Внеклассное мероприятие на английском языке по теме "США"

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Learning is a precious gift to be treasured always.
Whether you are from Moscow or Atlanta,
We all must appreciate and embrace knowledge

As the key to achievement of our dreams.



  • познавательный аспект – знакомство с образом жизни американцев; знакомство с некоторыми достопримечательностями США; знакомство с некоторыми особенностями жизни США;
  • развивающий аспект – развитие умения извлекать информацию культурологического характера; формирование способности к избирательности восприятия, способность осуществлять репродуктивные и продуктивные речевые действия; развитие способности к распределению внимания, к непроизвольному запоминанию; развитие способности к догадке качеств ума: гибкости и логичности;
  • воспитательный аспект – формирование самостоятельности, воспитание чувства сопричастности к мировой истории, к памятникам искусства; воспитание потребности к творчеству, формирование потребности в коллективной работе, воспитание уважительного отношения к культуре других народов;
  • учебный аспект – контроль уровня развития речевых умений и уровня сформированности и развития умений по различным видам речевой деятельности;
  • сопутствующая задача – развитие умения аудировать с целью извлечения конкретной информации;

Речевой материал лексический и грамматический материал, усвоенный на предыдущих уроках на рецептивном и продуктивном уровнях;
продуктивный: to state the value of, to carry smth. out, to give smb. the floor, to make smb’s outlook wider.

Оборудование: символы США, фотографии городов США, плакаты с изображением праздников США, кроссворды, карточки с новым лексическим материалом, карточки с индивидуальными заданиями для участников, воздушные шары, синтезатор, магнитофон.


T.: Dear guests, teachers, pupils! We are glad to see you here at our meeting. Today we have an intellectual game and firstly let me introduce our judge (представление членов жюри) and our musician, the best musician I have ever met. The girls of the 11th form will sing some songs today.
– Today we are going to speak about the USA. What do you know and what have you learned at our English lessons?
– And now, our participants. They introduce themselves and it will be our first competition.
– Well, we begin. (Представление участников)
– Our high judge, will you state the value of our participants’ representations?
– In two minutes we’ll continue and now listen to the song of the American singer Steve Wonder “I’ve just called to say I love you”. (Вокальная группа исполняет песню)
– Thank you.
T.: Our participants need to do some tests. They must choose the right answer from suggested. The first belongs to history. Take the cards, please.
T.: While they are doing it, let’s play with our spectators. You’ll have the same task. All the spectators can take part in it. Those who will be the first and give the right and full answer will get an American flag.
And at the end of the game those who has the largest number of flags will be chosen as the winner among spectators.
T.: Some girls will help me to carry it out. They are Marina and Julia.
Marina: Hi! My name is Marina. Listen to me carefully and then give the full answer, please. (Вопросы зрителям об истории США)
T.: Our participants are to answer my questions. The winner is those who give the right and full answer. We shall speak about American literature.
(Выбрать правильный ответ из предложенных)
T.: Thank you. Have a rest. And let’s have fun.
There two groups in the room: the left and the right. The winner is the fastest team who does the crossword puzzle right and complete.
– I’ll give you the cards with the task, use it and let’s begin.
(Звучит музыка)
T.: Our judge, will you look it through and name the winner? While they are doing it, let’s see the dance prepared by the girls of the 10th form.
(Исполняется танец)
T.: Our judge, are you ready to name the winner of our puzzle task
(Жюри называет победителя в этом конкурсе)
T.: Today we are speaking about the USA, its history, cities, and sights.
– Some days ago our participants got the task to prepare stories about America, about something they like in the USA.
– Now, let’ listen to them.
(Рассказы участников)
T.: You have listen to some stories about the USA and the last one was about the king of rock’n’roll Elvis Presley and I want you to listen to listen one of his famous songs “Love me, tender”. Let’s sing together.
(Вокальная группа исполняет песню)
T.: Our participants are to do the last task about famous people of the USA.
(Карточки с заданиями участникам)
T.: While our judge is summing up, Marina and Julia will ask our spectators some questions.
M.: The task is the same: to give a full and right answer. “What have you learned about America?’
(Ответы зрителей, флажки ответившим)
T.: Our competition is going to the end and let’s give our judge the floor. Will you say some words about our participants? We’d like to know the winner of our game.
(Жюри объявляет победителя, награждение)
T.: All the participants were brilliant. They have learned a lot of America. I hope it’ll help you in your life and it will make your outlook wider. Here are some prizes for you. Let’s congratulate our participants with your applauds.
T.: Our spectators were active today. Who has the largest number of flags? Let’s count. The winner among spectators is … Come here, please.
(Награждение победителя)
T.: Our competition is over. I’d like us to sing together the popular song “Obladi – oblada”.
(Шары вверх)
T.: Thank you very much. Best wishes to you and your families.

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