Внеклассное мероприятие "День Земли"

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Сценарий праздника “Earth Day”.

Compere 1: April 22 is a special day around the world. On that day inhabitants of the Earth celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day is a time when many people show that they care for our fragile planet. They show concern about the threats the planet faces–destruction of the rain, forest, and holes in the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect, too much garbage and all forms of air and water pollution. It is the day for people to learn what they can do to preserve the planet Earth. The first Earth Day was held in the USA thirty three years ago, in April 1970.At that time, Americans were just beginning to learn about the problem facing the planet.

Compere 2: A poem:” Hug the Earth”.

(By Lorraine Bayes)

Walking along feeling free She’s our friend
Feeling the Earth here with me We’d like to be together forever.
And I love her; she loves me The Earth is a garden
I hug the Earth, the Earth hugs me. It’s a beautiful place.
For all living creatures,
For all the human race
Helping Mother Earth
We can peacefully roam
We all deserve a place
We can call our home.

Food is a treasure from the soul and the sea
Clean, fresh air from the plants and the trees
The warmth of the sun giving life each day
Turns water into rain, its nature’s way.
And I would like to thank you Mother Earth
I like to see you dressed in green and blue
I want to be by you.

Compere 1: Today we celebrate Earth Day. We are discussing many important problems connected with this very day. We are speaking about the environment of our native city; we are watching the film and are speaking about urgent and necessary measures which should be undertaken to protect our Earth.

A song: “A Shooting Star”.

A shooting star is not a star A shooting star a meteor
Is not a star at all Whichever way you like
A shooting star’s a meteor The moment that it falls to earth
That’s headed for a fall It’s called a meteorite.

Compere 2: Who are you?

Little prince: I’m a little prince from the planet 612 from the book written by Sent- Eksupery “Little Prince “. I think you have a great number of problems on your planet. I’ve come to your place to help you as I keep my native planet neat and clean. My rule is: after getting up, make your space tidy. Is it hard? I don’t know much about the Earth. Who can tell me about it?

Pupil 1: I can. We live on the Earth. It is very, very big. There is a lot of water on the Earth. It’s in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. There are a lot of forests and fields, hills and mountains on it. The Earth is full of wonders. Different animals live on the Earth. Different plants grow on it. The Earth is beautiful: there are large countries and small countries. There are some countries where there are four seasons of the year and some countries where there are only two. When it is day in one country, it is night in another country. When the sun shines it is day, when the sun doesn’t shine, it is night. You can see the moon and the stars in the sky at night. People live in different countries. They speak different languages.

Pupil 2: Yes, not long ago our planet was a wonderful place to live. There were a lot of animals and birds in the forests. But the growth of population leads to disappearing animals. Forests were cut down and wild areas are filled with houses and stores. When people moved into a new land, the plants and animals that lived there can become endangered-there’s no place for them to live, they begin to disappear. Some even become extinct. That could happen to elephants, zebras, frogs, butterflies or goldfish or other animals if were not careful. There is even the Red Book in which you can find animals which are in danger now. Look at our exposition, please. (The classroom can be decorated with slogans about the animals from the Red Book).

Little prince: Oh, how many animals which can die at any moment!

Pupil 3: Since the 1970s the movement has spread to include traditional sports such as bull fighting in Spain and the hunting of hares by hounds. Today with more open borders and transcontinental shipment of cattle protects of cruelty to soon to be slaughtered calves raise violent clashes with police. The idea that animals should be treated humanely is not unique. In Hinduism and Buddhism there is a very strong tradition of avoiding any sort of violence against any living being, which includes plant life as well as animal live. We should protect animals and take care of our pets.

Pupils of the 2 and 3 forms:

My Doggie

I have a dog I take him out
His name is Jack Every day
His coat is white Such fun we have
With spots of black We run and play.
Such clever tricks
My dog can do
I love my Jack
He loves me too.

My puppy.

My puppy is brown and full of fun
I love to see him run and jump.
He barks and dashes here and there
As though he likes things everywhere.

My pet dog.

I have a little pet dog Sam; He is a funny little chap
He is as humble as a lamb, The milk he drinks up in a lap
I like his whiskers curling fine, He has two eyes, one nose, two ears,
A set of teeth all in line. He also has so many fears.

Each day I take him for a walk
And as we go we have a talk
About the sun, the moon and stars.
About the sky and planet Mars.

Pupils of the 5 and 6 forms:

The Cat.

Our cats were the first tamed in Egypt. There are many kinds of cats today: white cats, black cats, grey cats, red cats; cats with long tails, cats with bushy tails, cats with no tails at all. You can make great friends with cats, but they are never quite as free and loving as dogs.

Look at this cat. (The dialogue).

Ann: Oh, Kate, look at this pretty pet. See what a nice coat she has. What is it made of?

Kate: It’s made of fur, and fur is very thick and warm. The cat must have a good coat to keep her warm.

Ann: There is something very strange about her feet, Kate. When I first took them in my hands I could feel some sharp points and now I can’t find them. Where are they?

Kate: That’s her claws. She has pulled them in so that they will not scratch you. Feel her paws. Aren’t they soft? But there are sharp claws in them.

Ann: What a strange noise the cat is making? Is she singing?

Kate: Yes, she is singing because she is happy and you are kind to her. She is saying ”Purr, Purr!”

Ann: I’m looking into her eyes. They are green and yellow. Why does she keep them almost shut?

Kate: The cat’s eyes can see in the dark and in the light. The light of the day is too strong for her eyes and she often shuts them. But at night, when there is only a little light, she opens her eyes very wide.

Ann: Now I know! When it is dark, mice come out of their holes to look for food, and the cat can see them.

Kate: Yes, and she can run so quickly that she soon catches the mouse and eats it.

My cat Kit.

I have a cat She likes to sit
Her name is Kit Upon my knee
And by the fire For I like Kit
She likes to sit. And Kit likes me.


A kitten with a black nose A kitten with a pink nose
Sleeps all day Comes when you call
A kitten with a white nose But a kitten with a grey nose
It always glad to play. I like best of all.

A poem:

I love all kinds of animals If I had tons of money
Dogs and cats and rabbits Do you know what I would do?
I love all kinds of animals I’d buy lots of animals
Despite their little habits. And have my own Zoo.

But they wouldn’t be in cages
They’d be free to run around
And there’s one thing they would feel
And that is safe and sound.

Little prince: So interesting facts I’ve heard about pets. And what about the climate on your planet?


The summer sun shines hot and high
Baby birds now learn to fly
Green, green leaves and tasty fruit
All the things are so good!
Winter, spring, summer, fall
I like summer best of all.

Children, who sing a song: In summer you can see a rainbow.

A song “Cooking a Rainbow”.



Alice: I say, Alex, how’s the weather today?

Alex: It’s terribly hot!

Alice: Then you will wear a white shirt and your blue shorts today.

Alex: That’s right.

2. (A telephone talk).

Bob: Hi, Ann. This is Bob. I am calling from Africa.

Ann: From Africa? What are you doing in Africa?

Bob: I’m on holiday.

Ann: How’s the weather in Africa? Is it hot?

Bob: Terribly hot.

Ann: Are you having a good time?

Bob: No, I’m not. I’m having a terrible time here. The weather is terrible here.

Ann: I’m sorry to hear that.

A little prince: Why is it so hot on the Earth? Is it only in Africa?

Pupil 4: No. Scientists say the temperature of the Earth could rise by 3 degrees over the next 50 years. This may cause drought in some parts of the world and floods in others, as ice at the North and South Poles begins to melt and seas levels rise. Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. Normally, heat from the sun warms the Earth and then escapes back into space. But carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere trap the Sun’s heat, and this is slowly making the Earth warmer.

Pupil 5: And one more problem is pollution. Factories, power stations, motor vehicles pump large quantities of carbon dioxide and other waste gases into the air. This is a major cause of the greenhouse effect. A lot of petrol contains lead, which is very poisonous and can cause brain damage in children. Many people now prefer to use unleaded petrol. Some poisonous gases dissolve in water, in the atmosphere and then fall to Earth as acid rain. Acid rain damages trees and buildings and can kill fish in lakes and rivers. Rivers can also be polluted by industrial waste from factories and chemical fertilizers and pesticides used by farmers.

A film (about ecological situation in your region or city, made by pupils).

Compere 2: A poem “What have they done to the World “.

What have they done to the seas, my friend?
What have they done to the seas?
What have they done to the rivers, my friend?
What have they done to the trees?
What have they done to our land, my friend?
This land which is ours from our birth
What have they done to our forests, my friend?
What have they done to the earth?
What have they done to the skies, my friend?
Skies those are blue and so clear.
What have they done to the skies, my friend?
What have they done to the air?

Pupil 6: You’ve just watched the film about our city. The situation in it is so...

Pupil 7: A sound mind in a sound body is a traditional English proverb. It generally refers to the need for physical fitness as well as intellectual preparation at school and university. The proverb can readily be applied on a large scale when we consider the need for Environmental protection of our planet and our community. The question of the environment is now global and a topic which links people together as one race of creatures trying to survive and prosper on this planet. Language is our intellectual link, but environment is our corporal or bodily link. If we do not have a healthy body or planet, all our exchange of culture through language will not be very much. If we can be active participants in the protection and rebuilding of our environment we can help sure the soundness of our planet.

Compere 2: The Environment will survive mankind. Dear friends, you know how dangerous the ecological situation of our Earth is. Well, the students of school number 12 will continue addressing the environmental problems which concern everyone. The positive results depend on serious attention of the people of the whole world to this problem.

Compere 1: We have worked out projects, slogans. Some of them are:

– Attract more public attention to environmental problems.
– Nature is the source of people’s life.
– Keep our environment clean.
– Put litter away.
–All woods are home to animals. So, behave as quests. When you hike, leave the place clean.
– Leave wild flowers for other to enjoy.
– Take care of your pets.

Compere 2: And now listen to the song. It can help you to solve all problems you have. A song “There’s always something you can do”.

Compere 1: Thank you very much for your attention. Our party is over. Good bye.