Урок по английскому языку по теме "Праздники". 7-й класс

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Класс: 7

Презентация к уроку

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I. Организационный момент.

Warming-up activities

Т: Good morning, suvorovites! Welcome to today’s lesson. I’m glad to see you. How are you?

Today we are going to talk about holidays. What holidays can you name?

There are names of holidays on the blackboard.

Christmas 2. New Year’s Day 3. Halloween 4. April Fool’s Day 5. Mother’s Day 6. St.Valentine’s Day. The pupils should raise a card and name the holiday.

(T > P1; P1 > P2> P3)

T: So, the theme of our lesson is “Holidays in English-speaking countries”. (Презентация – слайды1,2)

The aims of the lesson are:

  • to learn and train new words
  • to read the text and try to speak
  • to revise some grammar material.

You already know some facts about Christmas in England.

Let’s revise our previous material that we have learnt: vocabulary, verbs, grammar material.

II. Фонетическая зарядка

Look at the pictures and repeat after me. (Презентация – слайды 3,4,5)

Хоровое проговаривание названий праздников, дат, имен собственных.

III. Речевая зарядка. Выполнение лексических упражнений.

(Презентация – слайд 6)

Match the words from the columns:



New Day

Mother’s Day


April Fools’ Day

is in May

on the 31st of October

on the 25th of December

late March or early April

on the 31st of December

on the 1st of January

Think of your winter holidays and make up true sentences about them. (Презентация – слайд 7)


My mother

My friend

My parents

My granny



at home

in the country

at the stadium

at the sports


at school

last month

last December

last Christmas

IV. Основная часть урока

1. Повторение изученной лексики и грамматического материала. (Презентация – слайд 8)

Answer the questions.

Which holidays are not widely celebrated in Russia?

Which is a holiday for playing tricks and jokes?

On which holiday is everything green?

In Russia these holidays have different dates of observance?

Which holiday is very similar to the 8th of Match in Russia?

2. Работа с диалогом. (Complete the dialogue and act it out). (Презентация – слайд 9)

Terry: ......How are you?

Sylvia: ....... And how are you?

Terry: ...... Where were you at the end of December? What did you do?

Sylvia:......And what about you? Did you celebrate only Christmas or did you celebrate the New Year too? Did you decorate the Christmas tree?

3. Вопросно-ответная работа. (Презентация – слайды 10,11)

There are symbols of holidays on the blackboard:

• coloured eggs

• pumpkin

• American flag

• turkey

• shamrock

• red heart

Answer these questions: (Презентация – слайд 12)

Which symbol belongs to Russian holidays?

Which symbol is for St. Patrick’s Day?

Which symbol is for U.S .Independence Day?

Which symbol is for St.Valentine’s Day?

Which symbol is for Thanksgiving Day?

Which ones symbolizes Easter?

4. Сопоставление дат с названиями праздников.

There are dates of some holidays on the board.

•July 4

•February 14

•October 31

•December 25

•March 25

Let’s remember the dates of some holidays. (Презентация – слайд 13)

U.S. Independence Day

The most frightening Day

St. Valentine’s Day

People gather with family and have dinner on this date

The Western Christian date of birth of Jesus Christ

5. Выполнение грамматических упражнений.

Fill in was or were (Презентация – слайд 14)

  1. My parents ... in New York on Christmas Eve.
  2. I ... at home on the 14 of February, we ... busy reading our Valentine’ s Day cards.
  3. My brother ... fourteen on the first of January.
  4. Where ... you at the end of the week?

Complete the text using the past tense forms of the verbs given below

(Презентация – слайд 15)

Nobody knows very much about St.Valentine. He ...a Christian. He ...a poor girl some money before he ...So people ... him the saint of love and ... to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day on the 14 of February.

Last year I ... a lot of Valentine’s cards. There ... hearts on them. My friends ... them to me. Some of them ... their names down.

(was, died, were, gave, called, didn’t, put, sent, began, got).

Put the verbs in brackets into the Passive. Use the Present Simple or Past Simple tense

(Презентация – слайды 16,17)

  1. Thanksgiving (celebrate) fourth Thursday in November.
  2. First colonists (give food) by native American Indians in 1620.
  3. They (show) how to grow food by native American Indians.
  4. In 1621 first Thanksgiving festival (celebrate) by the colonist.
  5. It (make) a holiday by the President Linkoln in 1864.
  6. Now turkey and pumpkin pie (eat) in family dinners.

Use the words below to write questions in the Passive Voice

(Презентация – слайд 18,19)

  1. Where (4 July) celebrate?
  2. Where (goulash) eat?
  3. When (Boxing Day) celebrate?
  4. Who (telephone) invent by?
  5. Who Romeo and Juliet) write by?
  6. Where (BMW cars) make?

6. Работа с текстом “ История Дня благодарения “.

The history of Thanksgiving day (by Monica Vincent).

The last Thursday in November, as you know, is a holiday in America. People call this holiday Thanksgiving Day. It is perhaps the most important day in the American year. People go to church, and families come together for the day. They decorate their houses with the fruits and flowers of autumn and prepare traditional American food: roast turkey, potatoes and pumpkin. It’s rather like Christmas, but what are people celebrating? What are they giving thanks for? Do you remember the first colonists in New England?

In 1620 they came to America and began a new life there. It was a very hard time. The colonists started to farm the land. In New England, the place where they lived, there were many wild birds. They were like chickens but much bigger. They were turkeys. In the autumn of 1621 the colonists had their first harvest .It was rather good. They wanted to thank God- to give him their thanks for many things. The colonists had a thanksgiving dinner for all people. It lasted three days. For the whole three days they gave thanks for their good harvest and their happy year in a new country.

Wild turkeys were on the table of this meal, and since then the turkey has become a symbol of Thanksgiving Day.

Послетекстовые упражнения.

1) Read and translate some difficult sentences. (Презентация – слайд 20)

2) Say if these sentences are true or false.

Thanksgiving Day is a British holiday.

Thanksgiving Day is the most important day in the American year.

People celebrate this holiday in offices.

They eat bacon and eggs to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day is rather like Christmas.

Since 1621 turkey has become a symbol of Thanksgiving Day.

3) Could you answer the following questions about Thanksgiving Day? (Презентация – слайд 21)

When did people celebrate this holiday for the first time?

Why did they do it?

What is the traditional food of this holiday?

Why do people call this holiday Thanksgiving Day?

7. Монологические и диалогические высказывания суворовцев по темам: “Мой любимый праздник”, “Праздники в Татарстане”.

V. Подведение итогов урока. Рефлексия. (Презентация – слайд 22)

Т: Do you like this lesson?

What do you like the most?

Thank you very much for your participation.

I put you marks, and wish you good health.

Информационные ресурсы.

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