Обобщающий урок по темам “Cinema”, “The Pleasure of Reading”

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цели урока:

  1. Обобщение материала по изученным темам
  2. Развитие речевой и социокультурной компетенции учащихся
  3. Стимулирование роста познавательной активности
  4. Формирование умения анализировать полученную информацию (анализ результатов социологического опроса, проведённого учащимися)
  5. Проведение дискуссии по теме “Watching a Screen Version of a Book Is Better than Reading a Book in the Original”

Тип урока: комбинированный

Материальное обеспечение: Компьютер, проектор (4 презентации Power Point)

Социологические опросы по темам проводятся учащимися заранее


1. Greeting:

2. The aims:

The aims of today’s lesson are the following:

  • to revise some important facts from history of books and cinema;
  • to analyze the results of the opinion polls carried out by you;
  • to discuss if it is better to read a book in the original or to watch its screen version;

3. Quiz 1 (The presentation “The Pleasure of Reading (Quiz)” Slides 1 - 6):

Look at the screen. I suggest doing this quiz in order to find out what you remember about the materials the first books were written on, the price of such books, the invention of printing and five largest libraries of the world. (Students do the quiz answering the questions)


4. Quiz 2 (The presentation “Cinema (Quiz)” Slides 1 – 17):

Now let’s talk about cinema which has become such a popular art today. Do you remember when it was born and who invented it? Try to do one more quiz. (Students start doing the quiz in order to revise what they know about the development of cinema and different kinds of films (the task: Match the films to the categories they belong to).


5. The analysis of the results of the opinion polls:

1. The presentation “Cinema (An opinion Poll)”

All the students, who were responsible for conducting the survey, take part in presenting the results examining the diagrams. They analyze how often their classmates go to the cinema, what kinds of films they prefer, if they admire Russian or foreign actors etc.

Feedback (the popularity of cinema with students of their age)

2. The presentation “The fascination of Reading (An opinion Poll)”

The other group of students analyze the results of their survey discussing the amount of time which their classmates spend on reading, what their favourire kinds of books are, their reasons for reading books, what they gain from reading etc.

Feedback (What can be done to make students of their age get interested in reading?)

6. The class discussion:

Now it is time to announce the start of our debate. You know that reading has lost its popularity with many modern teenagers. They even say that “watching a screen version of a book is better than reading it in the original”. However, there are a lot of people who do not share this opinion. What is your view on this issue? Are you for or against the motion? (At this stage it is possible to ask students to vote in order to divide them into the opposers and the proposers.)

Students present their arguments and counter-arguments trying to make them solid and convincing.

Feedback (It depends on the results of the debate.)

8. Homework:

“Watching a screen version of a book is better than reading a book in the original”. What is your opinion? Write a short essay expressing your point of view.

9. Talkback:

  • Did you take an active part in the lesson?
  • Which activities did you like?
  • Which activities were difficult for you to cope with?