"Из истории джинсов". Дополнительный материал к учебнику New Millennium English (Unit4 Lesson 4)

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The Stuff of American History
The Story of Jeans (p. 52-53)

The topic is connected with the USA country sdudying material.

While reading any kind of text or listening we develop perceptive skills. So, the more you read, the easier you understand texts and have better results in listening.

The proposed material is given as an option to the text at pages 52-53, and it was studied by the last academic year the7th form students.

Before reading the text I ask pupils questions:
- Who is wearing jeans today?
- What is the brand name of them?
- What colour are they?
- How many pairs of jeans have you got?
- Does your father/mother like wearing jeans?
- Do you like wearing jeans?
- When can we wear them?
- Can we always wear them?

Then pupils open the textbook at page 52 and look at the pictures, study new words. After that they read the text to themselves and then aloud - P-P-P.

After reading A-Part of the text show slides 5-7, after B-part slide 8, after C-part slides 9,10.

While reading D-part, I add that at first rivits were used on front and on the back pockets. But it was uncomfortable, so people especially youth, complained and in 1937 they were taken away.

After E-part show slides 11, 12.

Check up ex. 3.

Listen to exercise 4B and match the styles.

For training and memorizing the words show slides 13-23, and some drawn ones.
Jeans have universal classification:
- classical
- comfortable (give more freedom)
- tight

First lady’s jeans were introduced in 1934. (slide 24)

Then you may ask pupils to name brand names. (slide 25)

It is known that American soldiers brought jeans to Europe in 1940s.
In 1957 during the Youth Festival in Moscow Russian young boys and girls were shocked by the new kind of trousers and envied their Western friends. Many of them wished they had them.
It was the beginning of “black jeans currency market”. The market was illegal, its organisers Rokotov and Finberg were sentenced to death.
Jeans for the government were as a piece of red cloth for a bull. Unfortunatelly, it was sad, but true.

At the end of the lesson elicit personal response and practice speaking about jeans ex.5, p.53.

Encourage Pp to use phrases:
I think
In my opinion
I believe/ I’m sure
What’s more, ...also

Praise those who can propose OWN style.
You’ll find a lot of interesting and useful information to the theme www.jeansov.net