Сценарий праздника "Christmas" для 7-х классов с углубленным изучением английского языка

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Звучит рождественская песня “Deck the Halls”. Два ведущих выходят.

Ведущий 1:
How will your Christmas keep?
Feasting, fasting or asleep?
Will you laugh or will you pray,
Or will you forget the day?

Ведущий 2:
Be it kept with joy or pray
Keep of either some to spare;
Whatsoever brings the day,
Do not keep but give away.

Ведущий 1: Christmas is almost always the happiest day of the year. Children like to think of it as their own holiday. But for everyone it is a very special time.

Ведущий 2: At Christmas we follow old customs. We feel the magic of the season. And we try to care more deeply for others.

Ведущий 1: Christmas is filled with wonderful things to see, smell and taste.

Ведущий 2: And there is the special warmth that Christmas brings – a mixture of joy, love and peace.

Ведущий 1: And today let us feel the atmosphere of Christmas. You are welcome to our Christmas party!

Выходят 14 учеников, у каждого в руках начальная буква строчки стихотворения "Merry Christmas".

M for the Music, merry and clear;
E for the Eve, the crown of the year;
R for the Romping of bright girls and boys;
R for the Reindeer that brings them the toys;
Y for the Yule log softly aglow.
C for the Cold of the sky and the snow;
H for the Hearth where they hang up the hose;
R for the Reel which the old folks propose;
I for the Icicles seen through the pane;
S for the Sleigh bells, with tinkling refrain;
T for the Tree with gifts all abloom;
M for the Mistletoe hung in the room;
A for the Anthems we all love to hear;
S for St. Nicolas – joy of the year!

После прочтения стихотворения дети вывешивают буквы так, чтобы получилось ‘Merry Christmas’.

Ведущий 2: Christmas is the time for presents, Christmas tree, lights and toys, special food, cards and parties! And now, you will see a short tale ‘The Animal’s Christmas’.

1 SCENE: As the play begins, grandfather enters carrying a bundle of hay or straw. He deposits it center stage, then exits. Cautiously the animals enter and gather around the hay. Rabbit heaves a heavy sigh.

DEER: What is wrong, friend?

RABBIT: Oh, no! I was just thinking of the kind human who feeds us during these cold, snowy months when food is hard to find. I wish we could thank him. It is Christmas Eve.

SPARROW: How nice! Why do humans do such things?

DEER: It’s meant to be a joyful celebration, Sparrow. A special child was born this night. His story has been passed down for many seasons.

RABBIT: I have heard the singing! It is so beautiful!

RACCOON: But a tree with lights? Are you kidding?

DEER: No. Last year the human cut the tree that I had nibbled bark from. But I couldn’t be angry because he always brings the hay.

SPARROW: I agree with Rabbit. I wish we could give the human presents. He does feed us all winter, and sometimes it seems hard for him to walk so far.

RABBIT: But what can we give?

CROW: What do we have that he would want?

RABBIT: I have seen him pick up pine cones. He seems to like them.

SPARROW: I could offer him my nest.

DEER: It’s not the gift that counts. It’s the giving!

RACCOON: I must tell all my relatives!

SPARROW: Yes, I must too!

RABBIT: Let’s go! We don’t have much time!

DEER: Tonight, let’s think of things we could give the human. We can meet again in the morning.


2 SCENE: Christmas morning. Grandfather, boy and girl enter. Grandfather carries a basket of dried corn and birdseed, which he scatters on the ground. The boy and girl run around throwing snowballs – wads of paper – at each other. Animals are hidden among the trees, but can be seen by the audience. A nest of hay is near the trees on the stage filled with gifts.

BOY: Look! A nest and it’s filled with things!

GIRL: Oh see, here are a pinecone and a chestnut.

GRANDFATHER: Do you see all the animal tracks? These belong to rabbits. Here are deer and raccoon tracks. There are several bird tracks too. Our woodland friends must have done this.

BOY: Gee, there are acorns and dried corn in the nest, too. What’s this, Grandpa?

GRANDFATHER: Why that’s a sparrow’s nest.

BOY: The animals must have given us these presents for Christmas!

GIRL: Did they really, Grandpa?

GRANDFATHER: I guess this is their way of saying thank you for the hay. Let’s gather the presents and put them under our tree.

ALL ANIMALS: Merry Christmas! Peace on earth and goodwill to all!

Ведущий 1: I’ll show you group of words. In each group there’s a word which does not go with others. Find this word, please.

Вывешены плакаты с группами слов.

  1. crackers, holly, mistletoe, wreath, pumpkin, fowl
  2. gifts, decorations, balls, sleigh bells, eggs
  3. Yule log, spring, eve, anthems, icicles, stockings
  4. reindeer, cold, winter, Easter, wreath
  5. snowflakes, tinsel, turkey, pudding, porridge, mince pies

Учащиеся угадывают, какое слово является лишним в каждой строке.

Ведущий 2: And now we want you to answer the questions about Christmas and its traditions. Join our Christmas Quiz.

Ведущий 1: When is Christmas celebrated?

Ведущий 2: Whose birthday is celebrated on this day?

Ведущий 1: What is the name of the city where Jesus Christ was born?

Ведущий 2: Where in London is the largest Christmas tree?

Ведущий 1: Where do the English people get this tree from?

Ведущий 2: What holiday is celebrated on December 26?

Ведущий 1: What do English people do on that day?

Ведущий 2: Which are traditional items on the English Christmas menu?

Ведущий 1: What is ‘caroling’?

Ведущий 2: Which traditional Christmas meal is cooked by all the people in the family?

Ведущий 1: Where do children find their presents?

Ведущий 2: Where does the name ‘Santa Claus’ come from?

Ведущий 1: Do you know how people call Santa Claus in other countries?

Ведущий 2: Thank you for your answers and now let’s play the game which is called ‘Pass the Parcel’. I want six students to come out and stand in a circle. When music begins playing you pass the parcel to a person next to you. The parcel is wrapped in a few papers. When music stops, the person who holds the parcel takes off one of the wrappings. And then the music starts playing again.

Ведущий 1: The person who takes off the last wrapping gets a stocking with a present. But he must guess what there is in the stocking.

Проводится игра, в конце которой выигравший пытается угадать, что лежит в чулке.

Ведущий 2: Christmas songs and tunes are very famous all over the world and you have prepared some of them for our party. You are welcome to sing them.

Учащиеся исполняют рождественские песни: “Deck the Halls”, “Oh Christmas Tree”, “Jingle Bells” и другие.

Ведущий 1: And the last game. Here are few Christmas cards which are cut in halves in different ways. Each of you gets one half of a card and must find the owner of the other half. The quickest couple will get our special prize.

Учащиеся выполняют задание под музыку.

Ведущий 2: This was our last game and now it’s time to finish our Christmas party. Thanks to everybody! We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!