Открытый урок "Мода подростков в Великобритании". 10-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки, Профессия — педагог

Класс: 10

Ключевые слова: английский язык, подростки, мода, Великобритания

Класс: 10.

Тема: "Teenage Fashion in the UK" (Spotlight, Module 1, Culture Corner 1)

Цель урока: совершенствовать коммуникативную компетенцию учащихся.

Задачи урока: развитие навыка и умения аналитического чтения, формирование умений говорения на базе прочитанного текста.

Ход урока

I. Организационный момент, введение темы

Teacher: Good morning. I’m very glad to see all of you today. I hope everybody is ready to work. To guess what we are going to talk about. Look at the screen. You can see some pictures, try to predict what we are going to talk at  our today`s lesson.

(Предполагаемые ответы учащихся).

Речевая разминка

I. Pre-reading Activities

A. Discussion. Discuss the following questions in pairs or small groups.

1. What is “the  fashion”?

2. Is the fashion important for you?

3. What is more important for you, the shape and the style or the brand and the label?

4. What are your favourite clothes?

5. What do you wear to look fashionable?

5. Do all clothes suit you?

6 Can you wear any style or colour you like and still look good?

7. Do you think you have a dress sense?

8. Why do we have to choose our clothes carefully to suit ourselves?

9 Are you afraid of bright colours, horizontal or vertical stripes, big belts or patterns?

10. Who buys clothes for you? Where? Do you think you are well-dressed?

(This is a good revision exercise to use opinion phrases and linking words.)

B. Vocabulary. Match the words with their meanings.



to rip


to bother

to cut or tear away




suggestion, sudden idea




to be notable in a crowd


to worry

to stand out in a crowd

to have the financial means for

to influence

something that you buy at a low price

to afford

to affect, to impress

C. Predicting. Take a look at the pictures and say what kind of clothes British teenagers like wearing.

II. Reading Activities

A. Scanning

1. Scan Part 1and say what kind of clothes John sticks to and why.

Scan Part 2 and say what kind of clothes Amy buys  and where.

Scan Part 3and say in what way Lisa always stands out in a crowd.

2. ex.2 p.21. Read again. Who (John, Amy or Lisa):

  • chooses clothes based on practical reasons?
  • likes to look different?
  • has money to spend on trendy clothes?
  • doesn’t like dressing just to impress?
  • loves shopping?

B. Reading for Details

1. Read the text carefully and сору out the key words to describe teens’ preferences. Fill in the chart:





keep up with

take one’s inspiration



different styles and trends

show individuality

top designers

pick up bargains

baggy jeans, trainers, hoodie

high street shops


be bothered about

be full of

put together

stick to


stand out in a crowd




fall off

Hit the shops!

be influenced by

III. Post-reading Activities

Retelling. With a partner, look at the table again. Take turns to tell about your new friend (John, Amy or Lisa).

IV. Role Play

The two friends (Amy and Lisa, or Lisa and John, or Amy and John) are going to buy a birthday present for the third one. Discuss the problem and choose a piece of clothing for her/him.

(Be on hand to help weaker students if needed. Any answers should be accepted.

Students’ dialogues:

1. Amy and John are talking about a present for Lisa.

– Well, John...It’s hard work to find a present for such an unusual person as Lisa.

– When it comes to fashion, tastes differ. As for Lisa, she always stands out in a crowd.

– That’s quite right. You see...I keep up with all the latest trends and spend too much time and money on them but she usually picks up bargains at the street markets and second - hand shops

and looks fine in any style and colour!

– That’s an idea! Why not go to the second - hand shop?

– You must be joking! It would be awful to give her something used as a birthday present.

– Not at all. She’s creative enough and has a good sense of dress to put things together and feel comfortable.

– In this case she must have a good sense of humour! By the way, I know a high street shop full of trendy but affordable clothes not far from here. Let’s go!

– OK.

2. Lisa and Amy are talking about a present for John.

– Amy, what about a present for John? Any ideas?

– No problem. He’s keen on skateboarding and not bothered about brand names and logos, so...

– So, you mean we should buy him another pair of jeans or, say, a hoodie.

– Sure. His clothes often rips when he falls off his skateboard.

– Well...On the one hand, he sticks to cheaper clothes, on the other hand, he likes being well - dressed. I  suggest buying him a trendy T- shirt made by a top designer for a change.

– We see eye to eye. I’m all for it!

3. John and Lisa are talking about a present for Amy.

– John, what are you doing in the evening?

– Nothing special. Why?

– Don’t you remember about Amy’s birthday? It’s time to buy a present.

– Oh, no.. To choose a present for a girl is always a great problem for me.

– Never mind. You know she keeps up with all the latest trends and we can buy something stylish.

– It’s so easy to be fashionable if you can spend much time and money in the shops!

– Stop grumbling! Lots of top designers make clothes for the cheaper, high street shops. They are full of trendy, affordable clothes.

– That suits me. Let’s hit the shops!

V. Writing

Ex. 5 p. 21. Write a short paragraph.

What do the teenagers in your country like wearing?

Where do they go shopping for clothes?

How much money do they spend on clothes?

(Depending on the language level of students, this task may be done as class activity or at home.)