Урок–путешествие "Welcome to Great Britain". 8-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 8

Цель урока:

  1. Развивающая– развивать интерес к стране изучаемого языка.
  2. Обучающая
    • практиковать в аудировании текстов о природе, достопримечательностях Великобритании
    • практиковать в устной речи, а именно в ведении диалога по заданной ситуации, по прочитанной информации
    • практиковать в чтении текста о национальных праздниках Якутии
    • активизировать в речи употребление условных предложений
  3. Воспитывающая – воспитывать уважение к культуре страны изучаемого языка, а также к культуре своей страны (республики)

Оснащение урока:

  • кассета с аудиозаписью текста для аудирования;
  • репродукции картин известных художников – пейзажистов;
  • раздаточный материал (Tourist Guide);
  • карта Соединенного Королевства;
  • национальные эмблемы стран Соединенного Королевства;

План урока

  1. Оргмомент, приветствие
  2. Разминка – викторина «Что вы знаете о Великобритании?»
  3. Практика аудирования текста о природе
  4. Закрепление грамматического материала – условные предложения
  5. Работа в парах – диалоги по заданной ситуации
  6. работа в группах – кроссворд «Праздники Великобритании»
  7. Чтение текста «Национальные праздники Якутии»
  8. Работа в парах – обсуждение прочитанной информации
  9. Работа по карточкам «Национальные символы стран Соединенного Королевства»
  10. Итоги урока

Ход урока

Teacher: Good morning! Nice to see you. We’re going to have an interesting and useful lesson. We’ll travel to Great Britain and have different activities and creative tasks. I wish you every success and pleasure.

The motto of our lesson is:
A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
How do you understand it?

Pupil 1: Красота – это вечная радость.

Teacher: Let’s warm up our knowledge about Great Britain.

  • What countries does the UK consist of?
  • What river is London situated on?
  • What is the highest mountain of Great Britain?
  • What are the oldest British Universities?
  • Who is the official head of the country?
  • Whose address is 10, Downing Street?
  • What is the Queen’s official residence in London?
  • What is a famous clock tower?
  • What sguare has a monument to Admiral Nelson?
  • What is a double – decker?

Итог: (That’s very nice /rather good/ not bad)

Teacher: Listening practice for you. While listening try to decide what part of the day is the text about (morning, midday, evening, night).

It is dawn. The first appearance of daylight. Everything is coming out to the Sun’s light. The meadows, forests, rivers and lakes are feeling happy at this moment showing fresh and vital beauty.

Flowers, birds, animals, and people – all of them are filling themselves with the great power of the sun expressing it in their own language. The flowers are showing their colours: yellow, red, orange, violet, rose, white, pink.

The birds are singing their wonderful songs; the animals are silently observing the surroundings. The butterflies and bees are dancing in the air.

Every creature on earth is thankful to the Sun Indeed; there is a lot to be thankful for.

This is beauty. This is joy forever!

Teacher: So, what is described in the text?

Now look at the board. These masterpieces were painted by great Russian painters. Which of the pictures matches the text best of all?


Teacher: With this activity I’d like you to use conditionals.

First listen to Corinne Sharpe who works with the British tourist agency. (She invites to visit some interesting places of Great Britain).

Pupil 1,2,3: If I were in Great Britain I would visit . . ., because . .


Teacher: Let’s test our speech skills. You’ll act the dialogues as if you ‘re in different situations. Don’t forget to use phrases of spoken etiquette.

Situation 1. You’ve landed in Gr.Br. You are at the airport and you want to have your luggage transported to the hotel.

Situation 2. You want to go to Piccadilly Circus. Ask a woman haw you can get there.

Situation 3. You are at a café. Ask for the menu.

Situation 4. You are an English student. Address your mall teacher and ask him to help you with the text.

Situation 5. You want to go to London zoo, but you don’t know how to get there. You decide to take a taxi.

Teacher: Your home task was to make a crossword puzzle about British special days. Diana copied with the task perfectly, so we’ll solve her crossword puzzle. If everything is correct you’ll read the key word in the central red line. (Two letters are missing. Add them.)

Итог: Great job I see that you know British holidays rather well.

Teacher: We live in the republic with beautiful nature, interesting traditions and friendly people.

I’d like you to read the text “National Holidays”.

Before reading think and name two facts you know about the topic, and they may be in the text.

Name two more facts you don’t think to be in the text.

Pupil 1: I think there is the fact about Yhyakh in the text.

Pupil 2: I don’t think there are facts about national cuisine.

Читают текст по цепочке

Teacher: I’d like you to work in pairs. Imagine that one of you is a resident of Sakha Republic, the other her/his new British friend. Discuss the topic “Yakut National Holidays”


Teacher: With the last activity I want you to look at the board. You can see a bouquet consisting of a rose, a daffodil, a shamrock and a thistle.

Match the name of the country with its national symbol.

Student’s Card

Выполнив задания, дети прикрепляют изображения национальных символов к карте Соединенного Королевства, тем самым проверяя правильность выполнения задания.

Teacher: Our journey has finished now. I’m pleased with your job.



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