

Appendix 1.

10 min.


Class identify that a birthday person is water.

Prompts around the classroom (T points to them):

  • Balloons around the classroom imitating the molecule of the water (2+1 of different colours).
  • A decorated bottle of water.


  • Apple presentation.
  • Listen to the tape and chose only true facts from your set.
  • Pretend this apple is our planet with water. Put your true fact on the toothpick and stick it into the apple.

Cambridge 4.
Ex. 2.1, 2.2 p. 74,
Unit 18.

Set of pieces of papers for every pupil (1 true and 2 false facts. They are taken from Ex 2.1).

10 min.

  • Project “A postcard”.

T: we are invited to the party and we’ve got a nice dish (apple from apple presentation), but we need a present. Why not create a postcard?

  • Pupils are divided into groups.
  • They draw a portrait of water on a big sheet of paper.
  • Complete a poem and design a postcard. (Set a time limit).

Appendix 2.

10 min.

  • Computer game.

T: We are ready and let’s see some facts from the life of water and our planet.

  • Children play a game in the Internet.


10 min.

  • Reading of the poem.

Children come back from the computer lab and party starts:

  • Shows their project works.
  • Reads/translates a poem (line by line).
  • Drink water and sing “Happy birthday” song.
  • Final photo.
  • A set of birthday hats for students.
  • Decorated bottle of water and plastic glasses to drink water.
  • Apple with true facts.
  • Some sweets.

10 min.