Урок английского языка по теме "Smart home"

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  1. English proverb: “There’s no place like home” (Приложение 1)
  2. The words of the proverb are mixed up. The students should write down the sentence.
    Ask the students what the proverb means (that people feel the most comfortable in their own homes) (Приложение 2, Приложение 3)
  3. Draw a household objects e.g.  a fridge, and ask student to call out what they think it is. Other items: a sofa, a bed, a shower, a computer (Приложение 4)
  4. There are 4 pictures of different unusual machines. Discuss the photos as a class (Homebot, Intelligent shower, intelligent fridge).
  5. What machines have you got in your home?
    What is your favourite machine? (Приложение 5)
  6. Skim the text and find out any furniture/home items and rooms you can find  (rooms: living room, bathroom, bedroom; furniture: curtains, shower, fridge, oven, home cinema) Fill the answers.
  7. Read the text. Check understanding of look after, order food, temperature, intelligent before reading (Приложение 6)
  8. Match the descriptions with the machines. There is one extra description. (cards)
  9. Discuss with the class. Write up I like …. because…. On the board as a prompt.
  10. A quick revision activity on time. Give students cards with six blank clock faces. Dictate five o’clock, half past eight, quarter past four, quarter to six, five past ten, twenty past seven.
  11. Students draw the time on their clocks. Draw a clock on the board and add the clock hands for.  Elicit the answer from the class and repeat it with the other times (Приложение 6)
  12. Multi-part verbs. Pictures
  13. Wake up, get up, get back, go to bed, go to sleep, go out, look after (Приложение 7)
  14.   True False sentences. Students do the exercise individually (Приложение 8)
  15.  Pair work.  Ask and answer questions about your life.
  16.   Home work.  My Home of The Future. – project