Тема урока: "Sports in Great Britain. Past Indefinite Tense"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Задачи урока:

Обучающие: повторить, углубить и систематизировать знания учащихся о прошедшем неопределенном времени; усвоить лексический материал по заданной теме. Формировать умения и навыки, определять признаки временных форм сказуемого в предложениях, отрабатывать постановку всех типов вопросов в диалогах.

Развивающие: развивать навыки монологической и диалогической речи учащихся при полном ответе, навыки чтения;

развивать у учащихся умения анализировать материал, четко излагать свою мысль, правильно строить фразы.

Воспитательные: воспитывать у учащихся интерес к спорту, стремление к здоровому образу жизни, прививать интерес к изучению иностранного языка.

Тип урока: комбинированный урок.

Оборудование урока:

  1. Картинки с видами спорта.
  2. Карточки с основным текстом и комбинированными диалогами.
  3. Таблица неправильных глаголов.
  4. Таблица с предложениями для постановки вопросов.
  5. Подстановочная таблица.
  6. Аудиозапись диалога.

Ход урока:

1. Организационный момент.

2. Фонетико-речевая разминка: повторить по картинкам виды спорта, составить предложения: I like to play hockey. I don't like to play tennis.

3. Работа над основным диалогом: (карточки)

а. повторить идиоматические выражения и речевые образцы по диалогу: "Sports in England";

b. прослушать диалог в записи;

с. чтение диалога учащимися по ролям:

d. - Good mornings, Charlie!

- Good morning, Mike!

-I am sorry to have kept you waiting.

- Don't mention it, Where shall we go?

- It's up to you,

- In that case I suggest we should go to the tennis court and play a game of tennis.

- Good idea! I know you are good at playing tennis. How old were you when you began to play tennis?

- Just a minute... Let me think... ! was about eight years old when 1 started playing tennis. Since that time tennis has been my hobby.

-1 hear tennis is very popular in Great Britain.

- Oh. yes. Tennis is played all the year round - on hard courts or grass courts in summer, and on hard or covered courts in winter.

- What other outdoor games are popular in Great Britain?

- Hockey, golf, football-, cricket." What about horse-racing?

- It is one of the most popular sports in Great Britain, then comes swimming and boxing. Are you fond of swimming?

- Yes, I am, I began to swim when I was a little child, But I don't like boxing. Do you?

- Neither do I. And what's your hobby?

- Guess. You are allowed three guesses.

- Golf?


- Horse - racing?


- Chess, cards?

- By no means. I am fond of collecting stamps. I have got a very good collection of stamps. Care to see it?

- I am looking forward to seen it.

4. Подготовительная тренировочная работа для воспроизведения комбинированных диалогов.

Translate into English Reproduce:


— Какое у нас хобби?

— I am fond of playing tennis.

— Вы давно играете в теннис?

—I began to play tennis when I was ten yeas old.

— He могли бы вы научить меня играть в теннис?

— I can try. But I must tell you that it is not very easy.

— Я об этом знаю. Когда начнем?

На днях. Я вам позвоню, и мы договоримся.


— Популярен ли баскетбол в США?

— Yes, very. Basketball is played at schools, colleges and

—- clubs. Both boys and girls are fond of playing basketball.

— Какие еще игры пользуются популярностью?

— Well, baseball and tennis, football and golf are very popular.

—Мне бы хотелось посмотреть, игру в бейсбол. Где это можно сделать?

They play baseball at the Yankee Stadium in New York and in many other places.


— Вы увлекаетесь, подводным плаванием (skin diving)?

— Yes, very. Skin diving is very popular in this country.

— Какие еще виды спорта популярны?

— Boxing, swimming and skiing are very popular.

— Вы занимаетесь боксом?

— No, I don't. I go swimming and skiing.

— Какое совпадение! Я тоже занимаюсь плаванием.

— Swimming is very popular all over the world.

— Совершенно верно.

1) Повторение неправильных глаголов: назвать по таблице 2-ю форму глаголов - do, be, get up, have, go, see, say, come, take, know, know, think, swim, run, buy , eat.

2) Memory Game,

4. Повторение временных форм глагола:

a) Какие вы учили времена?

b) Назовите временные формы сказуемого в данных предложениях:

1. Е. Kafelnikov began to play tennis when he was a little child.

2. Yes, my friend goes in for swimming.

3. The 22-nd Olympic Games took place in Moscow in 1980,

4. No , my favorite sport is skiing.

5. The next winter Olympic Games will take place in 1998 in Nagano , Japan. 5. Постановка всех типов вопросов к данному предложению (5 типов).

a) Какие типы вопросов вам известны ?

b) Задайте 5 вопросов к предложению :

The 22-nd Olympic Games took place in Moscow in 1980,

6. Составление предложений по подстановочной таблице (с переводом).

The more he plays hockey the better he is at it.

7. Воспроизвести комбинированные диалоги:

по ролям. 1 -и ряд - N 1

2-й ряд - N 2

3-й ряд - N 3

8. Физкультминутка.

9. Учащиеся делают сообщение по теме «Sports in Great Britain».

Sports in Great Britain.

The British people are great sport-lovers. That's why many of the games, we play now came from Britain. One of the most British games is cricket. Summer is not summer without cricket.

The most popular sport is football or soccer. Every Saturday from late August till the beginning of May millions of people go to the football grounds to see football matches. We know that international and the Cup Final matches take place at Wembley.

Next to football is horse - racing. A lot of people are interested in the races and risk money on the horse that will win.

A great number of people play and watch tennis. There are thousands of tennis courts in Britain and people from 16 to 60 can play tennis all the year round. Everybody knows the famous Wimbledon.

The British also like to play golf, baseball, hockey and grass hockey.

Running, jumping and boxing are also popular.

Winter in England is not always cold enough to ski or to skate but winter is a very good season for hunting and fishing. And in general sport is an important part of daily life in Britain.

Sports in England.

I want to tell you some more interesting facts about sports in England. We see that English people are fond of sports very much. I am sure that they understand quite well that good health is a great blessing. When your body and mind are in good order means that you art happy. English people know that only right food and sports help their dream to come true; a sound mind in a sound body.

They go in for different sports, but I want to tell some words about fishing or angling as English people call it. Some of us think that fishing is not a sport.

But English people like it very much and fishing is very popular in the U.K. There are over 1000 official angling clubs in the country and their number is growing.

Besides, and interesting fact more. London was the capital of the 4-th Olympic Games only once, that is in 1906. 2056 sportsmen from 22 countries took part in the Games, while in Moscow in 1980 about б thousand sportsmen from 81 countries took part in the Games,

And I want to add, that English people like different races very much, for example motor - car races, dog - racing, boat - racing and even races for donkeys. The famous boat - racing between the teams of Oxford and Cambridge attracts a large number of people.

I am fond of sports too, but I like to watch different matches and games on TV more than to go in for sports.

And my dream is to visit London some day and to watch a game of tennis at Wimbledon or a football match at Wembley.

10. Резюме урока:

1) Well, boys and girls, now you see that sports and health are connected with

each other men's everyday life. People should eat the right food, they should do morning exercises everyday, they must not smoke and drink alcohol. Every evening they should go for a walk and do many other useful things.

But what is the most important thing to do? They must go in for spots and be

healthy and strong.

What proverbs and saying about sports and health do you know?

2) Учащиеся называют 6 английских пословиц и поговорок по заданной теме:

а) все вместе по переводу учителя;

б) каждый называет свои любимые пословицы.

Proverbs and sayings.

1. A sound mind in a sound body (В здоровом теле здоровый дух) A healthy mind in a healthy body.

2. Healthy is better than wealth. (Здоровье - наибольшее богатство)

3. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. (Кто рано ложится и рано встает, здоровье, богатство и ум бережет)

4. After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile. (После обеда отдохни немного пройди милю),

5. The best of the sport is to do the deed and to say nothing. (Наилучшее занятие - делать молча дело)

6. In sports and journeys men are known. ( Люди познаются в спорте и в туризме)

  1. What sports do you go in for?
  2. What sports are the most popular in our country?
  3. What games can be played all the year round?
  4. Do we have champions in all kinds of sports?
  5. What summer sports do you prefer?
  6. What winter sports do you like?

7. What outstanding sportsmen of our country do you know?

8. When were the first Olympic Games held? (in April 1896 in Athens Greece.) 9. When were Moscow Olympic Games held? (from the 19-th of July to

the 3-rd of August. 1980)

11. Подведение итогов урока с комментированием оценок учащихся. Задание на дом: читать и переводить карточку по теме: "Sports in Russia'