The best answer

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Activity title:

The best answer.



Speaking to a partner; Composing questions; Answering questions; Reading and completing a continuous dialogue; Writing letters.



A2 Flyers


Exam part:

Wriring part 2



Choosing the correct answers to complete a dialogue.


Materials needed:

1) Internet access (Random wheel;
2) Pens or pencils;
3) Paper;
4) Worksheet.



1) Open 'Random wheel';
2) Find a picture to describe;
3) Make up some questions with answer options about the picture;
4) Based on the image make up a dialogue consisting of 3 questions and 3answers;
5) Remove question words from the dialogue;
6) Separate questions and answers.



Step 1. Warm up. Open 'Random wheel' and ask learners to read the list of question words after you. Then spin the wheel to see which question word comes up and make up a question with this word. Write the question on the board What do you usually eat for breakfast?/ Where do you live?/ What time do you usually get up? Ask different students. Ask students to work in pairs adding their own questions.

Step 2. Look at the picture and circle the correct answer. 1. Who are the people? A man and a shop assistant. / A man and an airport worker. / A man and a doctor. 2. What is the man doing? He is checking in. / He is choosing his seat. / He is taking his luggage.

Step 3. Read the instructions and check your answers. Jim is at the airport. He is cheking in his ticket and luggage. Jim is asking some questions about the flight. What does he say?

Step 4. Read and complete Jim`s answersabout the flight.
1__________ does my flight go from?
2 __________ time does the gate open before a flight?
3__________ is the total duration of my flight?

Step 5. What kind of information does each answer need? Circle your answer.

    A number
  • A time phrase
  • A place

Step 6. Discuss the strategy before choosing an answer. Now match Jim`s questions with a reply.
A. Your flight departs from 17 gate.
B. All customers must be on board the aircraft 15 minutes before the departure time.
C. The flight will last 2 hours and 25 minutes.



At the second stage, ask students to guess what is happening without showing the answer options. More advanced learners can be asked to predict the answers to Jim`s questions. After completing the assignement, act out the dialogue by roles. Add your own questions to the airport worker.



The aim was achieved thanks to the sequence of tasks. The warm up helped to quickly remember question words and activate them in speech. The picture on the topic `At the airport` aroused a lot of interest, since travel is a popular pastime for all ages. The pre-tasks encouraged students to analyse, which ultimately led to the successful completion of final task.