Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку

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Preparation: big letters B,E,A,U,T,I,F,U,L; 3 big pluses; a helper dressed as Snow White; 20 balloons with 20 wrapped sheets of paper with letters inside every balloon; sheets with ready words “dwarf”, “apple”.

Skills: listening, reading, writing, speaking.

Teacher: Good morning, dear boys and girls. It’s lovely to meet you here, at the game “Magic Word”. Today we’ll take part in a fairy game. First of all let me introduce our participants.

  • The first one is…… He is fond of…., he likes…., his hobby is…, etc.
  • The second participant is…
  • The third…
  • The forth….
  • The fifth…

Now I want to introduce you my helper, but you should guess who she is and from what fairy tale she is.

Snow White: Hello, my dear friends! I came from a tale about seven little funny men, who lived in a forest and we became friends. Can you name the tale? But I lost them and can’t find them. Can you help me?

Teacher: Please, name the tale. (Snow White and seven Dwarfs).

You are right. Let’s look at our magic book and read the beginning of this tale.

“One winter day, many years ago, a Queen had a baby girl. The child was as white as snow. So the Queen called her Snow White.
But soon Snow White’s mother died and the King married again.
The new Queen was very beautiful but angry. She had a magic mirror. The magic mirror usually said her: “You are the nicest Queen all over the world”.
But the years went by and, as Snow White grew up, she became more beautiful day by day, and one day the mirror said to the Queen: “Queen, you are nice still, but Snow White more beautiful than you”. The Queen became angry and ordered her servant to take Snow White deep in the forest and to kill her. But that servant had a kind heart and let Snow White run away”.

The first task for you: there are 20 balloons with 20 sheets of papers with letters. Find these letters and make up the word from this tale. I’ll give you only a minute. (Dwarf)

  • You are excellent! And you’ve won the first letter “A” from the Magic Word. (Big letter “A” is placed on the blackboard)
  • You can receive an extra “+” if you name 15 words beginning from the letter “A”. I’ll give you 30 second. (Example: apple)
  • You have done this task. But this is the time to know what happened with Snow White then. Let’s read our Magic Book again.

“She ran, ran and ran and at last she saw a little house in the forest. The door was opened and she walked in. She didn’t see anybody in the house only there was a little table in the room. There were seven plates, seven glasses, seven spoons on the table which weren’t clean. Snow White washed up, cleaned the house, cooked dinner and decided to sleep. In the bedroom she chose the smallest bed and soon she was asleep”

She has done everything about the house. How about you? Can you do (manage) your next task? Correct mistakes in spelling of your own tasks for 15 seconds. If participant corrects mistake right he will get a letter and then you should make up the word from your letters.(Example: 1) forist (forest); 2) mirre (mirror); 3) kueen (queen); 4) nachure (nature); 5) houze (house) ).

(Children get letters “p”, “p”, “l”, “a”, “e” to make up the word “apple”).

You are excellent! You’ve won the letter “U” from the Magic Word. (Two big letters “U” are placed on the blackboard)

The next task is for receiving extra “+”. Name 10 words which have letter “U”

Let’s open our Magic Book and read a continuation of the tale.

“In the evening the masters of the house came home and they were surprised and scared a bit of their house. When they walked into the bedroom they saw Snow White in one of the beds. They all looked at sleeping girl and said: “Oh, what a beautiful girl!”

In the morning, when Snow White woke up, she saw seven little dwarfs standing near her. She told them her story and dwarfs offered her to stay with them”

We know that Snow White dreamed about handsome Prince, but our participants dream to win this game, and I offer you the next task. If you connect right all pieces of the paper, you will find a letter.

You have managed and this letter is “B”. (Big letter “B” is placed on the blackboard)

Our game goes on and our reading of tale goes on too.

  • “Snow White and seven dwarfs had lived very happily together until angry Queen decided to ask her magic mirror again. When she heard that Snow White was alive and became nicer, she decided to kill the girl herself.
  • Queen dressed as old woman and went to the dwarf’s house. Snow White didn’t recognize her angry stepmother and took an apple, which was poisoned. Snow White tasted a piece of the apple and died at once.
  • Seven dwarfs cried a lot about Snow White and buried her in the grove in the diamond coffin”

Don’t worry about it! Our game is fairy and it is full of wonders. Let’s do some wonders ourselves. The next task will help you to get an extra “+”. You should draw a prince on the board with close eyes.

You are excellent! May be your prince makes a wonder? Let’s read what happened then.

“A handsome prince was riding a horse near that grove and saw a beautiful girl in the coffin. She was as alive and Prince kissed her. Snow White awoke and they fell in love with each other.
Prince and Snow White came back to her palace. When angry Queen saw happy sweethearts, she couldn’t stand it and died. After her death Prince and Snow White married and lived long and happily”

Everybody likes when the end is happy and I hope that our game will finish happily too.

I offer fans to help with receiving an extra letter from the Magic Word. They should give 10 pieces of furniture. (Example: mirror, table, fireplace, chair, bed, sofa, armchair, cupboard, wardrobe, carpet, picture, fridge, cooker, stool, shelf, standard lamp, desk, bookcase, etc.). You have helped participants and have won the letter “F”. (Big letter “F” is placed on the blackboard. The order of the word on the blackboard is “AUUBF+++”

Our Magic Word consists of eight letters. You must guess this word. If you doubt you can change “+” into letter. (The Magic Word is BEAUTIFUL)

I offer you super-game to define the best participant of today’s game. Using letters from the Magic Word you should write as many words as you can. The participant who writes more right words will be a winner.

The winner of our game is……You are awarded a super prize. I hope everybody enjoyed our game. Thank you for your attention. Good bye!