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 1.Every year a lot of people visit Britain.

Can you think of any reason for traveling to the UK? Complete the Word Web.(рис.1)

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2. Comment on places

Are there any castles in France?

Yes, there are some beautiful castles in France.

1. castles in France
2. churches in London
3.gardens in Paris
4. cliffs in Dover
5. Roman remains in Italy
6. places to see in your country

3. Find Ann’s answers to the questions of her friends.(reading for detail)

Рисунок 2 Where did you go?

I visited Britain with my family.

I was in Scotland with my mother.

I was in Britain with a group of students.

Рисунок 3 How did you travel?

We traveled by Channel ferry and coach.

We took the train to Edinburgh.

We flew to Heathrow airport and then by tube to London.

Рисунок 4 Where did you stay?

We stayed in a large hotel near the beach.

We lived in a youth hostel.

We stayed with my uncle and aunt in their house.

Listen to Ann’s story and check yourself:

I was in Britain with a group of students from my school. We flew to Heathrow airport and then went by tube to London. We lived in a youth hostel. We swam, played tennis, went canoeing. We also took a coach tour round London, visited Edinburgh and York, saw many castles and stately homes. It was the best holiday I’ve ever had. I really enjoyed myself meeting new people, eating excellent food and visiting new places.

What parts does the UK consist of?

What part did Ann visit?

Lets prepare for travelling to England too.

4. You are translators. Translate from Russian into English, please.

5. Proper names. Listen and read these words:

Baths Oxford

Birmingham Sheffield

Brighton Stonehenge

Bristol Stratford-upon-Avon

Cambridge The Tames

The County of Cent Wales

Dover York

The Fens

Hadrian’s Wall

The Lake District

Land’s End



The Midlands

Northern Ireland

6 .I’m interested what you know about England.

Answer the questions.

1.How big is London compared with other cities?

2.Where do people arrive when they travel to Britain by sea or air?

3.What are the principal cities in the Southeast?

4.What county is called the “garden of England”?

5.Why do people find the Southwest attractive?

6.Why is Land’s End called that way?

7.Why do you think tourists often come to Cambridge?

7.Say what parts of England you know and describe these areas. (рис.5)

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8. Make the map of England from these pieces, please.

9.Show the places on the map and say what these places are famous for.


The Lake District


Hadrian’s Wall


The Fens

10.Guess the names of the places marked with the numbers are.(рис.6)

Рисунок 6



Hadrian’s Wall

This is Northumberland, where England meets Scotland. Forty kilometers south of the modern border is Hadrian’s Wall. It was built by the Roman Emperor, Hadrian, nearly two thousand years ago.

When the Romans left Britain in the fourth century, the wall was four and a half meters high and went right across Britain from the west coast to the east. All along this great wall were towers, castles and forts. At this fort a Roman hospital was found. Hadrian’s Wall is a good place for a long walk – if you are energetic.

Which of the following sentences are true?

1. Hadrian’s Wall is forty kilometers south of the modern border.
2. Hadrian’s Wall was built nearly 2, 000 years ago.
3. The Romans left Britain in the sixth century.
4. Hadrian’s Wall stretches halfway across Britain.

Home task

You’ve got a postcard from your English friend. He/She invites you to England and asks what places you would like to visit and why.