Урок английского языка на тему «Современные технологии в нашей жизни»

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Задачи урока:

  • развитие устной речи
  • активизация  новой лексики в монологической и   диалогической речи
  • развитие навыков аудирования
  • обсудить преимущества и недостатки использования современных  технологий в нашей жизни.
  • тренировка грамматического материала: условные предложения


Hello boys and girls! It is nice to see you again. Today we have a lot of guests from different schools. I hope you’ll work hard in our lesson.

Развитие устной речи. Активизация новой лексики в монологической и диалогической речи.

1. The topic of our lesson is “ Progress and development”. (Презентация, слайд 1)
First,I want you to listen the quotations of famous people and try to translate them (высказывания известных людей)(слайд3)

2. We are going to speak about modern inventions that are used in everyday life. What gadgets or devices do people use? (слайды 4-5)
We use them in all spheres of life.(слайд 6) (science, education, household, medicine, communications, film industry, entertainment)

3. Why do people use them? Think a little and answer this question.(слайд 7)

– to  communicate with one another
– they make our life easier
– save our time
– we can enjoy our life using them

4. The next task is you should work in pairs. Work with your face partner.

What things are the most important for you? And why?(слайд 8)

As for me I like using my telephone. I can contact my friend very quickly and communicate with him or her.Besides I can listen to music, send and receive massages, take photos.

5. Everyone said that the most important thing for you is a computer. We can not imagine our life without computers.  Now work in groups using Timed Round Robin. Answer the question

What do we use computers for? (слайд 9)(Begin from the first. Make a list of ideas, use linking words.(дети обсуждают по кругу затем высказывают общее мнение 1 и 2 стола)
Computers are essential part of our life. We use them for studying. Besides we get a lot of information. It is useful for communication and making friends from different countries. Moreover, we can watch films and play games.

6. Technology has become a big part of our life that existing without it now seems impossible. In fact computers are essential tool in every workplace. But they have some drawbacks.

Обсуждение преимуществ и недостатков использования современных технологий.
Are you for or against computers? (слайд 10) Now stand up and choose your corners. OK. Work in pairs or in groups and discuss your ideas.


– we depend on technologies in all aspects of life
– it is a source of information
– it is a way of communication
– computers are necessary tools at our workplace
– we get skills that are necessary in the information age
– it is a good friend for disabled people
– distance learning has a great importance
– it is important for security and safety
– we spend more and more time in front of computers
– we have no time for sport activities and become lazy and passive
– there are a lot of violent information about murders, killers and criminals
– it is harmful for our health, some people suffer from disease connected with computers
– they often break
Who was more convincing?

– Listen to five people speaking about using computers and decide if  these statements are true or false. First read these statements. We use take off touch down. If it is true you should stand up if it is wrong you should sit down. (Слайд 13)

Развитие диалогической речи

Now work in pairs. Take your clock buddies and meet at three o’clock. Agree or disagree with these statements and give your reasons. (Слайд 14)


1) What would our life be now if these things hadn’t been invented? (Слайд 15)

– Our life would be so boring and uninteresting
– It would be difficult to invent new things
– It would  be no progress in the future
We use conditionals when we talk about imaginary events.(слайд16)

2) Now make sentences using conditional II ( слайд 17)
3) What would you do…?

If you were invisible
If you were genius
If you could read people’s thoughts
If you were famous and rich

4) We can see some opportunities people can have using different gadgets. Read the text, changing the highlighted words. (слайд 19)


Progress has brought  many changes. Inventions that were once considered amazing are now everyday household items which make life easier and provide entertainment and security. There is no doubt that technological advances have changed people’s lives significantly.

Homework: you should write a composition: “Do we benefit or suffer from computers?”
Ex 66 p 107 SB
– Your marks :   Well done!
– Thank you for the lesson! Good luck! (слайд 20)