Викторина по страноведению "Do you know the USA?"

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  1. What is the national symbol of America?
  2. What is America’s symbol of Freedom?
  3. A gift from what country was the Statue of Liberty?
  4. How many floors does the Empire State Building have?
  5. Who was the founder of Disneyland?
  6. Who was the king of rock’n’ roll?
  7. Who built the first car?
  8. What university is the oldest in the USA?
  9. What was Mark Twain’s real name?
  10. What is the symbol of the Republican Party?
  11. Who invented the telephone?
  12. Where are laws made in the USA?
  13. What is the oldest public building in Washington?
  14. Who invented the soft drink Coca- cola?
  15. What is the tallest building in America?
  16. Who was the first American President?
  17. What place is the center of the American film industry?
  18. Who is the head of the state and the government of the USA?
  19. Who first walked on the Moon?
  20. What is the tallest building in Washington?
  21. What is the biggest library in the USA?
  22. Who is the most successful director in Hollywood today?
  23. What is America’s national sport?
  24. What is the largest American state?
  25. What is the symbol of the Democratic Party?
  26. Who invented the light bulb?
  27. 27 Who is Tina Turner?
  28. What does the American company “Johnson and Johnson” produce?
  29. What currency is used in the USA?
  30. Whose portraits are printed on the American dollars?
  31. Who played the main role in the film” The Terminator”?
  32. Name the major U.S. film companies.
  33. What is the name of the awards given to the best actors and actresses each year in the USA?
  34. What prize are the best musicians and composers awarded every year in the USA?
  35. Who wrote” The Old Man and the Sea”?
  36. Who played the role of Rambo in the film with the same name?

Ответы на вопросы викторины даются в виде презентации, что способствует повышению интереса к проводимому мероприятию.