Всемирно известные люди ("World Famous People"). 7-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 7

Цель урока: Формирование обобщенных знаний по теме и оперирование ими.


  1. Закрепить речевые образцы, грамматические структуры и лексику по теме.
  2. Практиковать в монологической и диалогической речи.
  3. Научить переносить знания в новую ситуацию общения.
  4. Развивать и формировать интеллектуальную сферу.
  5. Воспитывать желание общаться на английском языке.

Оснащение: портреты известных людей, оформление уголка «В библиотеке», рефераты учащихся, магнитофон, аудиозаписи.

Ход урока.

“Popularity? It’s nothing. Love! The only thing I need.”

(Enrique Iglesias).

Teacher: Good afternoon, my dear friends and our guests! Today we continue our talk about famous people of our planet. We’ll learn some new facts about their lives and an the and of the lesson we’ll answer the following questions:

  1. Who is the most famous person of our country?
  2. Whom do you consider to be the man of the planet?
  3. What is popularity?
  4. What are advantages and disadvantages of popularity?
  5. Do you want to be a popular person?

Let’s begin our lesson.

(Стук в дверь).

- Who’s there?

- It’s me, Tom.

- Come in, please. The door is open.

- Hello! Nice to meet you!

- How are you doing?

- OK! What are you busy with?

- I’ve bought a magazine “Teenager”. I’ve never read it before. It’s smashing!

- What is unusual about it?

- It deals with the problems of teenagers. They help to solve our problems and educate us at the same time. You’d be nuts to miss a chance to read it.

- And what article are you reading?

- I’m reading about famous people. The column is packed with information about people who are the pride of our century.

- I would like to read it.

- You can take it in the library.

- OK!

(Идет в библиотеку).

At the Library.

Librarian: Hello!

Pupil: Hello!

- Can I help you?

- Yes, I want to read the magazine “Teenager”.

- You have a good taste but all of them are being read by pupils now. Will you wait a little?

- Yes, of course. But may be I sit and read with them together?

- You are welcome.

Проходит в читальный зал. Ученики (слабые) читают отрывки из своих рефератов. Благодарит. Возвращается к библиотекарю.

- The articles are very interesting, but if there is another form of presenting the material about famous people?

- The kids were questioned about their favourite articles and they answered that they prefer interviews with famous people.

- Have you any of them?

Yes. You are welcome.

(Разговор по телефону с Энрике Иглесиасом).

- Hello!

- Hello!

- Is it number 235-754-782?

- Yes.

May I speak to Enrique Eglesias?

- I’m speaking. Who are you?

- I’m a correspondent of the popular magazine “Teenager” Tom Fowl. I’d like to interview you.

- Oh, no! I’m short of time. Meet with my manager.

- Sorry! But I’ve lost much time to connect with him. Don’t refuse, please! Your fans are eager to know more about you.

- OK! I’m waiting for you.

(Звонок в дверь).

- Hello!

- Hi!

Thank you very much for your agreement to meet me. But I realize that your time is money and let’s not waste it. My first question is about your childhood.

- I was born on the 8 of May in 1975.

- Who were your parents?

- My parents were not ordinary people. My father is Julio Iglesias. He is a popular singer and my mother is a former top model Isabel Priesley.

- Was your family friendly?

- I can’t say so because they divorced when I was only 3?

- Did you stay with your mother?

- Yes. But at the age of 7 I moved to my father to Miami.

- Your father is very popular. Is he an example to follow for you?

- Sure. But my earliest singles I subscribed Enrique Martines.

- Why? It’s because of great career of your father?

- I didn’t want someone to think me being famous only due to my talented father.

- You are in the list of the most beautiful people of the world. Are you happy?

- Happiness for me is not money or glory. I want to be near those people I love most of all.

- Great answer! Thank you very much.

(Звучит песня Энрике Иглесиаса. Ученики танцуют).


Teacher: Show business gives us many famous names. Do you know any of them? (Учащиеся называют имена). Who do you want to listen about? Britney Spears? OK!

Teacher: The kids use not only the newspapers to get the information. There are different ways .What are they?

Pupil: My mother is a teacher of History. She’s got many interesting books. I like to read them. I have just read the book about Peter the Great.

Teacher: Will you tell us about him?

Pupil: With pleasure. (Рассказывает и показывает иллюстрации).

Pupil: I’ve got a computer. I can find the information in Internet. I’ve found out some interesting facts about the great poet Robert Burns. (Рассказывает его биографию и читает стихотворение).

Pupil: I’m fond of sport. I’m not a sportsman but I like TV programs about famous sportsman. My favourite program is … (ученики рассказывают о великих спортсменах и их достижениях).

Teacher: Thank you very much for your interesting reports. And now let’s pay attention to our questions and discuss them. (Вопросы были даны в начале урока и написаны на доске).

Pupils name the most popular persons in our country.

They discuss who the man of the planet is.

Their attitude to popularity. (Pupil: I think that popularity is being known to many people. You have many fans who try to know more about you. People want to be like you. etc.)

Discussion about advantages and disadvantages of popularity. (Pupils: I think that popularity is a very good thing. You are much spoken about. A popular person is an example to follow. People ask you to give autographs. But on the other hand your fans interfere in your life, they catch you near the house, phone you all day long, write on the walls private information about you, shout under your windows.)

Do you want to be popular? (Pupil: Yes, of course. I want to be rich and live in the biggest city. I want people to admire me. I want to glorify my native town and my country).

Учитель подводит итоги урока и благодарит учащихся.