Урок "Have you been to Central Asia?" (Презентация)

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  1. To enrich pupil’s knowledge by this theme
  2. To develop pupil’s abilities in speech
  3. To educate the feelings of love towards our Motherland- Kazakhstan

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Good morning, children!

Today we have unusual lesson. The motto of our lesson is ’’The poetry of Earth is never dead’’. It’s a lesson –journey. Today we’ll visit Central Asia along the Great Silk Road. This Silk Road crossed our country through Almaty, Talgar, Chimkent and went further.

- Do you like to travel? T —> S1, S2
- Why do you like to travel?

At the slide you can see the words of the poem. You must complete this poem by your words. Please, Bayan, Saule etc

- Have you been to Central Asia?
- Which cities did you visit?
- What do you know about the Silk Road?

That’s all. Now we’ll begin our journey along the Great Silk Road.

1) Bayan, please, speak about the Great Silk Road. (slide 1)

The Great Silk Road is a creation of mankind, transcontinental route that connected the ancient civilizations of West and East and served not only for trade, but for a religious, cultural, scientific and technical achievement exchange.

2) Now you will listen the poem ’’ The Silk Road’’ and its Russian translation.

3) Gasyrbek, please tell about the function of Great Silk Road. (slide2)

Silk Road began to function as a regular diplomatic and commercial artery. Caravan ways crossed Europe and Asia from the Mediterranean coast to China. Caravans laden with Silk from China, spices and precious stones from India, silver goods from Iran, Byzantine clothes, Afroasian ceramics and other foods.

4) Begin our journey by Almaty. (slide 3)

Saule , what can you say about Silk Road and the city Almaty?

Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan. It was the capital of Kazakhstan from 1929 till 1998. the word ’’alma’’ means ” apple” in the Kazakh language. The real Almaty’s glory comes from famous ’’ Silk Road’’ time, when the city was a major stop for passing caravans between East and West.

5) The second station is Chimkent. (slide 4)

Tlek will speak about Chimkent. It’s the third largest city in the country. First signs of Chimkent as a settled place go back to the 12 century and directly connected to the Silk Road.

The Great Silk Road passed through the neighbor country Ouzbekistan and one of the most beautiful city in the world Samarkand.

Let’s listen the information about Samarkand. (slide 5)

6) Samarkand is the second largest city in Ouzbekistan. The city is in central position on th Asian Shadow of the Silk Road between Shina and Europe. In 2001 UNESCO inscribed the 2750 year- old city on the world heritage list as Samarkand- Crossroads of Cultures.

7) If you visit Samarkand, you’ll see the Bibi-Khanym mosque. About this mosque there are many legends. One of this we’ll listen from Temirlan (legende)

8) What is the quality of Great Silk Road? (slide 6)

The time has passed. And now the necessity of trade plays an important part in people’s life too. But now we have easier ways of travel. Traveling by air is so fast, that it takes us only some hours to get any country you like.

Traveling by train is interesting. You’ll see many interesting places by the way and you can meet many interesting people.

You can travel by car, by bus or you can hitch-hike.

9) The conversation between Ayken and Bayan.

10) You ,Ayna and Khamida, about what do you want to tell?

P1 —> P2

11) Now open your books. Ex3 p152.

12) Reading the text ex4 p152.

At the end I want to say that 2000 years caravans moved along the Great Silk Road. Not only goods were transported by the road but it became the road of culture, science, technology and religion.

Thank you for the lesson. I want to give excellent marks to all my pupils. Thank you very much. Thank you for attention to all guests.