Город: транспорт и правила дорожного движения

Разделы: Иностранные языки, Внеклассная работа


  • расширение кругозора учащихся;
  • развитие творческих способностей учащихся;
  • формирование готовности к коммуникации, мотивации к изучению английского языка;

Оформление класса:

  • костюмы героев;
  • фонограммы с записью песен;
  • выставка детских рисунков по теме;
  • картинки для иллюстрации рассказа, кроссворда.


Kid (обращаясь к зрителям, сидящим в зале):
Hallo, children! Do you know me? I am Malish. In English I am a Kid. You know I have a good friend – Karlsson, who lives on the roof. I want to surprise him – to invite a lot of quests. You know many of them. They are from cartoon films and books. Will you help me to invite them here?
Children: Certainly. With pleasure, Kid.
Kid: All right. When I say: «Crible, Cruble, booms», repeat these words after me. (Подает детям знак повторить слова)
Children: Crible, Cruble, booms!
(Слышится шум за сценой, «прилетает» Карлсон.)
Kid: Well, here you are. This is my dear Karlsson himself. He is the best Karlsson in the world.
Karlsoon: Hallo, Kid. I am very glad to see you.
Kid: And I am glad to see you, Karlsoon. I have missed you very much. I am happy to see you again. Now sit down, Karlsson, and have a rest. We are going to have a party. A lot of guests will arrive in a few minutes.
Kid: Crible, Cruble, booms!
Children: Crible, Cruble, booms!
(появляются Крокодил Гена и Чебурашка)
Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka (вместе): Dear Karlsson, dear children, we are glad to see you.
Karlsson: So am I.
Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka: Here is our musical present for you.


1. Slowly the minutes go far away,
And you won’t meet them any more.
Though “the past was better,” one can often say,
Better life is future, not before.


Faster along the way
Goes a blue train ahead.
Up to horizon spreads
Railway like a cloth.
We know for sure a day
Will be happy again.
Soon it will come of course,
Fast goes our train.

2. You  may have offended someone nothing for,
Calendar will hide that awful sheet.
Wonderful adventures are for us in store,
Dear driver, let’s pick up the speed!


3. Our train is rocking, going very fast,
Our train is picking up its speed.
It’s a pity that the day has gone at last,
Let it last as long as all we need.


Karlsson: Thank you. What a nice start to our party!

Kid: Today we have a very unusual lesson. This time we are going to talk about transport and traffic rules.

Trams and cars in our town
Run up and down,
Run up and down.
Stop! Look at the light.
First look to the left
And then to the right.
Look to this side,
Look to that side,
The green says, “Go!”
Now go slow!
The red says, “Stop!”
Now do so!

Kid: And now, children! Answer some questions! Listen to them attentively!

What do you see in your street?
Do you see many cars, trams?
Do you see trams or buses?
What colour are they?
How do they run?
Where must you look before you cross the street?
What must you do when the light is red?
What does the green light mean?

Проецируется запись правил дорожного движения. Чебурашка и Крокодил Гена читают их.

Always look at the light before you cross the street.
When the light is red you must wait.
When the light is green you may go.
Before you cross the street look to the left and then to the right.
Do not play in the street!

Kid: Good of you! Perhaps, you know a few poems about transport and traffic rules. Let’ s recite our favourite poems!

Учащиеся декламируют стихи (Приложение 1)

Karlsson: Good for you all. I see you really know a lot of poems.

Kid: My friends are very nice and funny. And do you know riddles? Listen to them and try to guess them.

На экране появляются загадки. (Приложение 2)

Kid: Oh! You really know the riddles! Thank you very much! You are well! And now, please, solve this little crossword puzzle.
Translate and complete it. (Приложение 3)

Karlsson: Good! Well done! I hope you all will enjoy our party. We‘ ve prepared a present for you. We’ ve prepared a beautiful song to you. Listen to the song, please!

Чебурашка и Крокодил Гена исполняют песню.

The Train

Puff-puff, puff-puff, on we go,
When we hear the whistle blow.


Puff-puff,  puff-puff, puff-puff-puff,
Riding tell we’ve had enough.

Tickets, tickets now we show
Mary, Frances, Charley, Joe.


Here’s the station, now we stop,
Lots of people come to shop.


Once again the whistle  blow.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.


Karlsson: I liked the song and you sang very well. Thank you, my dear friends!

Выходят дети и читают “SAFETY DON’TS”, которые проектируются на экран.

                SAFETY DON’TS

1. Don’t stand in the roadway!
2. Don’t play in the roadway!  Remember that there are parks and playgrounds, yards and gardens where you can play!
3. Don’t get out of the tram, till it stops!
4. Don’t cross the street,
    Before you have looked to the left
    And then to the right!
5.  Don’t cross the street when the light is red!
6. Cross the street when the traffic lights are green!
7. Cross the streets only at crossings!
8. Don’t break the traffic rules!

Все ученики поют песню “SMILE”

Music by V. Shainsky, words by M. Plyatskovsky, translated by L. Cherepanova (from a cartoon film “A Tiny Racoon”)

1. With a smile a gloomy day is bright,
And a rainbow in the sky at once appears.
Share your smile and everything’s all right,
And it will return to you and will be near.


Then for sure clouds in sky
Will be merry, dancing high,
A grasshopper’ll take at once a tiny fiddle.

From blue streams all rivers start,
Give a smile from all your heart!
Give a smile from all your heart,
Just from the middle!

2. Give a sunny, friendly, open smile,
And the rain will stop immediately crying.
And a sleepy wood’ll part for a while
With its calm and clap green hands, so gladly sighing.


3. And the smile will warm both great and small,
Both an elephant and even a tiny hare.
Let them smile and give your smiles to all,
Let all smiles look like bright lamps both
Here and there.


Kid: Nice singing, dear guests! Thank you!

Karlsson: You are well. Let’s discuss our lesson. What was new for you? What was interesting for you? Your work was excellent. Thank you for your work. The lesson is over. Good-bye!