Викторина по английскому языку "Round the UK"

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Развитию умений учащихся собирать, систематизировать и интерпретировать культуроведческую информацию по различным темам на уроках английского языка уделяется мною большое внимание. Накопленные англоязычные материалы были обобщены в форме вопросов и ответов в викторине «По Соединенному Королевству». В викторину включены вопросы на знание истории и культурного наследия страны; люди, язык, образование, система управления страной, традиции.

Цели и задачи:

  1. Воспитание толерантности и уважения к другой культуре.
  2. Приобщение к общечеловеческим ценностям.
  3. Формирование положительного отношения к фактам иноязычной культуры.
  4. Развитие умения ориентироваться в реалиях культуры стран изучаемого языка, сопоставлять реалии стран изучаемого языка и родной страны и представлять собственную культуру.
  5. Развитие умения использовать фоновые социокультурные знания и собственный опыт.
  6. Развитие потребности и способности понимать чужую точку зрения, стремления иметь собственное мнение.
  7. Развитие желания расширить кругозор и проявлять интерес к познавательной деятельности, желания и готовности помогать другим людям.

(Викторина проводится в несколько раундов. Участники, набравшие наименьшее количество баллов в каждом раунде, выбывают.)

Ход мероприятия

1st Round.

  1. When was the name of Great Britain First officially used? (1604 by James 1)
  2. When was Ireland united with England? (1801)
  3. When was Scotland united with England and Wales? (1651)
  4. What is a poetic name for Great Britain? (Albion)
  5. Whom do these words belong to? “This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England. (W. Shakespeare)
  6. What is one of the most beautiful counties in the south of England which is known as the Garden of England? (Kent)
  7. In which city Rolls Royce firm was founded? (Derby)
  8. Which city is called “the big heart of England” (Birmingham)
  9. Name some famous industrial cities in the north of Great Britain. (Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle)
  10. Give the end of the quotation made by Samuel Johnson: When a man is tired of London, he is tired of … “ (life)
  11. What is the official residence of the Sovereign? (Buckingham Palace)
  12. When was Buckingham Palace built? (1703)
  13. Why is Buckingham Palace called this name? (it was built by the Duke of Buckingham)
  14. Which square is famous for its theatres, clubs, shops? (Piccadilly Circus)
  15. How are famous London buses called? (double – deckers)
  16. What city of England is a popular seaside resort? (Brighton)
  17. What city is a religious center of England? (Canterbury)
  18. How is a prehistoric complex which looks like the great circle of standing stones called? (Stonehenge)
  19. What city is the birth – place of W. Shakespeare? (Stratford- on- Avon)
  20. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)
  21. What is the official Badge of Wales? (the Welsh Dragon)
  22. Among the members of the Royal family who has the title of “ Prince of Wales”?(Prince Charles)
  23. Who is heir to the British throne? (Prince Charles)
  24. What is the Roman name for Scotland? (Caledonia)
  25. How are called the parts which Scotland is divided into? (the Highlands, the Lowlands)

2nd Round.

  1. What is the name of the highest peak in Scotland? (Ben Nevis)
  2. What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)?
  3. What is probably Scotland’s best known lake? (Loch Ness)
  4. What is a popular nickname for the Loch Ness Monster? (Nessie)
  5. What is the name of Scotland’s national poet? (Robert Burns)
  6. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? (Belfast)
  7. Where was the liner passenger “Titanic” built? (in Belfast)
  8. Which part of the UK is described as the most cosmopolitan place? (England)
  9. Who are thought to have been the early inhabitants of Britain? (Celts)
  10. What kind of people are the Irish? Their stereotypes? (great talkers)
  11. What reputation do the Scots have? (careful with money)
  12. What reputation do the Welsh have? (good singers)
  13. What reputation do the English have? (individualists, reserved)
  14. What are the English by their origin? (the Anglo- Saxons)
  15. When two Englishmen meet what is their first talk about? (weather)
  16. What is the name of the forest where legendary Robin Hood and his men lived? (Sherwood Forest)
  17. What is the name of the Scotland’s national hero? (William Wallace (Robert Bruce))
  18. In a contest “A tug – of - War” what do teams do?
  19. What is the oldest language in Europe? (Welsh)
  20. What is one of the most famous Celtic Myths? (King Arthur and his Round Table of Knights)
  21. Which part of the UK has been called “The Land of Songs”? (Wales)
  22. What great English writers had Irish background? (Swift, Wild, B. Shaw, J. Joyce) 

3rd Round.

  1. What great English writers had Scottish background? (W. Scott, R. L. Stevenson)
  2. Who said these words : “ England and America are two countries separated by the same language” (B. Shaw)
  3. Translate the following phrases from the King James Bible into Russian: Eye for eye (око за око)
  4. The apple of his eye (зеница ока)
  5. The salt of the earth (соль земли)
  6. Cast your pearls before swine (метать бисер перед свиньями)
  7. In the twinkling of an eye (в мгновение ока)
  8. Money is the root of all evil (деньги корень всего зла)
  9. In sheep’s clothing (в овечьей шкуре)
  10. At their wits end (стать в тупик)
  11. Who is the author of “ The Canterbury Tales” (G. Chaucer)
  12. Can you quote from Shakespeare “ Это для меня совершенно непонятно” (It’s Greek to me”)
  13. What do we mean by saying “ He speaks the King’s English” (he speaks good, correct English)
  14. What is “Cockney”? (a London dialect)
  15. How many countries of the world have English as the dominant or official language? (60)
  16. Who is the head of the UK government? (Prime Minister)
  17. Why are winters not cold in Britain? (Gulf Stream)
  18. What is the name of the square where the monument to Admiral Nelson stands? (Trafalgar Square)
  19. What birds live in the Tower? (Ravens)

4th Round.

  1. How many ravens must live in the Tower of London? (12)
  2. What languages do the Welsh speak? (English, Welsh)
  3. What is the highest mountain in Wales? (Snowdon)
  4. What river is London situated on? (the Thames)
  5. Name the church where almost all English kings and queens have been crowned? (Westminster Abbey)
  6. What’s the name for the London taxi? (a cab)
  7. What is Edinburgh famous for? (for its music and theatre festivals)
  8. What tribes invaded Britain in the 5th century? (the Anglo – Saxons)
  9. Who came to Britain from Denmark and Norway in the 9th century? (the Vikings)
  10. What channel lies between Britain and the continent of Europe? (the English Channel)
  11. What are the largest islands of the British Isles? (Great Britain and Ireland)
  12. What is the longest river in Britain? (the Severn)
  13. Why do the British people often talk about the weather? (it’s changeable)
  14. What was built under the English channel? (the Channel Tunnel popularly known as the Channel)
  15. End the saying “ A man’s house …(is his castle”)
  16. What is there in the center of Trafalgar Square? (Nelson’s Column)

5th Round.

  1. What is a semi – detached house? (joined to the house next door by a shared wall)
  2. What house is the most expensive type of home? (a detached house)
  3. What buildings are not very popular? (apartment blocks)
  4. What houses are provided by local authority councils? (council houses)
  5. What houses are popular with older people? (bungalows)
  6. What do the letters DIY mean? (do – it – yourself)
  7. What is a soap opera? (a drama serial about the daily lives)
  8. What are the most common take – away meals in Britain? (fish and chips, humburgers, Chinese food)
  9. What is a traditional English family lunch on Sunday? Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding)
  10. What is a favourite sweet in England? (apple pie)
  11. How long have cheeses been made in Britain? (for over 800 years)
  12. What is the “king of cheeses”? (Stilton)
  13. How many wives did King Henry 8 have? (8)

6th Round.

  1. Who said “There is no love sincere than the love of food”? (George Bernard Shaw)
  2. How many hours a week does the average British person spend every week with TV, radio, newspapers? (75)
  3. What are the most popular TV series in Great Britain? (Coronation Street, Neighbours, Crossroads, East Enders)
  4. What are the “charts”? (lists of the current best – selling records)
  5. What are the British keen at? (gardening)
  6. What does the word “monolingual” mean? (speaking or using only one language)
  7. What does the word “bilingual” mean? (able to speak two languages equally well)
  8. What is a terraced house? (a continuous row of similar houses, joined together by their side walls)
  9. What Germanic folk epic is the earliest work of literature in English? (“Beowulf”)
  10. What is the kilt? (a skirt wearing by Scotsman)

7th Round. 

  1. Who is the most popular hero of the English ballads? (Robin Hood)
  2. Who is called by the British people “ Our National Bard”, “ The Bard of Avon” ?(W. Shakespeare)
  3. Who defeated the combined French and Spanish fleets at Trafalgar? (Admiral Nelson)
  4. Where is the Poet’s Corner? (in Westminster Abbey)
  5. Where was the first University in England founded? (at the town of Oxford)
  6. How many parts of the country are situated on the island of Great Britain?(3)
  7. Here you can see wax models of famous people? (Madame Tussaud’s)



  1. What is the name of the special New Year’s Eve song?
    a. Carol b. Auld Lang Syne c. Jingle, Bells.
  2. What card comes unsigned? (a Valentine card)
  3. Where was William the Conqueror crowned? (in Westminster Abbey)
  4. What is the first of Shakespeare’s great tragedies? (Romeo and Juliet)
  5. What is the name for New Year’s Eve in Scotland?
    a. Hogmanay b. First Footing
  6. What is the largest museum in Great Britain? (the British Museum)
  7. Who was the first woman prime minister of Great Britain? (Margaret Thatcher)
  8. Which of these people are not elected: a peer, a civil servant, the Prime Minister, an MP
  9. The Tower of London was started by … a. Julius Caesar b. William the Conqueror c. Henry 8
  10. How do the Welsh call their country and themselves? (Cymru, Cymry)
  11. What is the origin of the words “Cymru, Cymry”? (the same root as “ comrade, friend”)
  12. How old is Stonehenge? (about 4000 years old)
  13. When is morris dance performed? (on May Day Celebration)
  14. Name two most typical components of traditional Christmas meal? (roast turkey, Christmas pudding)

Names of the players № of the rounds № of questions (правильно отвеченные)  The result of the game
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7