Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку «Funny English» по УМК Афанасьевой О.В., Михеевой И.В. 5-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки, Внеклассная работа

Класс: 5

Цели и задачи:

  1. Образовательные: обобщить и расширить лингвистические знания по пройденным темам;
  2. Развивающие: развивать память, внимание, логику;
  3. Воспитательные: воспитывать умение работать в коллективе и развивать навыки взаимопонимания.


  • листы с изображение стола (приложение 1), 2 пачки цветных карандашей;
  • тетрадные (альбомные) листы для каждого члена команды;
  • 2 конверта с кроссвордами (приложение 2);
  • 2 листа с пословицами;
  • карточки с глаголом «to be» (приложение 3),
  • 2 рисунка с вазами, цветы фиолетового и красного цвета по количеству участников (приложение 4);
  • призы.

Ход мероприятия

I. Приветствие

Good morning, boys and girls! Today we’ll have an unusual English lesson; the theme is “Funny English”. We will repeat all the words and the structures which we have learned playing with each other. First of all I ask you to divide into two teams and name them. Are you ready? Let’s greet each other.(приветствие команд) And now let me introduce our judges. (представление членов жюри)

II. The first contest “Picnic Picture Dictation”

I’ll give you an unusual sheet of paper with the picture of the table and color pencils to each team. Your task is to draw what you‘ll hear. Of course, you may discuss the subject with the members of your team but only in a whisper. (Приложение 1) 

  • Draw four glasses on the table.
  • Put a little orange juice in each glass.
  • Put four pieces of bread and butter.
  • Draw some fruits (bananas, apples, oranges).
  • Draw one beautiful vase in the middle of the table.

III. The second contest “Make the flower”

I’ll give you’re a sheet of paper to each team. Your task is to translate the words from Russian into English and write down them correctly. Then I ask you to spell your words and if your word is right our judges will give you’re one petal of the flower. More petals is bigger flower. Ready?! Let’s start.

1-team 2-team
лиса мельница кувшин яйцо колокол собака
кровать питомец кровать любимчик ступня палатка
автобус паутина молоко бар улица чашка
булавка ступенька кукла муравей лес порт
прыгать кружка королева улица конфета лощадь

IV. The third contest “Word searches”

I’ll give you a sheet of paper with the letters. Your task is to find the 8 words on the topic “family” or on the topic “Food” during 3 minutes. Representatives of the teams, please, come to me and choose one of these envelopes. Let’s start. (Приложение 2)

V. Breaktime

Now let’s have a break. I’ll say a command and you should show me and the jury the movement. For the each correct element you will have a point. But first of all we need books.

Put the book on the table.
Put the book by the table.
Put the book under the table.
Put the book in the bag.

VI. The fourth contest “Rumour”

Your task is to whisper to your neighbour the proverb that I’ll give to you. The winner will be the team which will pronounce the proverb first and correctly.

  • Seeing is believing.
  • Home sweet home.

VII. The fifth contest “Grammatical”

I’ll give you the cards with missing words. You need to put the right form of the verb “to be”. (Приложение 4)

VIII. The last contest “Understand me”

Each team asks the riddle but without any words just with the help of the hands. Your task is to say what this is. The winner will be the team which will say more correct words than another team.

IX. Reflection

So, it’s time to make the conclusion. Our jury will say the results of our competition “Funny English”.

And now I ask you to share your opinions with us about the competition. I’ll give your two color flowers: pink and purple. If you like the competition you’ll choose red flower and say, please, what exactly do you like, and you dislike our competition you should choose purple flower and also say why (приложение 5 у автора).