Урок английского языка «Adventures. Travelling». 10-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Класс: 10

УМК «Opportunities”, 10 form Level: intermediate

Main aim: by the end of the lesson the students will have practiced speaking and listening on the main topic of the lesson “Adventures”

Materials: cards with words, pictures, audio, presentation

Assumptions: the students know most of the vocabulary in the reading and have enough language from previous year.  Supposеdly the students (SS) will have been able to speak on the topic
The length of the lesson: 45 minutes




1. Warm-up To create interest, motivate ss  

Do you like travelling? Where would you like to go: around Russia or abroad? Are there any places exciting for tourists in our place? Why do people travel?

2. Lead-in To motivate and revise the vocabulary Game “Ladder” (SS stand in two rows, they face each other. The SS of the first row speak, the second-listen. The teacher claps hands, the pupils move and change a partner. It lasts for 3 minutes. The last formed (by chance) pairs sit together during the rest of lesson)
The SS speak on the following: Choose the place where you would like to go and how it will be there.
3. Pair Work To practice speaking Now the SS go around the classroom and watch the views and activities on the pictures (African Safari, Great Chinese Wall, the Baikal, the Eifel Tower, Bungee Jumping)
They have to choose the picture (the place) and give a short talk why they have chosen that place or that activity.
4. Pre-reading task To develop reading skills Open the books, p. 16,ex 1
Look at the pictures/ What are they about?
What places are being advertised?
5. Reading for detail To provide practice in reading for detail Do ex.1. Work in pairs and discuss together (see Appendix)
Answers: The Cheapest – White Water Experience
The longest – Patagonian Adventure
Does not mention flights – Eco-Tourism
Offers hotel accommodation–Wildlife Safari
6. Pre-listening Task To provide SS with some new lexical material Now you are going to listen to the dialogue between Shula and Richy (see Appendix)
You will learn new words.
When you have not much money, you want smth for reasonable price.
Does it mean much money? No
Is 70000 rubles for a car a reasonable price& Yes
Is it expensive? No
(SHOW A PICTURE) Is it about land or water? Water
Is it a boat? No
Can you go rafting down The Babka river in our place? Yes
Are they hotels? Yes
Are they big or small? Small
ACCOMODATION (pictures) Are they places to live? Yes
7. Listening To provide practice in listening (See Appendix) Listen to the dialogue and do ex. 2
Answer: White Water Experience
8. Discussing To allow SS to share views
  1. Imagine the situation. You have won the holiday. Work in pairs and choose the best holiday to go on together.
  2. What holiday have you chosen?
  3. Make a group according to your choice and think what to say according to stage 1 in your book
  4. Feedback
9. Mini-project    
10. Feedback  
11. Mini-project. Group work To encourage peer cooperation, to provide speaking practice Our town Kungur is a real tourists` centre with its merchants` houses, museums, The Sky Fair and, of course, with our Kungur Ice Cave. Help our authorities and write an advertisement for tourists. You are provided with the pictures and some word-combinations.
(Ice Cave, grottoes, stalagmites, stalactites, merchants, churches, gilded domes, cathedrals, the Sky Fair)

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