"London quiz". Викторина для учащихся 4-х классов

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цели и задачи: закрепление страноведческого материала, развитие познавательного интереса к изучению английского языка, расширение кругозора школьников.

1. What is the capital of Great Britain?

a) Belfast;

b) London;

c) Bristol.

2. Where does the queen live?

a) Buckingham Palace;

b) Kensington Palace;

c) The Tower of London.

3. What is Big Ben?

a) a clock;

b) a tower;

c) a bell.

4. Which is the largest museum in London?

a) the British Museum;

b) the National Gallery;

c) the Museum of London.

5. Which is the most famous bridge?

a) London Bridge;

b) the New Millennium Bridge;

c) Tower Bridge.

6. What is the London Eye?

a) a bridge;

b) a big wheel;

c) a monument.

7. Where can you see a big Christmas tree in December?

a) in Trafalgar Square;

b) in Cavendish Square;

c) in Piccadilly Circus.

8. What colour is a double-decker bus?

a) blue;

b) green;

c) red.

9. What are the famous guards of the Tower of London called?

a) Queen’s guards;

b) Beefeaters;

c) Bobbies.

10. What colour is a taxi in London?

a) yellow;

b) red;

c) black.


1 b; 2 a; 3 c; 4 a; 5 c;

6 b; 7 a; 8 c; 9 b; 10 c