Would you like to take part in exchange programmes

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Практическая: создать условия для организации монологического высказывания учащимися, описывая программу по обмену на основе материала из Интернета в объеме 8-10 предложений.

Развивающая: предоставить учащимся возможность для развития умений систематизировать, анализировать и обобщать.

Образовательная: ознакомить учащихся с содержанием программы по обмену рубцовских школьников в Грантс Пассе (март, 2007г.).

Воспитательная: создать условия для воспитания толерантности и уважения к другой культуре.


  1. Ознакомление учащихся с содержанием программы по обмену рубцовских школьников в Грантс Пассе (март, 2007)
  2. Формирование лексических навыков говорения в монологической речи.
  3. Развитие кругозора учащихся.
  4. Воспитывать позитивное отношение к американской культуре


Проектор, компьютеры с выходом в Интернет.

Theme: Would you like to take part in exchange programmes?

№ п/п Lesson plan Teacher’s actions Learner’s actions
1 Beginning Good morning, boys and girls. How are you?

Well, we are all fine, so we can work hard.

P1. Fine, thanks.

2. I’m fine, thanks.

2 Presentation of the theme Look at the screen, read the theme.

What do you think we are going to speak about?

(слайд №1)

P1. An exchange programme.

2. We shall speak about an exchange programme.

3 Brainstorming But before our lesson I want you to answer my questions. (см. приложение №1)
4 Study stage Let’s recite our words.

Repeat after me.

Read and translate one by one.

Make up your own sentences.

(слайд № 2)
5 Active stage Last year our pupils visited the USA. Find this information in the Internet and be ready to tell us about their exchange programme.

Sit at the computers and type the address.

Now you can see the main page. Find Grants Pass sister-city (click here)

There are some photos. Read the signs and tell us about their exchange programme.

( слайд № 3)

(слайд № 4)

6 Reading Before reading: what question words do you know?

What words are associated with the theme of our lesson? Make up questions.

Read and translate the text ex.1 p.64.

(см. Приложение №2)
7 Writing Let’s work in groups.

The 1st group: imagine you are taking part in an exchange programme, write a letter to your parents from England.

The 2nd group- write down Tips for visitors (fill in the gaps)

(см. приложение №3)

(см. приложение № 4)

8 The end of the lesson P1, you work very hard. Your mark is a five. P2, you work well, too. So, your mark is a five too.

Your home task is ex.2p.65 (project)

Now the bell is ringing. Thank you for your work. The lesson is over. Good bye.


Приложение № 1

  • Are exchange programmes helpful?
  • What can you visit?
  • What kind of activities can you have?
  • How can these programmes be helpful for you?
  • Would you like to take part in them?
  • Would your friends like to take part in them?

Приложение №2

Questions words Ideas
What? To attend courses
Where? Counties
How many? Family outing
Who? Exchange programmes
When? Meet
  • Who will meet you at the airport?
  • What countries can you visit?
  • Where will they meet us?
  • How many courses did you attend last year?
  • When did you have family outings?

Приложение № 3

Dear Mum and Dad,

I’m having a fine holiday. We are staying with different English families. We attend a local school here. We go on excursions, having the discos in the evening and family outings. We communicate with our new English friends. Last week we had a horse- riding trip. My family is very hospitable. I improve my knowledge of English and broaden my mind going sightseeing tours. It’s great!

Yours, Ann.

Приложение № 4


Brighton Rd., Woodmancote

West Sussex BN59 RR


Tel.:01273 495 0148

Invites children from (9-18) for (3-6) week holidays in (homes) or colleges in Brighton. You can (attend) a local primary school. There are weekly (excursions), horse (riding), sports and family (outings). They meet you at (the airport) and take you back.

Cost: 90 pounds a week.