Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Good luck"

Разделы: Внеклассная работа

Цели и задачи:

  • развитие у учащихся навыков восприятия речи на слух;
  • повторение лексического ,грамматического и  страноведческого материала;
  • развитие эрудиции учащихся;
  • воспитание интереса к изучению иностранного языка.

В игре участвуют две команды.

The first game

(За одну минуту команды должны ответить на предложенные вопросы. За каждый правильный ответ одно очко).

The questions to the first team.

  • The holiday that Americans celebrate on the last Thursday in November is…  ( Thanksgiving day)
  • The American currency is… (a dollar)
  • The second form of the verb “catch” …( caught)
  • The traditional food on  Thanksgiving Day … (roast turkey)
  • She lives in Australia. She speaks…( English)
  • The first president of the United States is…(George Washington)
  • He discovered America … (Christopher Columbus)
  • The American variant of the word “flat’… (apartment)
  •  A thing we write with is…(a pen)
  • Better late than…(never)
  • The adverb from the word “good “ is…(well)
  • He discovered penicillin …(Fleming)
  • Those who forecast the weather are …(weathermen)

The questions to the second team.

  • The second form of the verb “buy” is…(bought)
  • He discovered Australia …(James Cook)
  • The English currency is…(pound)
  • The American variant of the  word  “chips” is…(French fries)
  •  The name of British princess who died in the car accident… (Princess Diana)
  • Money in the notes and coins is…(cash)
  • The adjective from the word “cheer” is…(cheerful)
  • The traditional food on Thanksgiving day is…(roast turkey)
  • The first man in space is…(Gagarin)
  • How do the Scottish call a person who comes first in the New Year  ?.. (first foot)
  •  The “ king of rock-n-roll” is…(Elvis Presley)
  • The real name of Mark Twain is…(Samuel Clemens)
  • The person who sells fruit and vegetables  is…(greengrocer)
  • He created a lot of cartoons and Disneyland…(Walt Disney)
  • The traditional colour in Halloween is…(orange)
  • The famous clock in London is…(Big Ben)
  • An apple a day …(keeps the doctor away)

The second game “Do you know  it?”

(Командам на конвертах раздаются картинки с изображением достопримечательностей и с изображением известных людей. За каждый правильный ответ одно очко).

The questions to the first team

1. Wesstminister Abbey.
2. Big Ben
3. The Capitol.
4. Picadilly Circus.
5. Lady Diana.

The questions to the second team

1. Trafalgar Square.
2. Tower of London
3. Buckingam Palace.
4. St.Paul’s Cathedral
5. William Shakespeare.

The  third game

(Команды выбирают по вопросу из цветочка в форме ромашки).

  1. What animals can you see in the Australian coat of arms? (kangaroo and emu)
  2. How do we call the British flag? (Union Jack)
  3. Continue the proverb “ Never put off till tomorrow… (what you can do today)
  4. Which president of the USA taught himself to read and to write? (Abraham Lincoln)
  5. Who wrote “ The Declaration of Independence?” (Thomas Jefferson)
  6. What is the national symbol of America? (the bald eagle)
  7. Translate the proverb “ He, who laughs last, laughs best” (Смеется тот, кто смеется последним)
  8. What holiday do the Americans celebrate on the 4th of July? ( Independence day)
  9.  What does the word word UFO mean? (Unidentified Flying Object)
  10. What is the official language of Australia? (English)

The  fourth game. The musical pause

Гости конкурса, приглашенные из другого класса исполняют современную  английскую  песню  под караоке и задают каждой команде свои вопросы. Могут исполняться любые английские  песни

The questions to the first team

1. In what city is the Empire state Building situated and what is its height? (  New York, 1.454 feet)

The questions to the second team

1. Which President of the USA wrote the Emancipation Proclamation and what did  the Proclamation give to the people? (Abraham Lincoln wrote it and it gave freedom to the black people)

The  fifth game. “I am to you, you are to me”

(Команды задают друг другу заранее подготовленные вопросы.)

The  sixth game Racing

The questions to the first team. Какая команда правильно ответит на наибольшее число вопросов  за одну минуту. За каждый  правильный ответ  дается одно очко)

  • It comes after Sunday.(Monday)
  • Sir Christipher Wren is a famous …(architect)
  • The President of the  US  lives and works  in the …( White House)
  • The Australian Natives are…(Aborigenes)
  • The name of the American flag. (Stars and Stripes)
  • Black-white, free-…(busy)
  • Australia is a country,continent and an …(island)
  • Collecting coins, badges, stamps is ..(hobby)
  • They celebrate this holiday in April and colour the eggs.(Easter)
  • The place where we wash our hands and face is…(bathroom)
  • The children shout “ Trick or treat” in …(Hallowen)
  • The opposite of “start”…(begin)
  • She comes from Britain. She is …(British)
  • Hollywood is in …(Los Angeles)
  • Hollywood is in …(Los Angeles)

The questions to the second team.

  • Steven Spielberg is a famous …(producer)
  • The opposite of the West…(South)
  • How many stars are there in American Flag? (50)
  • Martin Luther King fought against …(racial discrimination)
  • The group “ Beatles” sang a famous song …(Yesterday)
  • The shortest month of the year is..(February)
  • The first day of the week in Great Britain is …(Sunday)
  • She comes from France. She is …(French)
  • He discovered penicillin.(Fleming)
  • The Great Fire of London was in the year…(1666)
  • In Halloween the children shout …(Trick or treat)
  • The date when americans celebrate the Independence Day.(the 4th of July)
  • The opposite of the word “ difficult”.(easy)
  • How many stripes are there in the  American flag?(thirteen)
  • The opposite of “out” …(in)